Friends For Ever (Eren x reader)

Now this is my story from another writing app so I am not copyrighting.
@CREEPYPASTASLENDY on wattpad. some cussing(Levi)

You was a little girl who was homeless. This boy named Eren Jaeger, he gave you a home, but ass a little girl you ask if you can be his girlfriend. He said yes, then after years of not seeing each other you finally meet again. You both see each other and he asks if you are still my girlfriend, which you say yes.


3. Do you remember me?

You was now 18, young, pretty, strong, and brave. You was walking around camp, when someone called/yelled.

"Will someone PLEASE stop these idiots!!!!"

You walked up to the crowd and saw a boy in his 20's, fighting with another guy.(random person from Attack on Titan). You grabbed the gun by the collar and picked him up. You raised your knee up and kneed him in the stomach. Then throw him to the ground and pushed the other (Eren) on the ground and he landed on his butt.

"Jeez, stop playing around!!!!" You yelled at them.

"(Y/n) is that you?" A boy with brown hair and green eyes ran towards you, and immediately pulled you in to a hug.

"Hey!!! Let go!!! Who in the hell are you?!" You screamed in supersize.

The looked down on you with sad puppy eyes. "You don't remember me, do you (y/n)?"


"(Y/n) are you still my girlfriend?"

You looked up at him in shock "Eren is that you?"

"So you do remember me then." He pulled you in to a (hug or embrace whatever you guys want to call it)

You buried your head into his chest. You started to cry softly. "I've missed you so much Eren" (I know so cliche)

Eren brought his thumbs up and wiped your tears away then he looked down on you with hopeful eyes. "(Y/n)?"

You looked up at him "yes Eren......I am still your girlfriend."

Eren gave you a sweet and kind smile that made your heat flutter. He then leaned in and kissed you. You face turned pink from embarrassment.(It is Attack on Titan so I can't say red or you will think you got stabbed or killed so pink it is.)You kissed back wither people were staring at you or not you didn't care because you finally found someone to love.

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