The Phoenix


2. Chapter 1

Okay, lets see where do  I begin. I know let's start at the source of where this all started. First off I am not sure if  this is the best way to start the story, but honestly I do not know any other way to begin it. In case you are all wondering my name is Raven. Well, that is only the name that I have excepted to be called by the people who I have not allowed to attach to me. Now I know right now you are asking yourself what that even means to attach yourself to a person and I will briefly explain it right now for you to have some sort of clarity. If you seen the movie or read the book Twilight then you would know that part when Jacob attached himself to Bella's daughter. Well, that's the same for me but the difference from me and him is that is that it must happen both ways. Anyway, as I said before my name is Raven. And you're probably wondering what makes that name so special I know several people with that name so what makes yours any different. To be honest I just like yall thought the same thing. I had left hella early to go to the welfare office with my aunt. Upon getting very close to my destination my aunt dropped me off at the end of the highway.      

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