Friends For Ever (Eren x reader)

Now this is my story from another writing app so I am not copyrighting.
@CREEPYPASTASLENDY on wattpad. some cussing(Levi)

You was a little girl who was homeless. This boy named Eren Jaeger, he gave you a home, but ass a little girl you ask if you can be his girlfriend. He said yes, then after years of not seeing each other you finally meet again. You both see each other and he asks if you are still my girlfriend, which you say yes.


2. Can we be friends?


your pov:

"Okay lets go!"

Eren said almost dragging you to the building. You walked through the building that felt like hours, finally you stopped a door.

Eren looked at you "He's in here (y/n)."

You felt nervous, but you pushed it to the side "Then lets go in!"

"Be nice to him (y/n), okay?"

"I will"

You opened the door and yelled "Hello Commander Levi!"

Levi looked up real fast from his papers "Where the fuck did you come from brat?!"

"The alley"

"Who brought you here?"

"Eren" you said blankly

*(btw Eren is still outside in the hallway)*

"Jaeger get your ass in here now!"

Eren walked in and had a look like he has just saw a ghost.

"Levi I can explain!"

"You better as fuck explain!"

Eren took a long deep sigh. "She has no parents nor home, so I thought she could live here."

you looked up at Levi with watery puppy eyes"So I can't stay"

"fine, but she will stay with me."

You pulled at Eren's shirt "Eren ?" You looked up at him and smiled "Will you be my boyfriend? So You will never forget me?" (btw like I said your only 10 so you don't think it as a real relationship.)

"Sure (y/n)" He smiled at you sweetly.

Authors Note~

Sorry for the short chapter! Now my people there will be a big time skip next chapter, but enjoy and don't forget to comment or follow me, BYE~

~X Dead Eye X~


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