Locked up with the Badboy.

I take a seat on the floor in front of him, "What?"

He combs a hand through his dark hair and sighs, "This is a maximum security prison, the people here have killed babies, shot up schools , killed multiple partners and run crime rings and you, are saying that I'm mean? "


33. Taken

They bail us into a cop car, handcuffed but still together at least. One policewoman points a gun at us, while the driver white-knuckles us through the city streets. Alarm blazing the whole time. The moment we reach the police station we’re picked up and practically carried by two burley cops. They march us right through the police station, even past the cells.

At the back door a little cop waits, holding the door open. “That one.” He points, following our foursome to a red mufti-car. The two burlies throw sacks over our heads, then put us in the boot of the car. The door slamming is the last sound I hear.

“Hey Ben,” I whisper, poking him in what feels like a rib.

“Hey Clara.”

“What’s up man?”

He moans, “I’m about to die and the only person I still like in this whole world is poking my spine.”

“Sorry.” I try to find somewhere else to poke but there’s not many options, the way we’re positioned kind of means he’s pressed into me. I try to turn around, and with great difficulty manage to lodge my ankle in such a way that our heads are facing eachother.

“Hey Ben.”

“Hey Clara.”

I kiss the tip of his nose, then his forehead, I feel one of Ben’s hands on my stomach, “You’re not scared?” he asks.

“Nope, heck at least this time the police have us.”

“Mmh.” For some reason he doesn’t sound convinced. He sounds far more worried then usual.

“Come on Ben, you’re supposed to be the one with a plan. The cool cat who isn’t afraid of anything.”

“Yeah… The trouble is Clara I kind of am afraid now. I mean, the police should’ve just taken us to a cell, why did they need the stealth?”

We go over a bump, the two of us lose weight for a moment before bumping back onto the boot floor.

“Um?” I say upon recovery.

“I think the police are scared of something Clara, and believe me it’s not us. They don’t want anyone to know where they’re hiding us.”


“Given our history, I’d say it’s likely.”

The driver executes a neat turn and the car jolts to a stop. The boot opens, hands over our mouths we’re dragged out. My bare feet rub against the concrete and before I have the chance to look up the guy carrying me pushes the sack back onto my head.

There’s the sound of feet behind me, the door opening in front of me. I’m set down in a room and moments later Ben is beside me. Our masks come off and the two of us are left blinking in electric light. The curtains are drawn and the room is bare apart from two mattresses on the floor.

The little policeman from the station walks in, hands on hips. “You two have no idea how bloody big of a mess you’re in.”


A/N: Hey Crew, it's been a while :( I'm really sorry if I haven't been replying to comments, but please know that each one makes me ditch my friends, grab a herbal tea and sit on my own writing.

I will dump the rest of Benny and Clara's story on you either today or tomorrow. (I @m so excited.)

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