Locked up with the Badboy.

I take a seat on the floor in front of him, "What?"

He combs a hand through his dark hair and sighs, "This is a maximum security prison, the people here have killed babies, shot up schools , killed multiple partners and run crime rings and you, are saying that I'm mean? "


9. Bee tray ED

As I’m laying on my bed, hands behind my head , I feel like I’ve made it. Even through there are only subtly better like silky sheets instead of coarse cotton ones the difference they make is immense.

 “And I’m all on my own,” I say to thin air, “I have this massive cell all to myself.”

The door opens and Ben gets thrown in, completely shattering my illusion. “Raciest, dominating Tyrants,” he yells at the steel door before giving it a good kick and hurting his toe.

He rages on for a while as I watch, confused and more then a little annoyed. When he finally sits down and rubs hands over his eyes I ask, “What was that all about?”

He peeks out from behind his hands and smiles like nothing’s happened, “Clara, hey.” I can almost sense the smile in his tone. He walks over and sits on the bed in front of me. “That?” Only a little tiny part of him looks remorseful, the rest is taken up with a cocky prisoner-pose. “I was standing up to the authorities, showing that they can’t always lord it over us the whole time.”

“Ben, you peed on your mattress. How is that standing up to the authorities? It’s just… gross.”

He looks hurt, like I’ve wounded his pride, his face turns into a snarl and all trace of the former him is gone, “Just because you’re a guard lover.”

“I’m not a guard lover,” I plead-shout, “We were put here because we’re bad people, those guards there are just doing their jobs.”

His eyes are leery as he sits on the bed furthest from me “I bet you’re a snitch.”

I don’t actually want to fight him, I want to tell Ben how great the shower is and the silky sheets but his tone and his swagger infuriate me, “That’s rich coming from the guy that sold out half the east coast.”

“Shut up,” His words are hard and cold, and I wonder where the card throwing Ben is. “Shut up, and leave me alone.”

“Fine.” I lay backwards, letting the anger seethe through me. What the heck is his problem? Part of me wants to find out, but a larger part wants to stand up, pull the fingers at him and yell until he turns back to normal super-sweet Ben. Instead I just bite my lip and stay angry.


I’m still angry, and Ben’s still in his little corner when the door swings open and two woman prisoners walk in. Like me they’re dressed in orange and sandals, unlike me they actually look like they want to be here. The door swings shut behind them.

First to make an impression is a blonde, with dark highlights in her hair and a definitive goth look about her, only with no piercings. She stretches her hands above her head, exposing a smooth marble stomach and then sits on a bed, “Boy am I glad to be back here.” I guess she’s in her mid-twenties.

Her companion is really pretty; as in magazine cover quality, but a few stretch marks across her face tell me that she’s old compared to the rest of us. Maybe 40?  She props herself on the bed closest to Ben and blinks, “Ooh, we’re sharing with a guy.”

The Blonde one gives me a quick wink, and then a nudges her shoulder toward Ben. I nod slowly, having no idea what’s going on , she seems to take this for an answer and walks over to Ben’s bed.

“Hey mister,” she says in the barbiest voice I’ve ever heard. It’s so sickening I turn my back on them and have to stifle a groan. Already I can tell that this place is gonna suck.

“Who’re you?” Her older companion adds, voice like a panthers.

“Oh, no-one much. Just an ex-drug lord.” Ben says with a confidence that’s not entirely his. “I’m in this prison because the government thinks I’m valuable.” He adds in a whisper.

The girls give a little squeal, I swear it’s an overreaction. I hear the sound of a mattress moving. And I sneak a quick peak at them.

Both the girls are sitting either side of Ben’s bed! And the idiot himself sits in between them with a smug, self-satisfied look about him.

The older one introduces them, “I’m Tatina and this is Chloe.”

“Hi,” Chloe says resting her hand on Ben’s knee.

Ben doesn’t notice, or enjoys it so much that he doesn’t mind. As Tatina grabs a hold of his arm in the most seductive and suggestive way known to man.

 Ben spots me watching, he grins and flicks me a little wink of his own.

My face going red, but not in a good way I turn my back on them again, as I do things begin to heat up.

“A drug lord must see some terrible things,” Chloe says in a fake sob, sob voice.

“You bet,” Ben says, his voice peaking a little.

“Poor baby,” Tatina coos. I realize that she has a Russian accent, not because I want to, but because even with hands over my ears I can still hear them. “Would you like me to kiss your scars?” she adds with enthusiasm.

“Yes,” Ben says, sounding like he has a ball of pent up energy he needs to release.

There’s a soft suction of lips on skin and a little groan from Ben. I’m disgusted but there’s also my stupid curiosity urging me to turn around.

“Ooh, I can see  few on your chest.” Chloe says as the sound of his overalls being zipped down reaches my ears.

There’s more lip to skin sounds, no-one speaks so I guess they’re a little occupied. Ben gives a few more groans and rustles the sheet.

“You know what I wonder?” Chloe asks after what seems like hours of torture. “I wonder if there’s anything lower down?” Tatina, adds a “Mmh, me too.” And Ben, stupid Ben agrees to it, “Well yeah, I am a crime lord after all…”

When I hear the sound of what can only be described as his pants coming off my heart breaks literally in two and my stomach wants to unleash itself onto the world. Quickly I stand up and speed walk to the toilet with a hand covering my mouth.

In my peripheral I get a view of the two women bending over a half naked, prone Ben. As I reach the door I begin to cry hot bitter tears that soak into my prison garb.

“Ahh, this is a really big scar. And hard too. Maybe I’d better kiss it first.” I slam the door shut on them and launch myself into the toilet, closing that door as well. Shivering now I sit on cold tiles and wrap my arms around my knees. 

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