We're Special

Mira, Ashton's rejected sister moves from Brisbane to Sydney... but Calum falls for her. (my computer does not typpe question marks so instead a * will be used)


1. Arriving


Mira's POV

So I arrived in Sydney with a boom... the plane crashed. I'm currently running around to find Ashton, but then a familiar boy from a picture Ash sent me showed up. *flashback* 

A= Ash

M= Mira


A Here's a picture of the boy that's picking u up when u land

M What's his name

A Calum

*end of convo*

He was running up to me... with those big brown eyes... they were so fascinating... MIRA STOP!


"Hi I'm Calum." Calum said. GOSH HE HAS A ANGEL VOICE!


"I'm Mira." I said.


He grabbed my hand and took me to get my bags. He grabbed all my bags, ALL 5! He still was holding my hand. I looked over and he was blushing... I think I was too.


Calum's POV

I never let go of her hand... I looked over and she's blushing... she's so cute. I got to the car and she got in the trunk... I REPEAT the trunk of my truck. She was just laying there, her bags were in the cab so they didn't fly out. She stared at the sky... with her big, adorable green eyes. I layed down next to her... she... snuggled with me.. she buried her head in my chest... I put my arms around her, took my shirt and put it over her, and smiled. She has a beanie on.. wait a second... it says: 5SOS Calum on the tag.. but my name is printed as my signature. So she knows me... 


Mira's POV

I didn't know I had buried my head into Calum until his arms were around me... I looked up and he was staring at my beanie.. he took it off my head! UNFAIR! He looked at... hold up that's my Calum beanie... like I was saying he looked at me with a look of love, kindness, and pure happiness.

"What*" I asked

"You like meeeeee" he squealed

"and what if I did*"

"I would kiss you."

"If I didn't like you then why would I hold your hand, and bury my head into your chest*" 

"so you dooooo!"



He pulled me up towards hi face and kissed me... it didn't take long for me to kiss back. His eyes widened when I did though.



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