One day, six innocent girls from HP fanfics are transported from their own storylines, and into one. Who is behind this?
*Characters all created by me, except for maybe some canon characters. I'd suggest reading all my fanfics with these characters before reading this. They are: A Second/Spirit Ridden/Dark Secrets, Winter, The Chosen One, Obliviate, The New Generation, and Ava Potter. These events in this book won't be added to the real stories*
Characters Involved:
Autumn, Winter, Stella, Evelyn, Audrey, and Ava


1. Transported

Autumn's POV

I sighed, and walked out of my compartment in the Hogwarts Express. The trio was so annoying! I wanted to get some air, so I walked over to an open window, and hung my head out just a bit.

There was a strange buzzing sound outside. I looked around to try and figure out what was making the noise. But, when I least expected it, I was suddenly pulled out of the window, and I was sucked through what looked like some sort of Portkey.

Winter's POV

Separating from Harry, Ron and Hermione, I headed towards my next class: Potions. I wasn't really looking forward to it at all.

"Maybe I should ditch..." I said to myself.

I shrugged, and decided I wanted to do that. As I turned a corner to get back to the Gryffindor common room, a loud buzzing noise filled the air. Curious, I stopped and looked around. Suddenly, I was pulled into the wall, and I fell through some sort of portal.

Stella's POV

Frustrated, I slowly got ready for Quidditch practice. I didn't want to. What was the point? It wouldn't be the same without Angelina...

Trudging to the other side of the room, my broom in my hand, I began to heard a loud, high pitched buzzing. It drove me bonkers. I walked around, trying to find the source of the noise, when out of nowhere, I fell through some sort of vortex.

Evelyn's POV

Desperate to talk to Draco, I walked into the corridors, and towards the Great Hall, where I assumed he was. As usual, people stared at me, but I didn't care anymore. So what if I was different?

I was about to enter, when a noise sounded out. It was...a sort of buzzing. I wasn't sure I liked it. Investigating, I cautiously walked around. Then, I was pulled through something, almost as if I was Apparating.

Audrey's POV

As I walked out of he compartment to change into my robes, I couldn't help but think how cute Harry was. I laughed at how stupid I was being, and kept walking.

After I got changed, I heard a weird, high pitched noise. I looked around, and shrugged. When I was about to leave, I got pulled backwards, and fell through some sort of portal, that felt like I was traveling by Floo Powder.

Ava's POV

Angry that Aunt Marge was coming soon, I continued scrubbing the floors. Aunt Petunia had made it clear that she wanted them super clean.

When I got done, I snuck outside and laid out on the cool summer grass. I wanted to go back to Hogwarts already. The Dursleys were terrible.

When I began hearing a terribly annoying buzzing sound, I stood up, and right as I did so, I fell backwards again, through what I wanted to call a wormhole.

Autumn's POV

I landed in a forest, and it was really cold. Shivering, I stood up, to see five unfamiliar girls laying on the ground. They all stood up shortly, and we all stared at each other in shock.

Winter's POV

Who were these people? I'd never seen them at Hogwarts before...

They all looked so different. What was scary, was that two of them had the same eyes as Harry and I. It was freaky.

Stella's POV

I didn't know them at all. I was getting really panicked as we all just stared at each other, saying nothing. We all had a different look to us. There was a girl with red hair and green eyes, a girl with black hair and the same green eyes, an older looking girl with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, a girl with brown hair and black eyes, and finally, another girl with black hair and the same green eyes.

Audrey's POV

They all were wearing different things, except for a few of them. The redhead was wearing a hoodie and jeans, a black haired girl was wearing Gryffindor robes, the brown haired girl was wearing Gryffindor Quidditch robes, the older blonde girl was and orange Hogwarts robes, and he last one was wearing a faded baggy grey shirt and jeans.

It didn't seem like they were going to say anything, so I decided to step up, saying, "Er, hi. Who are all of you?"

They just stared, until a girl looking a little younger than the rest of us said, "I'm Ava. Ava Potter."

"Potter?" another girl said.

Ava's POV

Most of the girls looked shocked as I said my name.

"What?" I said, getting impatient.

"W-well, that's the last name of my cousin..." the same girl said.

"It's my last name," the redhead said.

"I...I know someone with that last name," the older girl said.

"That's the last name of one of my friends..." another said.

The only one who hadn't spoken was a sad looking girl with brown hair.

Autumn's POV

"This is kinda fishy..." I said nervously. "What's everybody else's name?"

"I'm Audrey Black."

"Evelyn Malfoy."

"Winter Snape."

"And...I'm Stella Firestone."

"Everyone's last name sounds so familiar, except for yours, Stella. Black is the last name of Sirius Black, the murderer, the last name of my best friend, and Snape is the last name I go by."

Audrey eyed me with a certain bitterness. I eyed her with the same look.

Winter's POV

This was nuts! Who were these people?!

"You go by the last name Snape?" I said to Autumn.

"Yes, I do," she nodded.

"But I thought your last name was Potter," Ava said to her.

" is. It's a complicated story..."

Stella's POV

I felt confused, and somewhat left out. I did, in fact, recognize the last name Potter. It was the name of that one kid, Harry Potter, who was murdered alongside his parents by Voldemort, at age 1. If he was alive, he'd be my age.

Evelyn's POV

"You said Malfoy was the last name of your best friend? You aren't talking about Draco, are you?" I asked Autumn.

"I am, actually. Do you know him?" she said, narrowing her eyes slightly.

"Yes...he...he's my twin brother."

She looked absolutely shocked.

"He never told me about you..."

"He never told me about you, either."

"You look older than him, though..."

"No, I'm younger, actually. You look younger than us."

"I am only in my third year, and so is Draco."

"No, he's in his fifth year, and I am too..."

Audrey's POV

While those two discussed...something, I walked over to Stella, who looked lonely and sad.

"Hey," I said with a smile.

I didn't get a smile back.

"Hey," she said sadly.

"What's wrong?"

"I-I'm just going through some things."

"What sort of things?"

"My parents and friend were murdered..."

"Really? That's so sad..."

She slightly nodded, and my eye caught the scar on her forehead. It was exactly like Harry's.

Ava's POV

I walked over to Winter, and asked, "You said your cousin's last name was Potter?"

She nodded.

"Is his name Harry?"

She nodded again.

"Well, that's my brother."

She smiled as she said, "So that means we're cousins too."


"But, where have you been? I mean, I live with your brother and your dad-"

"M-my dad's dead..."

She looked at me, eyes narrowed.

"No, James isn't dead..."

"Yes, he is. If he was alive, then I wouldn't live with the Dursleys-"

"The Dursleys? Who are they?"

"Our aunt, uncle, and cousin, of course..."


She looked completely lost. I felt completely lost. What was going on? We just had to figure this out...

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