In Another Life


1. About Max...

"I missed this. I missed you, Autumn." Max smiles at me from across the table.

I swallow a cold bite of Cookies and Cream ice cream and gently grab his hand.

"I've missed you too Max." I lean across the table and quickly kiss his cheek. Then I go back to my ice cream.

"This is so good!" I laugh and Max quickly joins in.

We spend the next 2 hours just catching each other up and telling funny stories.

Once we leave the ice cream shop, Max places an arm around my waist. I snuggle in close to him until I can smell his cologne. He smiles down at me warmly and I lean up for a kiss on the lips.

"My place?" He asks and I nod.

"Of course!" I giggle as I quickly send my mom a text.

Me: Going to Max's for dinner. Is that ok? Xoxo

Mom: Awww I miss you Autumn, but yes it's ok. Have fun! Be back by 11! Tonights movie night! Xoxo

Me: Of course! I love you!

I shove my phone back into my pocket as Max unlocks his front door.

"Popcorn and Apples to Apples?" He says as he walks over to the kitchen.

"Sure!" I giggle and follow him.

"Did you know you're the prettiest girl alive?" He whispers as he suddenly starts walking towards me, trapping me.

"Why, thank you. I'm the luckiest to have you, baby." My heart starts beating.

He leans in and kisses me passionately on the lips and pulls me softly into him. After a while, I pull back.

"I love you Max." I say, meaning it.

"I love you too Autumn." He smiles and after that we do play apples to apples and eat yummy popcorn!

At around 10:15, Max drops me off at my house. At his car I smooch him again.

"Call me tomorrow. I already miss the sound of your voice. I already miss your hugs." I smile and watch his car fade into the distance.

Inside, my moms waiting for me.

"Autumn I really think we should talk. About Max."

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