In Another Life


2. Sob Story

"Autumn, honey. Max has been cheating on you. He's with someone else, along with being with you." At first the words stun me.

Max? The one who just told me he loved me? Then it kinda starts to make sense. I was at my dad's house in California for 2 weeks and I came back last Friday. On Saturday morning he surprised me with flowers and a date to IHOP though, and a long Saturday spent together. And a Sunday, and a Monday, a Tuesday, a Wednesday, a Thursday, and now a Friday. When did he have time to see her?

"His mother just called me. She found things in his room and just called the other girl and was talking to her at her house with her mother. Now, she went home to talk with Max but thought I should tell you. I didn't know he would say that, sweetie. I'm so sorry. I know you really loved him." Tears stream down my face and my mom reaches out to me.

"I have to go." I sob and race up to my bedroom, slamming and locking the door.

I pull out my phone and shoot a text to Max.

Me: I should've known "I love you"'s only came from fake boys mouths.

Max: Autumn, please.

Me: Please, what? Please forgive for loving somebody else but making you fall for me. Oh give it up Max. Give it to that other girl. I don't want it.

Max: I really do love you Autumn, not her.

Yeah right. I think to myself then shut off my phone still in a meltdown. How could he do this to me? Then tell me he still loves me. Oh, give it up!

"I HATE YOU! WHO CARES ABOUT STUPID LOVE! NOT ME! CUZ LOVES FAKE AND SO ARE ALL BOYS!" I shout at the top of my lungs and start flinging stuffed animals at my locked bedroom door.

After hours of crying, I nestle deep under my blankets and cry myself to sleep thinking of good memories of Max and I. And how for him it was all just a joke.

The next morning, I don't leave my room. I wake up at noon, and start crying again right away. Mom brings me up a salad but I just leave it outside the door. The only clothes changing I do is into more pajamas and sweatpants. Finally, I decide to text my dad.

Me: Daddy I'm heartbroken.

Dad: I heard what happened Autumn. I'm so sorry, we know you loved/and maybe still do love him. He doesn't deserve such a beautiful girl like you.

Me: I need a hug from you. Right now. Maybe we can work something out.

Dad: Maybe. Xoxo

I click off my phone and curl back up on my bed, weeping like a little baby. I miss Max, I can't help but admit it.

Maybe I could work something out.....

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