Locked up with the Badboy.

I take a seat on the floor in front of him, "What?"

He combs a hand through his dark hair and sighs, "This is a maximum security prison, the people here have killed babies, shot up schools , killed multiple partners and run crime rings and you, are saying that I'm mean? "


4. The end?

I go to our ‘wardrobe’ which I apostrophise because it contains like three sets of prison clothes each and prison clothes are built rough, to last a few thousand washes and to still soak up the next blood stain or dagger wound that gets accidentally spilt upon them.  They are also orange, which is great because it totally brings out the orange in all my other prison clothes.

But I tell myself to stop grumbling and get on with more important things like; the shower. Generally showering involves getting naked and standing under a stream of water, which generally I’m pretty fine with. It’s when company gets involved that I begin to think awkward things and because I don’t count a shower curtain that could easily be moved aside and probably doesn’t cover every part of the shower as any form of wall I’m blushing stupid already.

“Ahem,” I say by way of getting his attention, Hitler doesn’t work anymore and Benny is still a little new for my tastes. He looks up from a book, “Yeah?”

“I’m going to have a shower…” He doesn’t say anything but his face tells me, and?...

“And, and,” I bite my stupid lip, I’m in prison! I should be asserting my dominance. “And I want  you to turn around the whole time,” I say with a voice that doesn’t contain half the authority I mean it to, “The whole time.”

Giving a nonchalant shrug he turns to face the opposite wall and continues reading whatever it is he reads.

Stepping lightly into the shower and pulling the curtain around me I quickly undress myself, I feel exposed, standing on the floor of a prison cell with a guy just a few feet away… Albeit a hot guy…

Shaking my head I pull the curtain tight so the my bum doesn’t stick out, almost miraculously two long rectangular holes the width of my thing spring to life. “Benny?” I say in a sing song voice, checking to make sure he doesn’t turn around.

“Yeah dearest?” I think I can detect a smile in his tone.

“Nothing much, there’s just a few holes in the shower curtain that I was wondering if you knew anything about.”

He places his book down, luckily he’s still facing the same direction. “Do you want me to come and have a look?”

“No,” I say/shout louder then I intend, covering my goods with my arms I peek out the hole again. Luckily he hasn’t moved.

“Well I guess I did use two small pieces of the shower curtain to bind you the other night.” His left cheek moves, he’s smirking or smiling or something sinister.

“You couldn’t have taken it from the edges?”

“Look, maybe I should have a look,”


“I’m sure there’s room for two.” I flick the shower on and start scrubbing like crazy, my pulse races as Benny sits up and turns to the T.V, although his eyes are staring forwards, I can tell that he has a view of me. I face the showerhead and wash shampoo through my hair, the water feels good on my face. Like I’m alive again.

Slowly the shower curtain begins to move inward, like it’s trying to touch me, when it does I feel two hands on either side of my hips. Granted there is shower curtain between us but no very much. As they begin to pull me closer to him I start to yell. When I’m still drawn closer I throw a fist. The hands release me and the shower curtain sticks to my body. I can hear laughing.

Faster then any force of nature I am dry and changed and about to kick his butt. With wet hair wrapped in a towel I push aside the curtain and explode, “What the heck are you doing?”

He puts on a perfectly confused face as he puts down Jane Eyre, “Doing? Me?”

“Yes, you… resting your hands on my hips when I’m showering.”

“I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing.” He scratched his chin, “Although there was a burglar in the room just now.”

I roll my eyes, flick my hands and do all the other things that girls do when they remember how stupid guys are, “What did he look like?”

“Oh, he was wearing black, handsome.” Benny puts on an air of someone who just witnessed a crime.


He smirks, “Oh extremely so, one proper look at his face and you’d fall in love.”

“So how come you’re not gay yet?”

He laughs and it’s an honest one too, like he’s admitting defeat. I bite my lip and smile at how adorable it is until I realise that I’m supposed to be really mad at him, “Seriously though, that is not okay.”

He wrinkles his nose, then lets it go, “I’ve just been stuck in here for well over a month, this is your first week so I don’t expect you to understand, but you kind of get cravings.”

“Cravings?” I echo, too fascinated to be mad.

“Yeah, like chocolate they don’t serve it here and so I really badly crave chocolate and there’s no black market in here as of yet.”

I narrow my eyes as he moves into dangerous territory, “So I’m like chocolate?”

“No, you’re much sweeter.” It’s unexpected and he puts on a goofy face too.

I smile, shaking my head, “We do get out of these cages right?”

He nods, “Yeah, a couple days of every month they take you down to a communal cell and there are like four other girls there who are also having their rooms cleaned out. You get a little observed social time.”

“You would’ve enjoyed being locked up with four girls right?”

“Actually, you’re the first person I’ve been locked up with at all, they sent me to an interview room while this place was being cleaned and checked for weapons.” Benny cleaned his teeth and looked up with serious green eyes, “I think I’ve controlled myself quite well around you considering.”

I snort, “Yep, attempted rape, attempted murder, attempted suffocation. If I wasn’t such a streetfighter you would have one less cellmate.””

“I want to say that the shin kicking was hardly a fighting move,” he ribs his shin gently, “As for the kneed groin, that was more a lucky shot then anything.”

“And what about the punch?”

“What punch?”

“The one that made you leave me alone when I was in the shower.”

He thinks for a while, “Well I do remember a lot of screaming, and maybe you lightly touched my shoulder once but.”

I roll my eyes, Oh whatever.” Calmly he gets off the bed, unzips his overalls to his waist and tightens the buckles. The only thing I can think to do is ogle; abs, abs abs, muscled chest and knotted shoulders.  He says something about craving chocolate that I don’t pay attention to, then he waves a hand in front of my face, causing me to reluctantly concentrate. “What?”

“I was asking if you were okay.”

“Yeah I’m fine, you?”

“Marvellous,” he grins as he speaks, “So what I was saying is we’re going to test how hard you can punch.”

I look confused down at my knuckle, “Right... and I am hitting?” 

He breathes in a very macho way, “My chest.”

Rolling my eyes and pulling my hair into a pony tail I tell him how stupid an idea this is, Benny on the other hand seems to think it’s a marvellous idea, he tightens his chest and holds hands above his head, “I’m ready when you are Clara.”

Staring despondently at my raised fist, I line up a spot at random. His whole chest is a knot of thin muscle. “Normally I have no problem with muscled guys chests, but generally I’m not asked to punch them.” I say out loud making him laugh, so that his chest loosens and his lungs are working then I drive my little fist into the centre of his exposed mass.

The moment my hand collides it begins to hurt, Benny draws in a sharp breath of air and clenches his teeth. I think I’ve hurt him, possibly.

For a few seconds there’s quiet, then Benny speaks, “I didn’t even feel it.”

I laugh, he laughs and then we hear the sound of our untouched lunch being slid back to the other side of the door and our dinner trays being deposited. Another moment of silence hags in the air as we both come to realise what this means; we’d distracted each other for over four hours sufficiently for lunch to be forgotten about.

“I’m hungry,” Benny says.

“My hand hurts.” I reply.

“Wuss,” he collects our meals and we sit down on his bunk bed. There’s silence as we eat, and contemplate exactly what is happening.


A/N; Hey all, I'm unsure about this story, I have inspiration for the next chapter but I kind of think I could be writing something more interesting. It's your choice, should I keep going or try another angle?

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