Addicted // H.S

Usually a young college student and a well known hitman aren't stereotypically supposed be together but in the end, we don't really get a say in who we fall in love with. Or who we become unhealthy addicted too.

All Rights Reserved © // jordiewatters


4. Chapter 3

Flour and chocolate cake mix stick to my cheek and apron as I buzz the electric mixer on high, kneading all the ingredients together in the one bowl. The small crowed kitchen is a complete mess. Multiple cooking appliances fill the counter top, barely allowing room for a single spoon while I throw in need elements to the sweet batter swirling around in circles. Glancing at Susan's special recipe lying beside me in a think blue recipe book, I follow the last instruction by emptying the mix into a round cake pan. The cake is popped carefully into oven to cook while I finally satisfied my sweet tooth, licking the remainder batter from the wooden spoon when I was clear no one was in sight. Susan highly disapproves it; I've learnt that on my first day in the kitchen when preparing a simple desert for her. She practically slapped the spoon from my grip. I rinse the dirty dishes once I was finished under the tap and then stacked them neatly in the dishwasher.

"Aubrey" Susan sweetly calls out from the front counter. I hum in response, stepping away from the machine to glance through the small window that gives full view of the café. "Could you please work front counter before your break, I'll take care out back"

"Of course" I smile when she turns around to face me.

Poor women looked exhausted; her growing age must be taking a toll on her. She absolutely adores this cafe but there is only so much she can do each day. Wiping my hands with my tea towel, I fill the dishwasher up with dishwashing liquid before powering up the machine and exiting the kitchen through the saloon doors. I rest the purple linen material on my shoulder for any possible need later on and walk towards the sweet old women fixing one last coffee for a costumer.

Taking the warm beverage from her hands I softly say, "I'll take this, Susan. Go rest" She sighs in appreciation; her pale wrinkled hand creases my cheek.

"You are something, my dear" She smiles pointing to a table to the right hand side of the cafe. "To the young lady other there" Referring to the coffee in my hand. I don't see why she praises me to much even though it is my job after all.

Quickly, I deliver the patient customer her warm drink even though she didn't have the decency to tear her eyes away from the computer screen and say thank you. I keep a warm smile plastered on my face as I weaved around tables and past leaving customers, waving goodbye and thanking them for stopping by.

Keeping a warm smile plastered on my face is essential when working since such a small gesture can make someone's day change from bad to good. As I weaved around tables and past leaving customers, I politely wave goodbye and thank them for stopping by. Just like every other day. Today was unlike our typical Tuesday. It was surprisingly slow and rather peaceful for once. Customers throughout the day waltzed in and out of the store, in need for a refreshment or a simple boost of energy. Besides the low amount of people to serve today, nothing out of the ordinary. Sunday's, by far is the best day of the week to watch people's drained faces as they attempt to sober up from the day before. I call it, Hangover Sunday.

Unfortunately though, my mind hasn't been in touch with reality lately and the quite atmosphere isn't helping me much. It's quite frustrating to be completely honest. I seem to confuse myself when looking into another's eye, mistakenly believing they belong to him when their true colour couldn't even come remotely close to his lime green eyes. My consciousness is playing tricks on me, all over a pair of breathtaking beautiful orbs that belonged to a complete stranger. Generally I would welcome to relive such alluring images all over again knowing I may never personally see him again, but the thoughts only made me ponder on what an intoxicated person would do around an extremely attractive man like himself. Oh boy. My cheeks burn up just at the thought. I don't think I want to know, yet then again, my curiosity seems to always get the best of me.

''Hello" A high pitched voice calls out, waving a hand across my line of vision to pull me back from my daydreaming that I hadn't realize I fell into. I blink multiple times, glancing down at the now sparkly clean table and then up to whomever the voice belonged to.

Ava. Great, just the person I wanted to see. I restrain an eye roll at her simple presence, and somewhat for disturbing my train of thought. She stood positioned a safe distance away as she looked at me with pure annoyance for having to speak to me in the first place. Her freshly manicured nails placed on her hip as her breasts spilled out from her incredibly small top. I let out a loud sigh, preparing myself for what's about to come.

"There are customers at the counter and I refuse to make their orders" Ava grumbles, folding her arms across her chest, pushing them higher than necessary.

"And your reason so is...?" I question trying to hide my irritation with this girl. Does she honestly think she can get away with getting paid for doing absolutely nothing?

"The machine thingy, that you use to make coffees or's screeching at me! It could explode and ruin my face. I can't risk it. I have a very important photo shoot to attend to on Friday" Ava informed, motioning her hands around in the air, dramatically expressing her point.

My face remains blank.

On the outside showed no emotion when truly, I struggled to contain my groan in. I'm not usually the one to criticize others and their abilities but does she not realize how...unintelligent that sounded?

"That screeching sound is just the water boiling inside" I sigh, already tired with this pointless conversation.

"I don't care, I'm not doing it"

"How about you take the orders and just call me over to do the hot beverages? Happy now" I say, rubbing my eyes with my finger.

"Okay!" She chirps with a huge grin on her face, obviously satisfied with the outcome.

Clapping her hands to together, she spins around and walks off in her...high heels? Where does she think she's working? At a night club...?

Slowly, one by one, people began to leave the store while new ones arrived which was my queue to sanitize the small oak wood tables whilst they ordered. I wipe down each individual, lonely table, using my tea towel to dry them ready for their next customer. Double checking to see if I was needed at all in the kitchen before receiving an all clear, I slip outside and stack on the dirty dishes on one arm, some stained with lipstick while others with coffee drip stains from possibly over flowing out the cup.

"Good afternoon, Mrs Anderson" I greet, walking over to the silent, elderly women's table.

"Evening, dear" She sends me a warm smile, bringing the warm tea grasped in her trembling small hands up towards her mouth to take a sip.

"How are you holding up?" I casually begin a short conversation, placing the dirty dish that previously had a blueberry muffin on it, on top of the other cups and plates.

Mrs Anderson is a regular customer of ours and a well-known friend of Susan's. She's a sweet and kind who just happens to be grieving over the loss of a loved one. Her husband Frank, of thirty years was an almighty brave and fearless solider, who unfortunately passed away not too long ago. I never personally met the heroic man whom risked his life to serve justice for our country, but the impression Susan and Mrs Anderson gave off of him made me believe that he was without a doubt, truly a down to earth man. Day in and day out, she would sit in her designated spot just by the café window which showed a perfect view of the green parkland that soaked in the plain grey colour from the tall business buildings. Although she believes her husband will be joining her for coffee as they used to back in the days before I began working here. It crushes my heart but if it puts a smile on her face, then so be it.

"Oh, splendid," She claps her hands together.

"Frank and I went down by the beach today with Molly. It's such a beautiful day" Molly was such a beautiful, black and auburn beagle dog. I honestly don't believe Mrs Anderson would have survived through such a traumatic and heartbreaking experience without the comfort of her precious dog that no human can seem to provide. Well that's what I believe.

"How wonderful" I chirp, sending her a warm smile. "Hope you enjoy the rest of your day and take care of yourself"

She lightly laughs, waving me off and diverts her attentions back to the open newspaper lying in front of her. As I am seconds away from spinning around and entering back into the café, loud curse words and aggressive yelling could be heard from down the street. Looking up, I happened to see a tall male pacing down the concrete pathway towards the store with his phone pressed to his ear. At first, my brain commanded me to ignore this loud human being; who is quite frankly disturbing our clients, but as he quickly approached, I stopped breathing momentarily. Of course, out of all people, it had to be one of the person I least wished to see. The stranger, and I mean not just any particular stranger had caught my gaze, pausing his conversation briefly in the process. With his brown hair gently fluttering in the calm breeze, it was then I knew, once that stupid smirk itched its way onto his gorgeous face, he had unfortunately recognized me.

Panic takes over me as I hastily whirl around and made a frantic bee line to the white entrance door, completely forgetting the stack of dishes gripped in my now sweaty palms. In the sudden rush, a coffee mug from the top of the pile tumbled down in a blink if an eye and shatters against the hard, grey floor. My eyes literally almost roll to the back of my head as I groan in disbelief. How does my clumsy self managed to stumble over thin air. But this time the damaged couldn't be entirely fixed. Maybe a bit of glue, yes, but it will never be the same. My stupid accident had captured the unwanted attention of many making my cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

Shifting the chinaware to the empty table next to me, I crouch down causing my ugly brown apron to bunch up by my feet as I began clearing up the large, sharp shards of glass. Pushing a strand of hair behind my ear, I reach for the jagged piece furthest away from the rest when a pair of ochre coloured, suede boots step into my view. Gulping the large lump that has suddenly formed in my throat, I slowly look up at person to be greeted with the same old smirk in which seems to never leave his face.

"Hello, love," He smugly says while staring down at me. "Fancy seeing you here"

"Likewise" I sarcastically grumble, standing to my feet. Luckily the glass hadn't shattered into a million pieces which made the clean-up quick and easy.

Cautiously, I carry the broken pieces cupped in my joined palms back towards cafe door leaving the man behind. Much to my displeasure, he follows me right on my tracks. Using my rear-end to prevent the glass door from closing upon me while allowing more people to egress and others enter, I push myself inside the store causing the green eyed man to virtually collide into the object. I innocently pretended as if nothing happened and made my way out back.

After disposing the waste in the trashcan, I notice the finished chocolate cake decorated with fresh strawberries and chocolate swirl patterns sitting by a batch of creamy custard tarts. Susan must have completed these while I was out front. That reminds me, I better informed her of the broken cutler so when can order more to replace the broken ones. I slide my hands under platters of delicious food and walk out behind the counter. Nevertheless, my eyes instantaneously train on the sight before me. Arm rested on the outside edge of the counter he stood, with legs crossed over one another as Ava practically climbing covers the surface to reach him. She cracks out a fake laugh making me roll my eyes and turn away from the lusting couple. I can smell the sexual tension in the air and it makes me really uncomfortable.

Rolling my eyes and swallowing the bile attempting to rise up my throat, I proceed on stacking the desserts into the cake display refrigerator. Once I had finished, I grab a single blueberry muffin for myself as the time just hit lunch hour, setting it on a small plate. Fishing for some change in my back pocket, I stroll over to the cash register to pay for my food but unfortunately Ava rear end sat purposely popped out and covered my access to the machine. Unaware of my presence, the pair continued flirting to one another until I intentionally loudly cleared my throat, gaining the attention from both but a bonus deadly glare from her.

I fight the urge to snap a harsh mouth full of words at her, "Could you please just for one second, do something useful and work" I breathe, keeping my cool.

Gently but demandingly, I pushed my way to the register causing her to take a step back. Without the little nudge, she would have never removed herself from that spot. In the midst of dropping each coin into their individual slots, I could feel his green eyes staring at the back of my head but as usual I walked away and chose to ignore it. I remove my apron and hang up the dirty material on the rack behind me without even sparing a single glance in that direction. Turning around and taking a bite of my muffin, I was stopped in my tracks by a hard chest.

Please leave me alone, I mentally begged. I'm honestly beginning to grow frustrated with this man and I haven't even known him for long. Barely a solid 48 hours to be exact.

"You know, I think I quite like you better when you're drunk" He says, arms folded as he looked down at me.

"You know, I quite like you when you're not present" I say, faking a smile. I hate to say my comment was a lie, well not entirely a lie since he's really getting on my nerves at the moment. Nonetheless, he could never find out that I, just happen to enjoy his filthy wondering eyes even if I'm not the only one they do it to.

"Someone's a little tense," He teases from beside me. I curve around his body and accidentally bump shoulders, apologizing for the small collision out of habit when he doesn't deserve one from me. Sauntering to the nearest vacant table available, I stupidly expected the stranger to leave at my disinterest, however he just happens to slide into the seat across from me. I pull out my phone to distract myself from the man in front of me by scrolling through my social media.

"For someone who's quite a flirt when drunk, you're very quiet"

"What!" I squeak, shooting up from my slouched postion over the table. My voice came out remarkably high pitched and my face turned pale.

"You heard me, doll face" He says, leaning back in the wooden chair. He watches me without blinking once, soaking in my bewilderment like a sponge.

"I don't think I did, though" I huff, becoming agitated with him. If this his bloody way of gaining my attention, then I won't hesitate to throw my muffin at him. He faces out towards the large window beside us, lips part and jawline more dominant than a stainless steel knife, allowing a chuckle leave his mouth.

"Touchy too might I add" He toys, ticking his head to the side and shrugs his shoulders at the same time.

It's almost as if he's reliving the events in his head and somehow finds amusement from it. I've barely eaten a third of my snack and I'd already begun to feel ill from this conversation.

"No," I say, pointing an accusing finger at him. "I'm not that kind of person. I barely had enough drinks to become remotely close to doing something so out of character"

He turns back around, letting out a puff of air in exaggeration. As he does so, his hands reach up to scratch midway down his tan neck before pulling aside his black top, revealing something so small that still managed to make my heart stop.

"Don't know how I got this then" He plays dumb.

I stare at the pink and purple bruise that looked too painful to touch resting on his skin. I wanted to cry from embarrassment, too ashamed of myself. No longer feeling the apatite to eat, I push away the half eaten muffin to the side.

"I-is that?...did I...?" I stuttered in disbelief. I would've like to have believed that this is his idiotic way of tormenting me for rejecting him back at the club, but I certain it wasn't. He nods with a hit of smile, as if he's restraining himself from showing enjoyment of my humiliation. If I gave him a hickey, what else could I have done to him? What else could 'we' have done under the influence of alcohol? I couldn't bare myself, hiding my face into my palms as I tried to scratch any sort of memory from that night.

"W-we didn't do anything...d-did we?" I sheepishly ask, poking my eye out through the gaps between my fingers that still concealed my face. My shyness was beginning to show, not that you can't tell with all my stuttering. I hate when this happens. I can barely look him in the eye without drifting to the spot on his neck.

"No, unfortunately not" He clarified. I can not begin to imagine how I would possibly act if he confessed to taking advantage of me in such a disgusting way even if he didn't see it that way. But since that's no case, I'd must prefer to forget about this entire incident altogether.

"Oh thank-" I begun to happily sigh in relief.

"But you sure know how to get a man hard over that feisty attitude of yours"

I was mortified by his comment but yet, he seemed very pleased with the reaction he got out of me by that smug grin on his face. It baffles me on how a man could possibly get aroused by my so called attitude. Retreating from his position and reaching up to slide back a loose strand of hair fallen from his perfectly gelled quiff, his black cotton top rises to reveal his bronzed, tattooed complexion. Clearly my throat, I quickly divert my eyes away from his unbelievably attractive body and notice a glaring Ava from behind the counter. A fake smile appears on her face once she senses my wondering eyes on her. What is she up too now?

"Now, although I had fun retelling the story of our interesting night, I'm afraid I must go" He advised, stepping away from the table.

"Wait! I never got your name nor thanking you for taking me home last night" I called. Not knowing his name has been killing me since the day I met him, this is my only chance. He opens his mouth to speak but stops when something or must I say, someone from beside me catches his attention.

When I cluelessly turn around to find the distracting source, I am suddenly saturated in a cold liquid, the substance dripping down my face as I gasp in shock. Clearing the liquid from my eyes, I immediately send dangers to the person standing stupidly as usual with an empty milkshake glass.

The blue milkshake seeps through my white t-shirt, showcasing my black bra on full display. I felt like a famous piece of artwork, like I was pinned up beautifully in an art gallery; attracting all those around me. However, there was nothing beautiful about this for sure. I sinfully wish I could tear out her annoying hair extensions. My face, without a doubt flamed beetroot red from not only embarrassment but anger. I wondered why? Why was I on the receiving end of these endless so called accidents? Ava stood rather closely by Harry, hand shielding her mouth in shock but it's her eyes that gave away the true evil in herself. They glinted with a hint of resentment and gratification, proving this was no accident at all. A muffled 'oops' leaves her mouth which causes me to abruptly stand up from the pool of milkshake surrounding me. Cotton blue covers the clean floor in a rich blanket, each step I take towards Ava creates a small splatter sound as the liquid gets trapped inbetween the base of my shoe and the white tiles.

"Oops? Really Ava, what the hell did I do to deserve this?" I grimaced, speaking lowly through my teeth. My skin felt sticky, my lips tasted like blueberry and my hair clumped together in a glutinous, tangled mess.

"For getting in my way" She flatly states before walking away. I'm left wholly confused.

My eyes flitted over to Harry's emotionless face, forgetting about his presence as I angered mind was fixated on mainly Ava. In the background I could hear Susan's demands on cleaning the mess up but I was too focused on him to move a muscle.

"You seem to have a little something," He murmurs, finally speaking up and points to his cheek, decreasing the distance between us. I inhale a deep breath when his hand rises up to delicately touch my face. If only he werent so close so I could call him out for his rudeness. Not an ounce of sympathy reached his face throughout the whole scene.

"Right here" He quietly says, swiping up a large dollop of whipped cream from my face that I'd seemed too missed beforehand.

Never diverting his gaze anywhere else but me, I watch him pop his finger slowly into his mouth and removing any trace of whipped cream. The sight in front of me sent tingle through my body and down to my core.

"What are you-" I began to say when he leaned forward and ghost his lips by my earlobe, but I froze upon feeling his warm breath on the surface of my skin. Going unnoticed somehow, he gripped my forearm to prevent me from moving away.

"The names, Harry by the way" He breathes. I could practically hear the overly large grin hidden within his words.

Air filled the space between us once he stepped back; allowing me to finally breathe as he shamelessly roams his eyes up my body. They lingered a little too long for my liking over the incredibly large stain on my top, clearly enjoying my somewhat exposed upper half. I shield myself from his greedy stare which only makes him lightly chuckle. What a surprise. With a simple nod, the man I've come to learn as Harry, walks out the café and leaves me in a blue, jumbled mess in a cafe on the corner of Wintergreen Avenue.

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