Morning After - Nyx Ulric x Reader


1. *One Shot*

Waking up the first thing you realized was that this wasn’t your bed, you didn’t recognize the place until you did turn around, eyes opening slowly


Nyx’s Apartment


You turned around gingerly to see if he still was sleeping however you found the spot empty, there was still some warmth lingering where he had been lying. You turned around lazily to get out bed, sighing  - Nyx was already up no doubt. He was treading through another part of the flat, as quietly as he could in order to avoid waking you.


,,up already?’’ his voice still had a sleepy tinge to it, stopping you from standing up as you first now had drawn the blanket to the side


,,yeah. Good morning’’  you yawned before clearing your throat


,,you should go back to bed’’ he said, a smile playing on his lips as the crossed the space between you and settled on the floor in front of you


,,after yesterday I wouldn’t blame you babe’’ you rolled your eyes a little, of course he would tease you about it. In response to him resting his hands on your knees and gently moving them from side to side you ran your hands through his hair - you’d eventually set it for him if he had enough time.


,,how’re your thighs?’’ you nodded your head to the side slightly


,,they’re sore... and probably shaky as well’’ that was somewhat funny apparently as Nyx gave a small laugh as he stood up again


,,you should lay back down then. Get some rest’’ you gave a small nod tempted to just lay back down but the smell of ebony suddenly reached you


,,you’re making breakfast?’’


,,you bet! I thought I might want to treat you to breakfast in bed’’ you stood up from the bed, approaching him slowly before wrapping your hands around his waist


,,you should’ve stayed in bed with me babe. You know we don’t get to share our mornings together this often’’ the kingsglaive ran a hand over your head letting out a soft sigh, planting a kiss on the top of your head before speaking


,,I know. Don’t worry, there will be more mornings to come though’’


,,for now let’s have breakfast, my shift starts late’’ he added kissing you again


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