Covet ▷1◁

(((((Book 1 in the Covet series)))))
yearn to possess or have (something).

Merciless. Cruel. Mysterious. Possessive. These are some words to describe the Alpha's son, Malachi. He's mean to everyone. You wouldn't want to cross pass with him. He's the son of the most vicious alpha in Australia. How could his mate be so different?

Innocent. Fragile. Mysterious. Kind. Those are some words to describe the kidnapped Arabella. She was kidnapped from her pack to another. She's been abused for years, she started to become mute.
How could her mate be so vicious?

These two would never cross paths until she finally runs away. She learned not to trust people, mostly men.

They needed each other, even without knowing it.

***Mature Content***
***Profanity involved***
***Not to be copyrighted***

©ADMEvangelina 2017


2. Character Introductions

(Updates throughout story)

Arabella Luna Rose

Age: 18 (to this day)

Height: 5'5

Appearance: ginger hair, blue eyes, pale

Background: Kidnapped at 6, ran away at 18.

Best friend: Malachi

Parents (deceased): Marley Rose, Marcus Rose

Siblings: N/A

Malachi Josh Hayden

Age: 22 (before ceremony and birthday)

Height: 6'5

Appearance: Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, nice eyebrows, stubble

Background: Born into learning alpha duties, he became vicious. Arabella kept him sane.

Best friend: Arabella

Parents: Ethan Hayden(Alpha), Athena Hayden(Luna)

Siblings: Joshua Hayden, Anabel Hayden

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