Locked up with the Badboy.

I take a seat on the floor in front of him, "What?"

He combs a hand through his dark hair and sighs, "This is a maximum security prison, the people here have killed babies, shot up schools , killed multiple partners and run crime rings and you, are saying that I'm mean? "


10. Pills

Crying comforts me a little, but only a little because I can hardly believe I’m crying about a stupid pretender that is just outside the bathroom door doing who knows what to two women he’s never met.

In fact, I’m quietly amazed at how quickly he forgot about me once the other two had entered the room. Why?

I look in the mirror, and I think I can see the reason.

People have told me I’m pretty and gorgeous and I try tell myself I’m pretty too. But I am a female and that insecurity is always there, this time when I look in the mirror, all the flaws in my complexion stand out to me; slightly too small ears, boring brown eyes, straight, brown hair with dark streaks in it.

I have to face my own inner critic; that I’m too average for Benedict Green.

Somehow acknowledging that I have no chance with him makes my tears dry up, true, I tell myself, I do feel more hideous then when I entered the bathroom. But it’s what you look like on the outside that counts right?

I give myself a few minutes in the mirror to calm myself down, at the same time discovering that my cheeks are a shade too chubby to me attractive. I must’ve put on weight from the prison meals.

Feeling terrible, but a little more confident I push the bathroom door open and embrace the cruel world outside of it.

The girls are still on top of a fully naked Ben, only they seem to be more interested in the top half then the bottom. As his legs thrash around Chloe yells at me, “Oi, you. What are you doing, come gives us a hand.”

“What me?” I ask, when she doesn’t answer I make my way over to them, keeping my eyes averted from the D region.

While Tatina crushes a pillow to his face, Chloe both kneels and pushes down on his arms, “Hurry up,” Tatina breathes, “He’s almost unconscious and we don’t want him to escape again.”

“Umm,” I say, nervously pushing down one of Ben’s arms, “Why are we doing this?”

Still holding Ben they stop moving, realization dawns on their faces, “You haven’t been paid by the O’vo?” Chloe asks, a harsh whisper in her voice.

“Nope,” Ben gives another couple of death- throws that rock the girls.

“Okay, okay,” Tatina says speaking incredibly quickly, “Help us to kill him and you’ll get five mill as well as a get out of jail free card.”

I look from one, to the other like are you serious?, “You’d help me escape?”

“We have people on the inside,” Chloe explains, “Right now they’re making sure that guards can’t enter this room.”

I realise that this is my chance, I can escape and with enough money to ensure that I’ll never be found again, I could go anywhere in the world…

I look at Ben, think about how I don’t really know him and the way he’d made me feel ugly, the way he’d hurt me, made me ashamed.

I took an arm and held it down, pushing my weight against it, trying to forget that it was the same arm that had hugged me when I was sad. Turned the pages of books as he read to me, made my body feel alive when he touched me…

Oh stuff this.

With more strength then I ever thought I’d had I push Chloe off the bed then leap at Tatina. Seeing what I’d done to Chloe she throws a punch that collides with my eye, sending pricks of pain throughout my brain. My momentum carries me and we both end up on the floor, me on top, slightly crushing her.

As Sam breathes Tatina jerks her knee up and catches me in the groin, which is unbelievably painful, even though I’m not a guy.  She rolls out from under me and kicks my ribs then my ear which gives a loud ring.

Getting unsteadily to my feet I attempt the only kick I actually know how to do; right in Tatina’s shin. Luckily it’s such a clumsy move she doesn’t expect it and as she clutches her leg to her body I hit her in the nose.

Apart from the squeak of shoes behind me and Sam starting to sit up everything goes quiet. Taking two deep breaths Tatina clutches her nose. Her eyes go wide and the would-be assassin’s body slumps backwards onto the floor. Tatina’s out. Cold.

I hear the rustle of clothing through air moments before my head jolts forward and pain spreads out from behind my eyes. I hear someone cursing, a woman I think but she’s a long way away. Not like the floor, the floor is close and as it zooms up to me I decide that I might just have a little rest…


I wake in quite a lot of pain, and dizzy as well. For a moment I think I’m back in our cell. I’m not of course, but that doesn’t stop me from looking around for Ben. I gaze through my one open eye.

“Hello,” a voice says, “How do you feel.”

I turn my head to the right and spot him – a greying man in a white lab coat, there’s no prize for guessing he’s a prison doctor, “Umm,” I reply through swollen lips, “Everything in my head hurts, but you know it was all for a good cause.”

He chuckles like old doctors should and I attempt a smile that probably resembles a wince, “I haven’t seen the video but I’m told you were helping a friend.”

My thoughts grind slowly, trying to catch up with his lips, “What video?” I ask eventually.

“Oh,” he seemed to remember something, “Actually the psychologist recommended that no-one told you…”

“Urg…” I feel a headache spreading behind my eyes, “What video?”

He peers down at me, concern in his eyes, “Migraine?”

I nod, “Yeah.”

With a furtive glace at the door he pulls out a bag, and takes out a blue pill, “Here.” He puts one in my hand and helps me guide it reluctantly into my mouth. It tastes like bitter peppers and almost makes me want to vomit but I swallow anyway.

 Almost instantly I feel my head clearing of everything. “Wow thanks.” I say, feeling alive.

“Just don’t mention it to anyone,” he replies with a hint of his former smile.

A hearty knock sounds on the door and Mt Simpson rumbles into the room carrying a tray of hot herbal tea. I know because I can smell it from across the room.

“Hot.” She says as the doctor reaches for a cup. Carefully he takes both mugs by the handle and giving one to me, drinks one himself.

Mt Simpson looks down at me with kindness colouring her eyes, “I watch video,” She says, speaking more with a few words then most people do with sentences. She pats my head with a meatloaf arm, “Brave.”


By mid-afternoon I can stand, mostly I assume because of the doctors pills. I thank the doctor and Mt Simpson leads me down an endless maze of corridors to the cell that I’ve come to call home. This time her hand is tender on my arm and she shuffles her feet to allow me to keep up. I decide that she is my favourite person in the world.

We reach my cell, I say goodbye and as she nods back the door shuts between us. 


Before I can fully turn around arms wrap around my body, squeezing me tight in a painful but warm hug.

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