We're Special

Mira, Ashton's rejected sister moves from Brisbane to Sydney... but Calum falls for her. (my computer does not typpe question marks so instead a * will be used)


4. Mall


Calum's POV

-skip ride to mall-

"WOAH!" she yelled "ITS HUUUUUUGEEEE" 

"Have you ever been to a mall before" I asked


I pulled her inside.

"buy whatever you want."

"i cant let you do that."

"it's my money.."

"no" she said grabbing her wallet out of her purse. I snatched her wallet. 

"I refuse to let you pay" i said.

She pouted but smiled and walked into the first store she would whisper to herself things like 'I'm not going to get this I can't waste his money.'

I slithered my arm around her waist. 

"You are not a waste of my money."

She walked over whispering "He only says that so he doesn't make me upset" or "I'm not good enough for him. He deserves someone better."

I put the things that she would pick up then put down after looking at the price in my cart. I met her at the back of the store with a paper in her hands.. she held in in her hands all day. I'm guessing she didn't notice me because she read the note to herself.

"He deserves more you fat,ugly piece of garbage you should just cut again. You are nothing compared to him, for he deserves royalty you deserve nothing. You should be locked up and starved to death. Go kill yourself Mira!" She whispered to herself, tears streaming down her face. I ran over and grabbed the paper and put it in my pocket.

"It's true." she said.

"What's true"

"You deserve more.. I should just go back to America and cut again."

"No.." I said tears streaming down my face too, I pulled her to a hug and took her to the checkout .

-last store-

I looked up and it was a boys store. I was slightly confused but you know she's different.. She walked to the hoodies.. she grabbed the biggest size of a sweatshirt I have she held it up to her body and spun around.

"Sweatshirt dress." she said looking at me.

She tried to grab her wallet but I held it up higher than she could reach.

"Calum it's $110 I'm not letting you pay" she said putting it back "nevermind.."

I grabbed it and she walked over to beanies trying them on then putting them back because they are $50. I grabbed all of them and put everything in a cart. She walked out of the store to a little bench. I paid for everything and ran to her. 



"I had the best day today."

"Its not over"

"I need to go."


"Can we um... go home..."


-skip car ride home-

"IM HOMEEEE" i yelled

"oh hi" mom said

Mira went upstairs and in less than 10 minutes she was back down.. wonder what happened.

"I'm gonna go decorate with Mira" i said

"okay" mom siad

I went upstairs behind Mira. She stared at all the bags.

"Calum this is to much for me.. I don't deserve this." she said

"shh.. yes you do" i said grabbing a bag "Here change into your dress"

"right here." she asked

"yeah.. its not like your getting naked Mira"

"okay. just turn around"


"I don't want you to cry"

"I'm looking anyway"

"you brought it upon yourself " she said taking off her hoodie revealing her scar covered arms, then her pants revealing her scar covered legs.. i was crying... then lastly her shirt revealing the rest of her body covered in scars.

"How many." i asked



"i cut today."


"because the note is true"

"no it's not"

I kissed every single scar and every time her face got redder each time. I love how cute she is.

A-N Hey guys comment what you want to happen! 

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