Covet ▷1◁

(((((Book 1 in the Covet series)))))
yearn to possess or have (something).

Merciless. Cruel. Mysterious. Possessive. These are some words to describe the Alpha's son, Malachi. He's mean to everyone. You wouldn't want to cross pass with him. He's the son of the most vicious alpha in Australia. How could his mate be so different?

Innocent. Fragile. Mysterious. Kind. Those are some words to describe the kidnapped Arabella. She was kidnapped from her pack to another. She's been abused for years, she started to become mute.
How could her mate be so vicious?

These two would never cross paths until she finally runs away. She learned not to trust people, mostly men.

They needed each other, even without knowing it.

***Mature Content***
***Profanity involved***
***Not to be copyrighted***

©ADMEvangelina 2017


3. Prologue

Everything I write is all original. I don't intend to write what others have thought in werewolf stories. Same concept like the mate thing. Everything else is my idea and shall not be copyrighted.

There is profanity involved with this story. Also mature content. And abuse. If any of these are not working for you, I suggest you stop reading. If you don't care, continue on.

Due to mature content, those chapters are private due to Wattpad policies. Hope you enjoy my story 'Covet'.

Here is where we begin.

Scene/Memory: Young Arabella and Malachi are playing in her room.

"Malachi! You can't just do that!" Arabella screamed, mad at him for 'accidentally' breaking one of her bears head off.

"You know I can't control my strength yet!" Malachi whined.

"Keep it together Kai," Arabella said, softly grabbing his hand.

Kai could feel himself blush, "I'll try."

Arabella smiled, "good" she said, "because now I can do this."

Before Malachi could comprehend what she said, he was smacked with a pillow, making him fall back with shock.

'For a girl, she's mature and strong' he thought. He grabbed a pillow with his hands and hit her with it lightly. They were having one of their daily pillow fights. Arabella usually would lose because she gave up but not right now. She wanted to win, and she will.

With one more hit with the pillow, the feathers busted out of it, sprinkling white feathers all over them. They both laughed, lightly. Malachi felt like he could listen to her laugh all day. He would use his last breath to make her laugh. To see her happy. To make her smile. He didn't know what was wrong with him. The feelings he was experiencing. He was scared. Really scared.

"Malachi?" Arabella asked, concerned because he dozed off into space. He looked down at her, raising an eyebrow.

She poked his raised eyebrow, smiling.

She suddenly walked over to the door, opening it, and walking out.

"Arabella," Malachi called, rushing out of the door, "you're not allowed outside right now."

"I wasn't going outside. I just needed food," Arabella said, rubbing her stomach.

"Well, you could have told me before just walking out," Malachi said, leaning against the wall as she grabbed apple slices from the fridge.

"I'll tell you when I'm taking a poop too, is that okay with you?" Arabella asked, sassily. He playfully glared at her.

She walked into the living room, grabbing the remote, turning the TV on to cartoon networks. She was watching Adventure Time. She sat down, biting into her apple slice. He sat next to her, stealing an apple slice.

"Hey!" She smacked his arm.

"Hey," he winked. She rolled her eyes.

'She may be 8 but she acts like she's younger, at times.' He thought rolling his eyes.

"I'll be right back," Malachi said, kissing the side of her forehead, headed upstairs to pee. She just nodded, too focused on the TV.

He mentally sighed, going upstairs to the bathroom.


Once he left, Arabella immediately stood up, and walked over to the door that separates her and the outside world. She was allowed outside at times, if she had guards with her. All of them are attending a meeting at the moment. She's never been one to defy, but she needed to get air, fresh air. She opened the door slowly, peeking out to see if anyone was there. The close was clear so she took a full step outside, onto the porch.

'Just a few seconds and I'll be right back inside' she thought.

She walked off the porch, and breathed in the most air she could. She let out a breath, loving the air around her. She went to turn around to go back inside, but someone had covered her mouth, and pressed two fingers to her pressure point, making her breathless. She started to see black dots.

'I will not pass out' she chanted in her mind. She tried to scream as loud as she could, but was shoved into a van. Her black dots kept increasing.

She tried keeping her eyes open. The last thing she heard was a scream that ripped through the air; she finally let the darkness consume her.

---Back to Upstairs with Malachi---

Malachi was washing his hands when he heard the door open.

'Oh no' he mentally groaned.

He turned off the water, drying his hands as he jogged down the spiral staircase as fast as he can. He saw the door wide opened, with Arabella being tossed into a van. A scream ripped through the air. He was confused before realizing it had been him that made the noise. He tried running after the van, but it was obviously faster than him. He hadn't been able to shift just yet. 4 more years. He ran to find his dad, who was in a meeting when he did.

"Dad," he choked out, wheezing.

His dad looked at him worriedly, "what's wrong?"

"Someone took Arabella," Malachi said.

His demeanor changed, "did you get a glimpse of what they looked like?"

Malachi racked his brain for what the strange man looked like. He shook his head, no.

His father growled loudly.

"Meeting dismissed!" He growled, grabbing Malachi's arm, dragging him towards the pack house.

"Marcus!" He roared.

Marcus ran down, "What is it?" He noticed that his daughter wasn't with them, "where's my daughter?" He growled out.

"She was taken by another pack. At least that is what we think," Ethan explained.

"Once I get my hands on those filthy bastar-" Marcus was interrupted but Ethan.

"Language, my son is in front of us,"Ethan said.

"Don't worry, if I were in the same position, I'd probably" he saw the look his father was giving him, "not say that." Malachi chuckled nervously. His father nodded, approving his answer.

Marley popped her head into the room. "Where's my daughter?" She asked.

"We don't know," Malachi said, then explained in full detail what just happened.

Her eyes turned red, "I'm gonna kill them." She growled lowly.

Marcus went over to her, and hugged her; that calmed her down.

"You and me both darling," he whispered into her hair.

"They're going to wish they never did that," Malachi murmured to himself.

He walked into his dad's office, which will soon be his, unless he builds a new one. He got one of the trackers to try and trace her last location.

"It'll take a couple of minutes Malachi," she said.

"I don't care, find her!" He growled out.

She nodded quickly. She rapidly typed letters, sometimes numbers. Malachi was pacing his dad's office. She was his anchor. She kept him sane. Now that she was gone, what was going to happen to him? He shuddered at the thought. He knew exactly what would happen if she wasn't here to help him.

---Back to Arabella---

She was blindfolded, sitting tied to a chair.

'This is so cliché' she thought.

'Can't they be original' she thought.

'Pfft so they're fakes, like most of the girls I've met' she thought. She chuckled at the last thought.

"What are you laughing at," a man said, his gruff voice startled her.

"Oh so there is someone in here. Whoops," Arabella said, sarcastically.

She could practically hear his eyes roll. She heard movement before a piece of duck tape went over her mouth.

'Yep, totally cliché here' Arabella thought, rolling her eyes.

"That mouth of yours gonna do you some trouble," the man said. He pulled off my blindfold. Arabella was a taken back when she glanced at him. She had thought it would've been a 36 year old ugly man. No, he looked around 18. Maybe the youngest son of the alpha?

She raised an eyebrow at him. He smirked, knowing she was expecting someone else.

'She's so cute' he mentally chuckled before stopping.

'She's the enemy I mustn't think such things. She's obviously way younger than me anyway.' He thought.

She tilted her head to the right, confused.

She still didn't understand why she was kidnapped.

As if reading her thoughts, "We brought you here because you could be leverage to bringing your pack down." He said.

She nodded slowly. He was shocked.

"Aren't you going to say something?" He asked.

She raised an eyebrow; at this point, it could start falling off. He caught the message; he peeled the tape off slowly.

She stretched her mouth, popped her jaw, and cracked her head.

"Thank you," she said, not caring if she was kidnapped or not.

He narrowed his eyes at her, "what kind of sick game are you playing here girl," he spat out. She smirked, knowing the nicest things would rile him up.

"Nothing, just that you're kind of stupid for copying what books do," she said, laughing slightly.

He growled, "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"The tying to the chair, blindfold, duck tape. Its all cliché, and not original. Though, I've got to say, it's not an old, ugly man. You are quite handsome," she said, shamelessly.

He rolled his eyes. The door opened, and a man came in. His eyes flickered to her. She immediately knew he was an alpha. It wasn't as strong as Ethan's aura, but still pretty strong.

"Ah, so the princess awakens," he said, chuckling.

"Don't call me that," she snapped at him.

"Ooh feisty," he teased, obviously enjoying this.

"I swear to the moon goddess, I will send you into oblivion once I get out of here," she snarled.

"I wonder what could those hands be used for," he said, ignoring her threat.

"They're going to end up stabbing you in the eye with a fork if you get any closer," she mumbled.

He chuckled, "Only eight, and so, so smart and hot headed."

"What do you want from me?" She murmured.

"What I want from you is impossible, considering your age now, but I don't care. You are going to be the pack slave. If you do something wrong, we'll punish you. If we need to release anger, we'll let it out on you. Any other circumstances, we'll end up hitting you," he explained, bored.

Arabella chuckled, "What makes you think I'll actually comply to such idiocy?"

"Because if you don't, I'll kill everyone you love, one by one, limb from limb, as you stare, helpless to do anything," he stated. She stared at him, gears turning in her head. If she didn't do this, everyone would get killed. If she did,

1) its illegal

2) she would probably lose her memory from the beatings

3) Dying would be a good option at one point which will make her suicidal.

4)she'd get treated like a rodent.

"Do I get my own room?" She asked.

He pondered the question, like it was interesting, "I suppose the attic will do. It's spacey enough in there."

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she grumbled under breath.

"I accept the stupidest offer in my life," she said aloud. "Also, make sure, when you kidnap someone, it's original, not cliché."

They nodded. She rolled her eyes, "is no one going to untie me from this bloody chair?" She asked annoyed.

---Not Edited---

Words: 1876

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