Lake Green

I frowned at my best friends failing to tie a knot for the boat. “Do you need some assistance?” I asked him. “No, I got this.” He growled at me in frustration. I scoffed and looked out at the shining, glistening lake. The wind started howling and the air became a little bitter. I shivered and crossed my arms over my chest for warmth. “Wyatt, it’s going to start raining soon.” I winned. He looked up at me with a glare. “Dylan, stop being annoying.” he said plainly to me.


4. Chapter 4

    I shuffled in my sleep and felt a cold floor under me. I opened my eyes to find myself in a cellar. “Ugh, my head.” I heard a groan next to me. I turned to see Wyatt and Dominic waking up too. “Gosh damn, did the guy bring us here?” Dominic asked. I frowned at the word guy. I knew very well with the cellar and that word who they were talking about. “I think so.” Wyatt said rubbing his head. “He hit us pretty hard.”

    “Yes, yes I did.” A familiar voice said from outside the cellar. Wyatt froze once he saw who was on the other side. “Um...Dylan? Isn’t that….Matthew?” He asked. I was too busy thinking about what I did to deserve this. “Good, you two do know my name.” Matt said with a smile. “Now, what have you two boys done with my Kitten?” He asked. Wyatt and Dominic looked at one another. “Who the hell is Kitten?” Dominic asked. My head sagged and I slowly raised my hand. I could feel their eyes on me, so I looked up. A look of confusion spread across their faces. Then I saw the smirk that Matthew was giving me.

    “Anyway, why was my Kitten at your house without telling me?” Matt had asked. I let out a sigh, and that caused all three sets of eyes to fall on me. “You told me to leave and not come back, I kind of needed a place to sleep….or did you think I was going to sleep on the streets?” I asked. Matthew didn’t hesitant on answering. “I expected you to sleep in the streets.” I frowned at his answer. This little bastard. “Um….Why is he calling you Kitten?” Wyatt asked. “Better question, why are we in a cellar?” Dominic asked. I knew this would end badly. “Matthew!” I snapped and he looked at me. “Let us out of here right now! Or at least let them go!”

    He let out a small sigh. “But, that’s no fun.” He pouted. “Yeah, well your definition of fun is way different than ours so.” I growled. “Yeah, because you don’t know what fun is, Kitten.” He growled back. “I know what fun is!” I snapped. He stood up. “Are you sure about that, then let's see little Kitten.” He purred. I felt myself freeze up. Wyatt and Dominic looked at one another, then at me. “What fun is he talking about?” Wyatt asked. I decided to use Matthew's favorite phrase to answer him. “Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know that answers to.” I replied. “Well, let us see who has to say something about that.” Matthew laughed, walking to a door and opening it. “Well, well, well, who do we have here?” He asked sarcastically.

Matthew brought a chair into the room. Then pulled a girl out of the room by her arm. She had long red hair and green eyes.  “Well Aria, wanna play a game?” Matt asked her. “W-what kind of g-game?” The 17 year old asked in a stutter. Matthew chuckled at her and I knew what game he was talking about. He forced the girl to sit down and tied her to the chair. Then he walked over and unlocked the cell door, and looked at me. “Come here Kitten!” He snapped, his joking tone now gone. I stood up and did as her ordered. He pointed to a knife on a table nearby. “Pick it up!” He barked the order. I gulped and walked over, taking the knife into my shaking hands. “M-Matthew, please….please don’t m-make me d-do this.” I begged. “What is he having you do with that?” Wyatt asked in fear.

Matt ignored us. “You know what to do,  Kitten.” He said, I turned to Aria. Her frightened green eyes watched the knife in my hand. I felt sorry for her. Mainly because I used to sit in that same chair, and I still remember the pain I went through. “Let's play the game now!” Matthew yelled at me. This game was Matt’s favorite game. Truth or die. Either you tell him what he wants to hear, or you get the knife to your skin. Sooner or latter, you would die from open wounds. I was lucky enough that Matthew found a soft spot for me. “Now you answer this question right, Dominic, and she doesn’t get hurt.” Matthew snapped. Wyatt looked frightened. “P-please answer this r-right.” Aria pleaded. I saw sweat drop from Wyatt’s forehead.  “Now, when did you help save my little Kitten?” Matthew asked. “I-i don’t remember!” Dominic lied. “Dominic! Just tell him!” I cried at him. “You’ve got five seconds.” Matthew snapped.  “I saved him on October 24, 2015!” Dominic yelled. “Haha, correct.” Matthew laughed as if Dominic was lying to him.

“Just ask your next stupid questions Matthew.” I snapped. Matt shot me a glare that told me to keep my mouth shut. “Okay, next question, Wyatt? What had happened to Dylan’s parents?” He asked. I felt the color drain out of my face. I have never told Dominic or Wyatt the truth. “His parents put him up for adoption because he kept getting into trouble!” Wyatt yelled really fast. That was the story I had told them, but it wasn’t the truth. “Nope, wrong!” Matthew snapped. He turned to me. “Go on ahead Kitten, cut her.” He said. I turned to Aria and saw a tear find its way down her cheek. I was about to put the blade to her skin, but then stopped when it barely touched her. “No.” I barely l whispered. I felt Matthews eyes on me. “What?” He growled. “No!” I snapped. I saw Wyatt and Dominic stiffen. That was when I knew I shouldn’t have done that. “Dylan!” Matthew growled under his breath.

I knew I was in trouble now, because the sweet nickname was gone. “Dylan! Either you do it, or I can! And you know I could do a lot worst!” He growled, and I saw the anger grow in his face. He already knew my answer. “No!” I yelled at him. I turned to the redheaded girl and then it dawned on me. I quickly used the knife in my hand and cut her loose. “Run!” I yelled her. I than realized I had to get my friends out. So, I ran over to the cell and fumbled with the key for a little. Finally I let Dominic and Wyatt out and told them to run for it too. Then I turned to Matthew and looked him dead in the eyes. “You’re drunk, Matthew!” I snapped at him. I felt a little angry that he had broke the promise. “You promised me you wouldn’t drink anymore, because we know that  you always get like this when you’re drunk!” I shouted at him. He started making his way to me. “So what if I am drunk!” He snapped. I felt tears threatening to come out, but I swallowed them back.  “You promised!” I cried to him.

This time I felt the tears start to come out. I couldn’t help it, they just started without my say. “Matthew, you promised.” I cried again. This time I knew that Aria and my friends were out and gone. “Shut the hell up, Dylan!” He snapped at me. I flinched at his harsh tone. “Matt, please.” I begged. He growled under his breath at me. I lowered my head and stared down at my feet. Matthew started making his way to me, and I slowly took steps back. “Please.” I was starting to give up. I knew I couldn’t get him to calm down. Finally he had me pinned to the wall. I thought he was going to punch me or something, but instead he leaned down and whispered in my ear. “I’m sorry, Kitten, I’m not mad. I just wanted to see how you would react.” He said.

I felt myself relax after he said that. “I could never be mad at you.” He whispered again. And that was when I gave up. I gave up on being scared, because I knew I was safe with Matthew. He could never be mad at me, and I could never be mad at him. That is what makes our relationship different from the rest.

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