Covet ▷1◁

(((((Book 1 in the Covet series)))))
yearn to possess or have (something).

Merciless. Cruel. Mysterious. Possessive. These are some words to describe the Alpha's son, Malachi. He's mean to everyone. You wouldn't want to cross pass with him. He's the son of the most vicious alpha in Australia. How could his mate be so different?

Innocent. Fragile. Mysterious. Kind. Those are some words to describe the kidnapped Arabella. She was kidnapped from her pack to another. She's been abused for years, she started to become mute.
How could her mate be so vicious?

These two would never cross paths until she finally runs away. She learned not to trust people, mostly men.

They needed each other, even without knowing it.

***Mature Content***
***Profanity involved***
***Not to be copyrighted***

©ADMEvangelina 2017


1. Extended Summary

Words: 321

Arabella and Malachi were best of friends. Key word: were. They did everything together. Arabella being the Beta's daughter, and Malachi being the Alpha's son.

Being kidnapped, Arabella was forced into being pack slave at 8. She hadn't understood a thing they were forcing her into(well she did but she had lost some memory). She was so scared and confused(not really, she has a mouth, a very sarcastic mouth). They beat her whenever she did something wrong. They weren't as bad as making her into a solider or stealing her purity. She was never taught anything about mates or werewolf stuff. Sure, she went to school to learn but she never needed it. "Freak" people would call her because she was different. Yes, she went to a human school. She always showed up with scars and bruises she didn't bother to cover up.

   Malachi was so sad when she "left" as people say. As he got older, he finally learned the truth about his best friend. That made him vengeful. He was gonna find whoever kidnapped her and bring them to oblivion. He is filled with guilt for not watching her. She had went outside when told not to, and that was her mistake. He had a secret, a big one. One he wouldn't tell, not even Arabella, especially not Arabella. Everyone knew, even before he did know. Everyone except, little Arabella.

   He liked her.

   He loved her.

   He turned insane after her departure. Hurting anyone who dares speaks her name. In a few months was his birthday, and the ceremony of him becoming Alpha.

Soon enough though, he'll find his mate, the same day as he finds his best friend.

   Will he be able to take anymore pain before collapsing? Will she? She doesn't think so. He doesn't think so. Hopefully they'll meet each other before collapsing.

   Covet is what is described for what he wants.

   Love is what is described for what she needs.

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