We're Special

Mira, Ashton's rejected sister moves from Brisbane to Sydney... but Calum falls for her. (my computer does not typpe question marks so instead a * will be used)


2. Why Hello Ash

Mira's POV

We drove home talking about things then BOOM someone crashed into us and I went flying through the windshield (i had a seatbelt on) and I was badly injured, then BAM cold darkness. I saw an image... Calum crying about... me saying he loved me.... then I woke up to Calum doing that. 

"Calum.." i said

He rushed to me and picked me up bridal style

"why are you still here.." i asked

"what do you mean..."

"you should have left me to die"


"i was told to stop breathing..."

"by who.."


"i am going to kill him."


"because... i love you"

"i love you too Calum... Hood"

Then the darkness came again and I saw Ash with bruises and Calum with a bleeding fist. He was.. crying yelling HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT! He did love me... then I woke up on blankets with my bags, my purse, and all my other stuff in a bag next to me. 

"oh.. you're awake" he said


He sat next to me crying.

"Luke and Michael are coming"

"okay.. who are they"

He pulled his phone out and pointed to Luke and Michael.

"so um how much longer.." i asked

"5 minu... i see them!!"


He helped me up, grabbed the bag, put the bag in the trunk, and sat in the back with me. We arrived home and I was crying when I walked in.

"you're here!" ash screamed

"dont touch her" calum said

"why mr boyfriend."

"cause you told her she shouldn't breathe!"

"oh yeah.."

Calum ran upstairs dropping my things and immediately Ash was pinning me against a wall with a knife

"STOP ASH!!!" i screamed "THAT HURTS!!"

Calum ran down to Ash cutting up my arm.

"DONT LAY ANOTHER FINGER ON HER!" Calum yelled which caused the boys to walk back in

"um bro get off her" Michael said

Luke and Michael pulled Ash away from me and I was bleeding, hurt, and crying. Calum dialed 911 

"hes trying to kill her.... yes.... her brother...old on"

"are you older or younger" Calum asked me


"younger....we need you fast.... we have barely any protection from him......okay"

"they'll be here in 5"


Calum ran me upstairs locking the door, locking the window, and locking the bathroom door.

"why the bathroom.." i asked

"his room connects to it.." Calum said

I heard sirens.

"come" Calum said leading me out of the room.

Calum opened the door to the knock.

"Hello" Calum said

"Hello sir, you are in what relation to Mira.." the officer said

"Boyfriend" he said i was stunned

"okay well Im officer Marissa Banks" she said

"where is this Ashton we speak of" she added

Calum walked off and she asked me questions.

"who is Ashton to you"


"how did he attempt to kill you"

"slowly cutting open my skin but every time it would be deeper and bigger"

"can you show me the cuts"

"yes" i showed her the 11 cuts


Calum came back with Michael, Luke, and speak of the devil, Ashton.

"i tried to kill her" Ashton said


Ms. Banks grabbed Ashton's wrists and handcuffed them. The other officer came up grabbed him and took him to a car and drove off.

"do you have any evidence"


I went and grabbed the bloody knife carefully. I handed it to her and she left.




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