We're Special

Mira, Ashton's rejected sister moves from Brisbane to Sydney... but Calum falls for her. (my computer does not typpe question marks so instead a * will be used)


3. Hospital Bed

"I fell asleep against the wall last night. I woke up next to Calum on the couch. I looked up and smiled. He looked down at me.

"Hey" he said


"Are you okay"


He sat me up next to him and I buried my head in his shoulder. He carried me up to my room. My room is White, Yellow, and Green. Inspired by the Don't Stop video. (Calum's Room) He smiled when he saw all the 5sos posters.

"You like my room" i asked

He spun around.


I fell out of his arms unconscious. All I remember is him rushing to me.


-30 mins later-


Calum's POV

I'm at the hospital in Brisbane, it hurts to see Mira in pain... just hurts to see her cry.. it hurts seeing her here. Mira is crying with her beanie close to her, I love her.. but I wish I could tell her... tell her about her perfect imperfections... he beautiful everything. 

"Calum.." Mira said very faintly.


"come here"


I walked towards her with sorrow in my eyes. She pulled me down towards her lips and kissed me passionately, I kissed back immediately. I love her.. I should just tell her.



"I love you."

"I love you too Calum Thomas Hood."

She pulled me back into a kiss, but I needed to tell her something else..I pulled away.



"Can I be then luckiest person alive and be your boyfriend*"

"of course!"

A nurse came in and told us that she could leave.

"I don't have clothes."

"I packed you some."

"you're the best"

I handed her a bag and she went into the bathroom. She came out with skinny jeans, nerdy glasses, and my flannel on... and her beanie, of course.

"I look fat."

"No you don't!"

She looked down.

"I guess not.."

-skip boring car ride to Calum's house-


"hey babe." I said


"whats wrong"

"uh..oh! look um... futbol.."



"tell me please."

"I'm diagnosed with severe depression"


"I love you."

"I love you too"

"don't get mad.."

"why would I"

"Ash did."


I pulled her into a hug and she cried into my shoulder... I picked her up and carried her up to my room. She looked around. My room is twenty one pilots themed. 


"Jish- oh.. haha"

"Jishwa's my fave"


I sat her down on my bed and she got up and walked around staring at all my band posters, occasionally smiling. I went over and picked her up from behind.



I threw her on my water bed and she freaked out.

"you want to stay here tonight* mom won't mind.. neither will Mali"


"lets go get your stuff"


So we drove down to her house and she just grabbed her suitcases and came into the car... I'm fine with that I'll pull out my air mattress and sleep on that and let her sleep on my bed.



"My girlfriends gonna stay the night."


"thanks mom.. but i need to ask something"


"can she move in.. she lives alone."

"of course!"

"thanks mom!"

I pulled mom into a hug and Mira walked in.

"Hello Mrs. Hood"

"oh please, call me Joy" 


I walked Mira upstairs to my room and sat on the bed with her.

"Guess what Mira!"


"you get to live here!"
"i do.."


I grabbed her hand and led her to her room next to mine.. and she looked at me happily.

"Can we decorate" she asked

"of course"

"i wish i could have a little window like right here" she said pointing at the wall towards my room

"so you can stalk me."

"No... so I can talk to you and see you and"



"hold on"

I ran downstairs leaving Mira in the room, Mali was screaming at mom for letting Mira move in.


"so she isn't alone"

I walked back upstairs... I saw Mira getting posters out of one of her bags. She didn't have her 5sos ones.. only All Time Low, The Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Fifth Harmony, The 1975, Little Mix, and Fall Out Boy. I came inside crying, she turned around and ran to me, wiping away my tears.

"whats wrong." she asked

"Mali hates you"


She went to her bathroom with a few bags... came out with her hair dyed bleach blonde with brown and caramel streaks . Wow.. she is stunning.. with a beanie that is actually mine.. I love her. I pulled her into a hug and brought her downstairs to Mali and Mom.

"ew" Mali said "who are you.. Calum you deserve more."

Mali grabbed Mira and threw her to the ground.

"Mali!" i slapped Mali "Mira..." i said my voice shaky. Blood was coming out of her head... I picked her up bridal style and ran to the car.

"LET HER DIE!" Mali yelled

-at the hospital-

I was crying sitting next to her with tubes in her.

"Sir." a nurse said "we need blood... are you willing to donate any for her."

"yes.. anything for her."

They stuck needles in me and took blood.

-3 days later-

She finally woke up.



"can your sister like move out.."

"Mom sent her to juvie"



"Mali left.. forever" mom said


I went upstairs and sat Mira on my lap.


"Hey." i said giving her a peck on the lips.

"wanna go get stuff for my room"









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