Break From Toronto

i know you want a break from toronto

just read it xo


1. character analysis + playlist

hey bitchessss, iss kenn back wit another boss ass story. LMAO i'm playin y'all aren't bitches. anyways. new story. i been working on this for a while and i'm so freaking exciiiiiited to share it with y'all. first chapter coming soon to a wattpad near you so add this story to your library so you'll be notified when i update and follow my profile for updates and alllllladat shit. okay let's get into this character analysis and the playlist. LEGGO

important characters:

jay park: jay is a south korea native(ik the real jay park is from seattle, leave me alone) he's been living here since he was born and loves it. he loves dancing, eating, singing, and big booty bitches. if there's one thing out of the whole list jay loves the most, it's certainly big booty bitches. something jay knows all too well living in korea is that you won't find too many big booties here. jay really wants to find love but can't necessarily see himself being tied down soon. he has random hook ups often and one night stands but he doesn't do it in a malicious way, more in a "i just love doin the nasty" way. though his sexual intentions aren't bad, he still doesn't see them ending soon. he is, essentially, a hopeless romantic, as cheesy as that sounds.

sayyora- sayyora was born and grew up in toronto canada. her parents were complicated, her father, easy going and gave her anything she wanted. her family wasn't rich but they're sure weren't poor. they made sure she had everything she needed and especially everything she wanted. her mother has a serious tempers and is quick to anger. sayyora had learned over the years however, that if she just got good grades and did sports and became the perfect daughter her mother would be proud of her and never get upset. trying to live up to the high expectations sayyora's parents had set for her made her four years of high school stressful and mostly unenjoyable. she promised herself that as soon as she graduated she would move far away from toronto and start a new life for her self, one where she would have to work to please no one but herself. i guess you could say she seriously needs a break from toronto.

PLAYLIST- (i don't want yall to spend forever trying to make this playlist and finding these songs so i'll make this on spotify and apple music)


break from toronto- PARTYNEXTDOOR

thinkin bout you- frank ocean

think about you- g-eazy

some kinda drug- g-eazy

i don't disappoint- jay park

all i wanna do- jay park (featuring hoody & loco) {korean version}

the truth is- jay park

stay with me- jay park

aquaman- jay park

2nd thots- jay park

all that matters- justin bieber

recovery- justin bieber

bad day- justin bieber

all bad- justin bieber

hold tight- justin bieber

distraction- kehlani

home to mama- justin bieber and cody simpson

undercover- kehlani

you should be here- kehlani

they way- kehlani (feat. chance the rapper)

hey angel- one direction

wild bitches- PARTYNEXTDOOR

deja vu- post malone (feat. justin beiber)

ain't nobody takin my baby- russ

losin control- russ

psycho pt. 2- russ

monday loop- tomppabeats

imma dog too- toni romiti

tell your friends- the weeknd

often- the weeknd

true colors- the weeknd

love in the sky- the weeknd

as you are- the weeknd

a lonely night- the weeknd

nothing without you- the weeknd

die for you- the weeknd

i feel it coming- the weeknd

the morning- the weeknd

high for this- the weeknd

what you need- the weeknd

the party and the after party- the weeknd

the knowing- the weeknd

montreal- the weeknd

birthday suit- the weeknd

rescue you- the weeknd

you're the best- wet

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