The Angel of The Inbetween

Scared, I was so scared. The darkness was suffocating me, pulling me under. It knew I could not control it. So it controlled me.
'' control you.''I yelled. I looked out and saw no one...they were all gone.
''Don't give up...please..Tori..don't give up!''A familiar voice yelled.
I thought there was no other way, to win, but let go. To stop trying to control the magic to let it go. So that's what I did. I let go....
(Part of the Far From Grace Series)


3. Council

   I arrived at the council early, throwing the demon in the cage. 

We had it set like a arena but no one would fight. There was a cage in the middle, and the ceiling seemed to go on forever. I turned around, about to walk off, when Lucas appeared before me. He swung his arm around my waist, pulling me close, so that our noses were touching. He was always trying to get me to join him in hell, well him and Satan there. Saying we would be unstoppable. Death and the ruler of hell. well the want to be ruler. With my help at least.

"Hello, Lucas.''I said removing myself from his arms.

"Hello beautiful, how are you?''He asked.

"Fine, but don't you have something to do besides, bother me...?''I said. 

"Not really, besides you love me bothering you.''He said, his face close to my own our noses almost touching.

"No I don't.''I said, stepping back.

"GOD! When will you join me."He said."We would be unstoppable."

"No, and that's final.''I said allowing my aura to spread out, filling ever nook and cranny, and force to be reckoned with. Lucas gave me a confident look, but his aura deceived his looks, he was overwhelmed.

I heard many footsteps before I saw them. I quickly drew in my aura so it didn't fill the room, and made myself unseen. 

A group of people walked into the room. I knew them instantly, I used to be one of them. The Archangels. Micheal walked in, looking around probably having sensed my aura. The others copied him looking around, but they can't sense me or see me. I didn't know why I hid from them, or didn't show myself to them. Maybe a part of me felt less superior, or felt like I shouldn't be there. Or maybe It was just the part of me that never liked to be noticed.

Lucas looked behind him. Searching for me, he didn't even know that I did this. He probably thought I had left because of him. Oh, well.

"Lucas who were you talking to?''Micheal asked.

"No one that concerns you."He said. Micheal sneered at him. Archangels thought they were better than everyone, trust me I knew. As Micheal and the rest of the archangels found there seats the room quickly filled in. Everyone took there seats awaiting what was to come.

"You may all rise.''He said.

"I Believe in the power of knowledge,

The importance of truth,

The influence of great leaders,

The respect of one another,

The success of getting things done,

But the belief of not trying in none of my beliefs, 

I believe in making a change, 

I believe in coming together, 

I believe of ending ignorance, 

As I believe in the Lord."The elders said in unison.

"Now let the trial begin."




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