Addicted // H.S

Usually a young college student and a well known hitman aren't stereotypically supposed be together but in the end, we don't really get a say in who we fall in love with. Or who we become unhealthy addicted too.

All Rights Reserved © // jordiewatters


2. Chapter 1

My eyes immediately adjust to the darkness of the club, multi-coloured lights flash across every inch of the room, loud music screams violently through the speakers, creating a wave of vibration to rumble through the black tiled floor. The atmosphere was hot and sticky and crammed with drunken people, which quite frankly is not my kind of cup of tea. Heading straight for the bar was a reasonably good idea at the time being, just until I could locate where my group of friends are currently within the busy club. The fresh air I once had has been completely sucked out from around me due to the large intoxicated crowd while I begin making my way towards the bar located in the center of the venue. Dodging people nearly became impossible, as a majority of them were too inebriated and lost in the music to care about the skin to skin contact of me squeezing pass each dancing individual. Fortunately for me, I catch a glimpse of the round cocktail lounge only a short distance away thanks to height leverage from my heels, guiding me directly to my destination. Along the way, I accidentally collide lightly into a couple making out on the skirt of the dance floor, my natural instinct to quickly apologize even though the music laps over my words and the pair were unable to hear me.

The bar unexpectedly seemed lonely tonight, only two females in skin tight dresses entertaining the bartender with their drunken attempt to seduce him- when one is practically seconds from passing out, and a tall attractive male seated directly across from me. I lean over the counter, holler for the bartender's attention to order myself a Sex on the Beach cocktail. Stirring my beverage with my straw, I bring the plastic to my lips taking a generous sip. My eyes close momentarily in bliss, savouring the cold sweet taste as I feel my entire body relax for the first time this week. However when my eyelids reopen they lock onto a pair of stone cold orbs. The man sitting opposite the bar watches me gravely as he drowns his glass of what looks like whisky. Feeling uncomfortable under his gaze, I turn around braking eye contact as quickly as possible with the stranger, though; I could still feel eyes burning into my back. Luckily for me Izzy approaches me with a grin emerges on her face, the odd man long forgotten.

"There you are, I've been looking for you. Now come, the group is over here" She gestures behind her, gripping my hand and drags me behind her before I sound could leave my mouth.

We trail to a small booth located at the far end of the club- black walls, white leather cushions curved around a circular black table and purple LED lights lining the walls, illuminating the small space with light. Despite the tight space in the booth, we managed to squeeze each individual onto the one seat as Friday nights are always a full house tonight, leaving not a single empty booth. Ryan and Elena sat to the far right, directly across from us Daryl and Hazel seated at the head of the booth and Jason to the left with just enough room to squeeze Izzy and I in.

''Well, well, well. Look who decided to put down the glasses and dusty old books'' Jason taunts me throwing his arms in the air, pretending to act surprised.

"Funny one aren't you, Jas. Should become a comedian" I sarcastically remark lightly pushing him to make more room for Izzy and I to sit. He swings an arm over my shoulder as I get comfortable on the leather seat.

"Sarcastic as always" He playfully shakes his head at me with a smile.

It's only nine thirty which is when people should finish their first round of alcohol but from the looks of Jason, has already knocked back a few too many. Usually the give away would be the redness lined around the pupil but with him- the masculine giggles and constant suffocating hugs as if I would run away the moment he lets go.

"Smoking, babe" Elena compliments me from across the booth. Her brown eyes- coated in smokey blue eye shadow, sparkle under the light as she turns her attention back to Ryan where she continues to fiddling with the buttons of his top. Ryan greets me with a small nod in my direction, simply too occupied to properly greet me, nothing out of the ordinary.

Daryl seemed to notice the lack of communication from the couple as he purposely speaks loudly. "Tongues down each other's throat and the night has only just begun" He rolls his eyes, stretching his skinny arms across the back of the long seat behind Hazel.

"We can hear you, dickhead" Ryan grumbles glancing over at us in annoyance for interrupting their moment, causing Hazel and I to giggle.

"Anyway...." Daryl drags on to change the subject which Jason jumps onto immediately.

"So you still working at that shitty cafe," he asks, directing the question to me. Crossing my legs together and resting my elbow on my knee, scowling at his question.

"It's not that bad, really." I shrug at the three eyes staring me down as I talk. "With the money I slowly gathered, I should have enough for a single flight to Paris. It's my future holiday I care about, not where exactly I'm working" I announced, swallowing the remainder of my drink.

"Paris? How boring. I say we go to Hawaii. Heard the babes there are wild in bed" Daryl grins. I've always dreamed of visiting Paris; the city of love. In fact, there are multiple famous tourist attractions I'd like to see but Paris has always been my main goal. I get excited just thinking about standing on top of the Eiffel Tower and be seated in the beautiful Opéra Garnier.

"Why spend so much money just to get completely drunk and knock up a few girls. You can do that here" Hazel casually says without sparing a single glance up at him from her nails, scratching away the fire red nail polish. Daryl glares at Hazel from beside him, pinching her bare thigh causing her to yelp and quickly retaliate by slapping his forearm.

"It's different..." He mutters understanding her point but refuses to admit it.

Izzy managed to end the conversation by saying we would work it out when graduation comes, calls over a waitress and orders a round of drink for everyone. Even though polity I declined the second drink, Izzy forces the burning vodka down my throat much to my disapproval. The entire group is now a giggly mess, reliving embarrassing stories and shameful experiences about one another. I can't quite count the number of shot glasses and beer bottle litter on the table but I know it's far too many.

"I was absolutely plastered and full on nude just trying to find the bathroom when I accidentally bumped into his mother in the hallway. She started screaming at me while I was attempting to put my clothes back on, must I say again, I was drunk which made it a lot harder. I've never ran so fast in my life" Izzy confesses, leaving me mortified and the other in hysterical laughter.

"That's horrible" I grimaced in horror.

"That's brilliant" Elena corrects me, falling into Ryan's chest from laughing so much. Hazel climbs over our laps to exit the booth, without bothering wait for either of us to move before pulling Izzy and Elena out to come dance with her.

"You comin' hun?" Hazel calls as she wraps her arms over the two brunettes alongside her, smiling as she waited for a response. I stare down at the small glass in front of me filled with a yellow liquid. This one time, I think to myself before chugging down the drink and nod my head to Hazel.

Currently at her fourth drink, Izzy and Elena bounce around with their arms waving furiously in the air giggle to myself at my drunken friends while I awkwardly sway to the music on the spot.

The laughing brunette rushes to side, her heels clicking with each step, wrapping her arm lazily over my shoulder and slurs into my ear "There is a very attractive guy behind you who has been eyeing you off ever since we came onto the dance floor".

She pulls away grinning at me like a little child with her tongue out in between her teeth.

Throwing me a wink, she skips over to Jason who has joined us on the dance floor, leaving my multiple questions unanswered.

Confused by her speech, I glance over my shoulder in search for this mystery guy but everyone seemed to be doing their thing, oblivious to my existence. For a moment I believed she must be more intoxicated then I thought if she's just imagining things but that wasn't the case. One too many times time tonight, my eyes fix onto the accusing stranger which happened to be the intimating guy from the bar earlier.

I couldn't help myself from studying the stranger's figure from afar. Everyone around the stranger seemed to slow down and the music was barely heard nonetheless, the vibration still rumbled against the floor. His image flickered like a vintage projector in the movies as people pass by this figure, although however the film was beginning to burn; not due to overheating but from his inflaming stare. With his figure propped up against the bar, tatted arms tightly folded as he watches me intensively from his position across the room. His soft looking chestnut locks are pulled back into a quiff, showing his strong jawline making me want to run my fingers over the sharp line. I'm hadn't noticed the sly smirk on his face, making it perfectly clear I was caught staring.

"And Daryl comes to save the lonely girl" He yells over the music, snapping my out of my daze. I tear my eyes away from Mr Mysterious to focus on Daryl.

"Can't let you dance alone now can I?" He says with a toothy grin.

Daryl and I have been good friends for at least a year now, so when his hands find their way to my waist, I don't hesitate to link mine around his neck. I move my body around on the dance floor, flicking my hair side to side in the most unattractive way. My chests rumbles with laughter when Daryl extends his arm out to twirl me and spin me back to him. Daryl's humorous self spreads our arms to the side, rocking our shoulders back and forth while he hollers out the lyrics to me. Compared to how everyone else is dancing, we most likely look like idiots but that wasn't going to stop us.

My cheeks were aching from constantly smiling thanks to Daryl and his bright spirit. The smile suddenly vanishes from his face when I notice Daryl's eyes widen, staring at something behind me. He backs away and leaves me dumbfounded in the middle of the dance floor.

Two large, rough hands grip onto my hips keeping me in place, my breath hitches in my throat when the stranger's lips ghost over my ear, sending chills down my spine at the close proximity. Suddenly, the temperatures in the room increases, making me feel hot and flustered.

"What's your name, beautiful?" A husky voice speaks quietly in my ear.

"Aubrey" I whisper, attempting to control my heavy breathing, though, for some reason, I found that quite difficult. The stranger hums at my response, cold fingers brushing over neck to brush my hair to the side, goose bumps trailing behind from his touch.

"Mmm, pretty name for a pretty girl" He purrs, taking advantage of my exposed skin to attack me with open and soft plump lips, skimming them lightly down my neck and to my collar bone as his warm breath fans over his invisible tracks. All while he does, his arm snakes their way across my waist, gripping onto my wrist beside me.

I feel the man slowly tracing his long fingers over the fabric of my dress, up my spine and back down to my lower back where he gently places his other warm hand.

"Heard that one before. Does it work on all the girls?" I crane my neck away from his lips about to turn around to come face to face with the stranger but he beats me to it, tugging my arm and twirling me in a circle, my dress floats in the air slowly falling back down to it rightful place. I look up in surprise to only be gazed down upon by piercing green eyes- my heart skipping a beat at the sight. He looked so frightening, yet so stunning. How is that possible?

A smirk slowly creeps it way onto his face. "Playing hard to get, aye?" He says pushing up against me.

"Your obviously missing the fact that I'm not interested" I bite back.

"Ouch baby" he grins to himself.

The stranger's hands are now back at my hips as he began to sway my hips along with the music. I'm completely baffled by this darkly, attractive man, no response coming to mind for his cocky comment.

Neither one of us tear our eyes away from each other, I feel paralyzed under his gaze, too captivated to remove myself from his touch. Females strut around the club in tube tops and fishnet legging, their hungry eyes wash over the attractive man with lust and desire, completely oblivious to my presence. That is until they realize that I, the boring girl in a short maroon dress has some how- beyond my imagination captured this stranger's attention.

"So tell me, Aubrey" he murmurs my name lowly. "What is a girl like you, doing in a place like this"

"What is that supposed to mean?" I quietly say. The man I still yet have to lean his name twirls completely around, creating a small distance between us before his palm firmly grips my ass and push me back closer to him. I gasp in abruptness, instantly raising my hand to print a red mark across his face but he prevents my hand from doing so.

"Now, now love. No need to get violent" He evilly chuckles, loosening his grip around my wrist. I step back away from his towering figure, harshly ripping my arm from his grip glaring at the stranger.

"I'd suggest you to hunt down some other girl to grope, one whose truly interested in your disgusting actions" I avowed, crossing my arms over my chest when I notice his perverted eyes wonder down to my chest, biting his lip as he does so.

"I don't like that tone your using, you better change it now, darling" He says sternly, pulling me against his chest. He digs his fingers lightly into my back to get his point across. Who does he think he is, telling me what to do. No one gave him a pass to come in here and start demanding me to everything how he was pleased with.

"I'm not sleeping with you if that's your intention" I say bitterly, waving my hand between us. Truthfully, I had hope my words would finally soak in on him. Finally sink past this cocky ego and realize I, for a fact, would never be giving myself to this repulsive, sex crazed stranger- the oh so beautifully but conceded man.

His eyes narrow on my poker face. A small but noticeable dimple that I somehow missed- the blame possibly on the harsh emerald colored eyes that I seem to get lost in, appears on his left check. The site of course, though, only followed behind a large smirk.

"I can convince you otherwise" He snatches a shot glass from a tray as the waitress passes by failing to notice the missing beverage. Instead of leaving when I had the chance, all I could do was stand and watch in awe as his jaw tightens before knocking back the lung killing liquid into his system.

"The day you I give myself to you is the day you lose that cocky ego of yours. Never". I stare at him with a angry eyes. He's thinking too highly of himself if he believes that he could get his way with me.

"We'll see darling" Was all he said before shoving the shot glass into my chest while dropping his left eye into a devilish wink and simply strolls away.

I left out a harsh breath, feeling like I could finally breathe properly. However I was drenched in sweat and my cheeks felt how, possibly tinted red due the crammed and humid atmosphere around me. Ranking get my empty hand through my hair to clear my vision, I push my way out the crowd unable to catch sight of Izzy or any familiar of that matter. I walk towards the booth to only find it now deserted no one present.

Groaning, I gently slam the shot glass down onto the empty table, grabbing my abandoned black coat from the booth and head towards to back door for some fresh air. I would take the front entrance but for an unknown reason, the boorish security guard sometimes refuses to allow you back in and forces you to queue up once again. I unfortunately know from experience. The crispy air welcomes me immediately, attacking at my naked skin. Every gust of wind stole the warmth from my body, the cold particles wrapping around my bones like a wet blanket making me shake to my core. The coldness felt like a frozen drip of water trailing down my unclothed legs like a group of marching soldiers. My body was no longer hot and sticky but more rather frigid and swallowed by the Earth's bitter mood. The remaining heat stayed hidden in the sole of my pockets where my hands coward in fear from the coldness. I'm not a fan of winter, not many people are but I do enjoy the fresh smell of rain water and soil mixed together. Better than a vase full of red roses, I'd say. I lean my back against the cold brick wall, the vibration from the club rumbling through the thick wall. It was a lot louder than I thought. I breathe out soundlessly and watch as the small puff of mist float from my mouth and into the air before hearing voices and loud laughter echoes throughout the alley. I freeze against the wall upon hearing footsteps approach in my direction. Realizing that it was not safe to be down an alley at night, I mentally smack myself for not thinking clearly. I partly blame the alcohol buzzing around in my system and the encounter with the green eyed stranger. Just as I was about to tug on the cold metal doors that lead inside, it was forcefully pushed shut with a purposely drag out wolf whistle. My blood runs cold when I hear multiple chuckles from behind me, all deep and croaky which ultimately terrified me to death. I was suddenly twisted around and forcefully shoved into the heavy steel door.

"And what do we have here" The man who appeared in his thirties snickers. Bloodshot eyes stared me down with hunger, proving exactly what this man desired. His extremely close proximity made me gulp, his breath reeking with alcohol and tobacco. The man steps back to reel in my appearance, showcasing me the pack of wolf's who've crowed me against this door in the middle of the alleyway.

"Please," I cried out. "Please don't hurt me" Salty tears well up in my eyes threatening to escape any minute as my face pales, realization finally sinking in. I was in trouble and I had nobody here to help me. They all chuckle, finding amusement from this predicament and my growing fear

"I dibs fucking the girl first" Say the youngest male in the group. My body shook, fingers numb from begin exposed to the chilly air and the vile words that tumbled out their mouth without a second thought only made my ears feel like they were bleeding.

"It's about time you finally became a man, Austin. The prize is all yours son" An old bearded guy pats his so called son's shoulder with a proud grin. Who would encourage their own son to do something so atrocious, what has the world turned into?

"Help" I scream in hope at least a nearby pedestrian would hear my call for help and prevent anything from exalting. I felt utterly sick under the gaze of these filthy men, desperately wishing I never had gotten myself stuck in this position.

"Somebody help me" I tried calling once again to only be stopped when a hard slap meets my cheek unexpectedly. The imprint of his hand lingered across my skin even after the hit was seconds ago. He steps forward to grip his hand firmly around my neck, his father rubs his long beard and instructs his son to slip his hand underneath my skirt which he does so. I gasp, struggling to stop his hand trailing any further.

"You're going to be a good girl and not scream, okay" He says, dropping his hand from my neck to replace it over my trembling mouth to prevent my anymore cries for help.

My tears finally tumbled down my face while pleads helplessly fell my lips as I begged for freedom and begged for my innocence. Using my small clenched fists, I pound against the man's chest trying to remove myself from him but I was stopped by begin pinned down by two other men, one at each arm.

"Don't touch me" My words were muffled from under his dirty palm. Whimpering, I tried to set myself free but it was no use. I was simply too weak. Crying was the only thing I could do.

"Quite chilly tonight, isn't it fellas" A husky, voice speaks out of nowhere. It sound like it came from the other end of the alleyway. That voice sounded rather familiar as if I've heard the exact same voice not too long ago. The man's hands stops with his assault to give his full attention to the unknown voice. A thick cloud of white smoke filled the air around the stranger; the nose of a bright orange flame (obviously from a lit cigarette) was the only thing noticeable through the smoke. "Oh...Am I interrupting something?"

Emerging out from the toxic vapour was the one and only mysterious, green eyed devil. I was more than happy to see someone; whether it they were rude and conceded or not. His tattooed arm which contained the deadly stick between his index and middle finger, he flicks it into a small puddle directly next to one of the filthy men and then faces the ground to exhale the smoke through his nose.

"Yes actually, now fuck off. We are busy" The blonde boy snaps from beside me, still gripping tightly onto my arm.

He breathed in through his teeth, looking up from the ground to reply "You see...I can't do that"

His eyes lock onto mine; grinning and raising his eyebrows at me despite the solution I'm in. I don't know why but his actions clicked something in my head. Using their distraction to my advantage, I swung my knee straight into the young guy's manhood. He groans in pain as I attempt to dash away but unfortunately the two men quickly react by pushing me back which caused the back of my head to collide with the wall behind me, knocking my breathe away. Falling to the floor and holding my head as the throbbing ache rapidly increases, a warm liquid could be felt on my fingertips. Bringing my hand in front of me, I see blood cover my hand, making me feel woozy. I glance up to see anger cloud his eyes, swinging an arm back about to hit me until a loud click was heard.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" My saviour says somehow so calmly, a gun pointed to the young man's head. The rest of the pack charge at the stranger but he stops them in their track by pointing a second pistol at the pack, arms spread apart as he glances between the two. Quickly, I rush to hide behind the stranger and grip onto his black top; completely forgetting about my bloody hands. Even with two deadly weapons grasped in his hands, I oddly felt save with his presence. That doesn't exclude the fact he still looked frightening.

I suddenly felt lightheaded and my vision became blurry. I don't hear the words coming from my hero but I do hear footsteps rush out the alleyway before my body gives way and falls to the ground although I don't meet the ground like expected; instead I land in a pair of strong arms and that's when I blackout.

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