Addicted // H.S

Usually a young college student and a well known hitman aren't stereotypically supposed be together but in the end, we don't really get a say in who we fall in love with. Or who we become unhealthy addicted too.

All Rights Reserved © // jordiewatters


3. Chapter 2

My eyes skim through the rows of antique books sitting peacefully within the shelfs of wooden cabinets, tongue poking alongside of my mouth in deep concentration. Each one whispered in my ear as I pass by, calling for my attention. Finally finding the particular book I was searching for, I slip my hand from under the pile of textbooks grasped in both my hands to carefully remove the book from its position and adding to the edition of my five other books. I huff, struggling to carry the heavy weight but I keep a firm grip onto the stack, that was until my hair falls in front of my eyes. I attempt to blow the strand out the way but that only causes me to trip over my own feet and the books scattering across the carpeted floor. Bloody hell I mumble, sitting up with my legs bent underneath me observing the mess before me. I happened to spot an intriguing novel on the bottom shelf at the far end of the row; the torn and broken spine poking out from the mass of books surrounding it, capturing my attention instantly. The royal red cover felt rough in my hands telling me it was in fact an ancient book and that excited me even more. Anna Karenina, I read the title printed in fine lettering out loud. Before I could get a glimpse of the inked written inside, I realized I was still resting on the floor when another student passes by, staring at me in confusion as to why I was seated on ground in the middle of the aisle. I awkwardly cough into my fist, standing up quickly and gathered my textbooks together along with the one I discovered moments ago and walked back towards my table with my chin resting on top of the stack. Instead of studying like I'm supposed too, I end up reading this book on literary realism. I knew strictly from the titled itself I'd easily get lost in the story and that's exactly what happened.

"Good afternoon" Izzy greets in a high pitched voice. My eyes are torn away from the page to look up at the bubbly girl in front of me. "Whatcha doin'?" She stands with her hand on her hip, dressed in ripped jeans and a white crop top. I'm about to remind her that it's still sadly winter but then I realize she doesn't feel the cold weather, so there's no bother.

"Studying" I say, closing the book and hiding it inside my bag, pulling out a vanilla flavoured yogurt instead.

"Sure looks like it" She says, leaning over the table and dips her finger into the container of yogurt before scooping the creamy food into her mouth. I send her a glare, moving it up in the air, completely out of from her reach. Pulling out my notebook and pencil, I begin to flicker through the pages and writing down the necessary information needed for my biology assignment. With my spoon hanging from my mouth and pen quickly dancing across the paper, I glance back up at Izzy upon hearing her groan loudly. The grumpy old librarian behind us tells us to hush in which I apologize. "Hung over I see?" I quietly question Izzy.

"I swear this is what death feels like" She says dramatically hiding her face in her hands which are covered in fake gold rings and bracelets. Fishing through my brown bag, I pull out my aspirin and water and set the items by Izzy's now folded arms. She glances up at me, and then to the world's greatest possessions that easily cure a bad hangover. "What else are you carrying in that bloody bag of yours?"

"A dog" I chuckle, throwing my rubbish into the trash. Oscar, my white, Turkish Angora cat would absolutely hate if we brought home a dog. He isn't the friendliest feline when it comes to meeting new people although I've never had a cat that shows so much affection to their owner like Oscar.

"Shit-face would kill you" Izzy noted, pointing a finger at me. Popping two of the white pills into her mouth, she drowns my entire bottle of water; without acknowledging that I could possibly need to quench my thirst at some point.

"You need to stop calling him that. He's starting to believe his name is shit-face, not Oscar" I scolded.

"So what happened last night, anyway" She says drumming her fingers against the oak table, eyeing off one of the football players currently flirting with a freshman; as they are the easiest targets which honestly disgusts me but it's their choice, not mine. I shouldn't judge when my own best friend's far from innocent herself.

Resting my chin in my hand, I pounder over her question. What did happen last night? Tapping the end of my pen against the oak table, I try to put the puzzle pieces together in my head. I struggled with the same problem this morning when I woke up in my bed back at my apartment, still dressed in my attire from the night before. I don't remember leaving the venue at all actually, and, although I had a couple drinks, it definitely wasn't enough to knock me out. Well so I believe. Despite my lack of memory on that particular segment, I am positive the poison green eyes will be forever engraved in my mind. What was his name? I don't think I got the chance to ask. Darn myself for not asking; but I mean who could blame me. It's hard thinking straight when an attractive man is staring you down.

"Honestly I don't know" I sigh, running my hand through my hair.

"So you don't remember anything before you passed out?" She questions casually, turning head to face me but kept her body angled slightly away from her direct sight.

"Pardon?" I say at little too loudly, eyes wide and staring at her in shock. What is she on about? This is probably just another one of jokes to revive me up and use it against me as embarrassing tale.

"I'm assuming not..." Izzy lightly chuckles before continuing to answer my unsaid question.

"That sexy guy from the bar, the one who was practically undressing you with his eyes," She raises her left shoulder to touch her chin as she wiggles her perfectly trimmed and filled in eyebrows with a cheeky grin. She's most likely expecting me to smile or flush bright red as I usually would, but not in this case. "He came to me while I was piss drunk saying you had passed out from drinking too much and that he was taking you back to our apartment"


"You let a complete stranger, take my unconscious body, back to our apartment? Izzy! God knows what could have happened to me" I seethe, teeth tightly closed together as I spoke.

"A hot stranger" She nods her head, pointing a finger to correct me even though I made no error with my choice of words.

"That's not the point, Izzy" I cross my arms across my chest.

My point was. I apprently fell out of grasp with consciousness, unable to control what the world does around me and yet my best friend allows that frightening man- even though she would disagree, he was still in fact a stranger to us- to escort me back to my home. The fact she revealed this scary and uncomfortable information so casually, as if it was not big deal made me even more upset. Izzy studies over the frown covering my face. She seems quite discombobulated at anger towards the situation; which I don't see why, she sits there thinking over about possibly the event itself or something completely off topic. I would be furious if so.

Something must have clicked in side her head, her eyes wide and mouth gaping open for a mere second, before she begins shaking her head at me.

"You think I'd let him take you home alone? What kind of best friend do you think I am?" She says with hurt clearly present in her voice.

Now I was confused. What happened then if that wasn't the case?

She extends her long arm and snatches the blue pen briskly clicking in my grip that I didn't heed I was doing so. "Babe. I refused to let him leave without taking every single one of us back. Besides Elena and Ryan, who left way before then and I don't need to tell you why" She laughs.

I crack a smile knowing exactly the reason for their early departure. Them too can never keep their sexual desire for one another at bay. "We all crashed at the apartment but left before you woke up"

I sigh, feeling my self relax a little but is quickly replaced with guilt, rushing through me instantly. I assumed the worst of my own best friend and now I feel utterly terrible.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have falsely acused you for doing such thing" I mutter, feeling ashamed.

"Don't sweat it. I understand why you did in the first place" She waves her hand without even looking my way, her gesture saying it's no big deal.

Out of no where Izzy sets her black leather bag onto the table that I did not notice she had with her at the beginning and madly digs through the gold studded backpack. The clinking sound of items clashing together was quite loud due to the amount of unnecessary and useless junk in her bag. I am left shocked however, when Izzy sneakily, sneaks out a silver flask with a black, cursive text engraved into the stainless steel saying 'ex boyfriends tears'. Any other time I would laugh at the sight of printed lettering but now isn't when she's bringing alcohol into the school premises.

"Izzy" I quietly hiss, eyes bulging out of my head. I cautiously look around us in fear we will be caught and possibly expelled. That can not happen, I've worked too hard for this position. "Put it away! What if you get caught?" I say rather frantically.

"Calm down, hun" She says and of course her words were anything less than reassuring. Popping open the cap, she quickly chugs down whatever liquid filled the small bottle and placed it back into hiding within her bag. Once I realized the light was green and we were in the clear, I sink in my seat and glare at her. Izzy innocently shrugs and stands up to leave, her bag now hanging from her shoulder.

Bidding each other a goodbye, I explain to her that I will be working tomorrow morning and that I may be home later than usual as she, also, reminds me of her plans for tonight too. I stick my head back into my textbook attempting to resume from where I left off but I couldn't do so with sudden question jumping into my head.

Izzy is almost at the double doors by the time I quietly, but loud enough I call out to gain her attention before she left.

"I didn't do anything...out of character, right?" I hesitantly ask, once she turns around. My face scrunched up at the thought. Something tells me I should be expecting the answer I wish I didn't hear.

Izzy crackes a short laugh "You should ask the guy yourself next time you see him. Although, from what I heard. You are quite the flirt" She says evilly and leaves without another word.

I'm left with curiosity but more so humiliation.

What did I do? Do I even want to know? I hope I never see that guy again! Right? No, I don't! What if I embarrassed myself more than Izzy let on and he remembers? Oh god. Hopefully he doesn't remember anything like I don't! Please God, help me survive this nightmare.

Slamming of a book from behind startles me making me frustrated. Four times I have read the same sentence over and over again, yet the information was clouded by my conversation with Izzy beforehand. I glare at the writing before me, hoping I'd manage to focus and proceed on working but nothing seems to be going in my favor. Groaning, I gather all my things together and exit the library. Maybe I should stop by and grab something to eat and then head home because I'm in no mood to study now. I might pick up something for Oscar along the way too.

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