Addicted // H.S

Usually a young college student and a well known hitman aren't stereotypically supposed be together but in the end, we don't really get a say in who we fall in love with. Or who we become unhealthy addicted too.

All Rights Reserved © // jordiewatters


1. Prologue

People speculate that the moment your about to die your entire life span flashes before your eyes, like a flicking projector broadcasting the memories from our very first baby steps to our first painful heartbreak. It brings a smile to your face but it's taken away faster than it appeared. Your left in complete darkness, you feel alone and afraid and mostly confused.

A wave of voices echo through out the room. Or maybe it was in my head? But each word spoken by a different individual -some were hushed and slow while others where loud and rushed- overlapped one another making me feel extremely overwhelmed. I knew I had to immediately get out as soon as I can. Extending out my arm to feel around me in the pitch black space, I feel a cold ice like door handle. One of the biggest mistakes I made was getting my hopes up in escaping this dream.

Walking through the chipped, white door, I suddenly felt lighter then air, weightless to be exact. Surrounding me happened to be a large sunflower field, the tall yellow flower lining across the ground around me. Halo white mountains soared into the sky in the distance with the eery mist ensnared the crown of the beautifully crafted rock. The sun slowly began to disappear behind the horizon creating a lilac purple and flushed pink sunset with burning orange rays peaking out. The sight made your heart skip a beat. It was too breathtaking. Is this my imagination or the unrealistic reality.

Everything is happening remarkably quickly as I gasp feeling myself pale at the sight before me. I'm somehow standing on the edge of a muddy cliff as the waves aggressively collided against each other and onto the rocks below me due to the harsh winds.

My foot slips on a rock in attempt to step backwards, sending me flying off the 80 foot cliff and into the angry ocean. Once I hit the water, the waves collapse on top of me, dragging me down further underwater. Eyes wide open, all I could see was blurry dark blue water surrounding me until a rush of pain flows through me starting from my toes to my head. The pain feels familiar like I've experienced it once before and I'm painfully reliving the torture over again. My ribs instantly shatter, in result causes me to suck in a sharp breathe but instead water enters my mouth, filling my lungs up with the liquid. Cuts and bruises appear all over my body blood oozing out from my wounds mixing with the oceans water creating a red like fog around me. A chain hooks around my foot, a heavy ball of weight attached at the end, making it impossible for me to reach the surface for air.

As I start to sink down further, the water settles above me. I see a clear image of the world continuing on with their duties, unaware of the current situation I'm in. My body was aching and beginning to grow weak and the rusty chain refused to budge while I began to slowly fall unconscious. I knew that if I didn't fight, I'd be on the bottom of the oceans floor and then reality would end up just some part of my imagination.

But I don't know how much longer I can fight this battle. Is it worth fighting anymore?

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