Avatar Legend of Lyoto Book One: Reality

Fire. Air. Water. Earth. Long ago, the four nations were resembled, and divided by these elements. As time passed, the power of the elements bestowed upon the people lead them to war, terror, and suffering. Only the Avatar had the power to keep things in balance, but she sought out only violence. Before all was lost Avatar Kairos, vanquished the tyranny of the old Avatar. He used his unbound powers to take away bending from the world, and start anew. Once he had gone, he had made sure that the Avatar cycle was broken, so that we could remain free from oppression, and live our lives in peace. His work ensured that not all of us had to pay the price for freedom.


1. The Bumble-Dragon (Part One)


CHAPTER ONE: The Bumble-Dragon

As the half Moon held itself in the sky. It looked down on what could have been its last meal in the strange crevice, dwelling within the sandy terrain. The dusty bones were all that remained of a Great Sand-Serpent, curled into the last position it rested. Its hollow eyes glared out and over the land that secluded it from the rest of the desert, watching over the blank canvas of what once was; the Si Wong Desert. The dry landscape in its past was once quiet; empty.However it seemed now these lands were infested with battle hungry veterans, and monster machines. All fighting to win a war they waged in what was no longer the Si Wong Desert, this place was now scarred with a new name: "No Man's Sand".

The Sand-Serpent's remains were a convenient place for a Sand Tribe. This place was now known to them as the Forest of Bones. As gloomy as this place seemed,it was a sanctuary to the northern desert people, and was a place for families, friends, and everything in between. They had travelled "The Plains" west of "Jibade" long enough to have earned their peace within the safety of their seclusion and camouflage. The sand-huts themselves were not only constructed from the natural resources around them, but also carved from the very skeleton they called home in the first place. Within the heart of the fallen beast,a blaze glowed, setting a flaming orange illumination upon the bones surging from inside out the marrow cage. In the centre of the sand-huts and dirt paths (marked out by torches that acted like veins pulsating the community's everyday regimes), stood a tall, stone;tribunal monument. Markings indicated the rules they had rectified since they settled here.

Drums of several kinds boomed and quaked, singer's cried and echoed out, strings were plucked and bent,and woodwind were blown with gales of force. The settlers circled around the centre piece, moving marvellously in a dance like no other!The women were wearing the most exotic and colourful of clothing the men could find in the desolate land, they bloomed beautifully as the flowers they were, in a vortex as if made from butterflies. The men on the other hand wore the trophies of their greatest hunt: pelts and feathers acted as cloaks that waved in motion as the dance fluctuated, skulls worn as war helmets to prove their status as battle hardened hunters, staffs with the talons and claws at the offensive end thrown into the air with celebration. As daunting as they seemed, there were no means of hostility,  as their decorations and accessories were mostly for show to appeal to the opposite gender. This night was a glorious one, the stars did not hide, the sand was kicked everywhere, filling the space as if it were dry mist, and the fires were raging so much the shadows themselves were having a party of their own. 

Amongst the vigorous party goers were two juveniles of opposite genders but of similar structure. They were near enough the same in height and width. There skin was fairly untanned, (which was unusual for people of the desert) and marked with tribal tattoos scaling down from their neck. Both had dark leading to blonde/white dreads. The girl fashioned hers to her own design, braided and embellished with beautiful feather sand bindings. A long thin wooden piercing in her nose. They danced alternatively to the others as they were not dancing for each other's favour. With the miniature sandstorm kicked up around them, they were bending the grains into waves, shapes and movements that were most symbolic to the dance; and relevant to the ritual. Rings of sand were formed around each dancer rising from the ground their feet touched. As they found a partner their rings joined together, and united in a larger ring. Twos became fours, fours became eights and little by little the rings grew in size and complexity. As the ritual was culminating to its last moments, the sand was fully synchronised with each person, and even the fire pits had sand generated around them. With the energy levels of each person raised so high it seemed like this fascinating display would never end. At last the rings were also elevated high above everyone, they began to slow, as grain by grain sand fell from the rings like rain upon the festive people. The rings left at waist level dissipated in the wind creating a veil making the dancing arena look mystical and majestic. The tribal dancers commenced tospeak to one another, congratulating each other on finding respective partners. The two juveniles shared a glance of rejoice, as they tried to catch their breath...

"ENOUGH!!!" Commanded the Chief,perched proudly in his throne that was decorated in bones and other proud possessions. His bald patch on the centre plot of his head was sheltered with the skull of the Southern sabertooth-bull, a beast like no other rumoured to have been hunted to extinction, although they were always a rare species to find. The rest of his hair orientated itself from his ears to the back of his head leading along plat of hair in sync with his spine. Like most of his people he bared tattoos, however his most significant tattoo was located in his solar plexus, the circle of bones, only the Chief was allowed this tattoo. Sat beside him was his loyal hunting fox, a creature that would help the hunting groups track any smells of nearby prey and would meanwhile capture smaller prey as snacks for the hungry huntsmen. The Chief wasn't the strongest built one in the tribe, nor did he try to be. The settlers rested on their knees to hear what the Alpha had to say...

"Never in all my years have I seen an act quite like that..." The chief continued after wiping his tearful eyes clear. 
"What I have just witnessed tonight, was an act of true beauty, and just goes to show after all the work we've put into making this place our home,and how hard times have been for us sand-folk, we have achieved something, more than ourselves, and more than we ever thought was truly within our grasp". The sand people exploded in cheer and applauded. 'May I now bring your attention to the sand-bending initiates'. The crowd fell quiet. The juveniles came forth and brought themselves to their knees as the Chief looked down upon them with pride. 
"I truly have nothing else in this world to be proud of more, than these two prospects. You have not only passed the tribe's test, but you have brought together many of our people in the process of our courtship dance. You have both shown dedication,ferocity, wit, grace, consideration, and as the other elders sat beside me have said, you have both raised the bar of what we define as a sand-bender. The world has always looked upon the sand-benders as the dirt on their shoe. Incapable of ever achieving something worthwhile...if only the world were watching now, they'd see how wrong they are". The chief closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, before looking back upon the young pair. 
"Not only am I proud to know you as the most exceptional sand-benders we have within our community,but I am most proud to know you as my Daughter, and my Son". Cheers found their way from the crowd before the Chief could finish.
"Lyoto and Ila of the Hollow Tribe. I now deem you masters of sand and peacekeepers of our community and allies. I ask you to protect us all when the times comes to defend ourselves from the terrors of 'No Man's Sand', and to lead us towards a better future no matter where it is, remembering that home is not one place, but where we together stand strongest. May you be recognised with the marks of our tribe, and carry them forever. Tonight you are branded and renown to the world as 'Guardians of the Hollow Tribe'...". Rejoice spread throughout the crowd to the latest announcement. 
"May I wish all my people a joyful and peaceful night tonight. I hope our dance has brought together the most compatible of couples, and I hope to see you standing by your chosen partner the same way tomorrow,goodnight!" A climactic roar ascended from the sand people as the party dragged on. The girl from the young pair rose from her knees.
"Are you really that proud of us Dad- I mean Chief?" 
"Of course Ila, do you think I would lie to all these people, let alone my own flesh and blood? I am in awe of what you two have done for this community tonight and what you have grown to become. Never before have I seen so many happy people" the Father replied with a warm smile. In turn the boy spoke 
"So what now Chief?" 
"I only wish you mother were with us right now, we will see her again in time". The boy looked at the tribal marks already claiming several areas of his arm 
"What is the next tattoo to add to our titles?" 
"You will be tapped in by sunrise from one of our elders, don't forget this is to represent who you are, not bragging rights. As to what it is, I'll let that be surprise". The juveniles sighed with impatience. 
"Now go join the party before it ends,you've worked hard tonight". They both stood, grinning wildly as they readied themselves for the party. 
"Hey! Just before you go don't forget..." The Chief brought himself over to them and held them close. "Don't forget I'm your Father too" 
"Never could Dad" Ila answered before they both ran along into the crowd of party goers.

The Chief retreated back to his throne watching proudly over his people, a fellow elder decorated in titles approached him from his left, and patted the loyal fox before greeting. 
"Good night it seems Chief San".
"So it is Elder Jaya". 
"I know the myths were that these foxes originate from the desert but he's really tougher than I thought,he's endured nature's forces better than I thought he would".
"Yeah Dusty's a tough one alright, so our commotion hasn't brought any attention to our land?"
"It seems not, we scanned the area and found no predator tracks".
The Chiefs smiled with relief. "And the ladies?" 
"Not long now Chief" 
"Good Jaya, can I walk with you? I need to stretch my legs".
"Of course Chief". 

At the edge of the bone forest they paced.
"Jaya I mean to speak to you about something that's been bothering me".
"What is it San?" 
"You're my closest friend, and I feel I need your counsel once again. This place is we have is great, and its doing us some real wonders. But I still don't feel safe, and I don't feel like my family are safe". 
"What do you suggest Chief?"
"I think we should move on. No where is safe as long as its within 'No Man's Sand'..." 
"What? But we've come so far San, where would we go? This is the best we've had it in months! I know we can't leave yet but once we're ready..."
San looked further into Jaya's eyes.
"I think we should leave the Desert".
Jaya paused to think. 
"This life is the only life we know, but I suppose its never too late to learn a knew one,after all home is where our family are". 
"Thank you Jaya,  I always knew I could count on your insight, I will inform the others when the time is right. We should head back".

The night came to an end and the Chief watched over his citizens... a cool breeze brushed the sand and dust that hadn't quite reached the floor yet.This glorious night was at its end. 

A sudden crash of clashing sounds blew up throughout the bone forest. The Chief to his alarm witnessed a catastrophic explosion igniting several areas of the tribe. 
"Chief San! There has been an attack on the inner perimeter!". 
"Jaya I thought you said you didn't find tracks!"
"These aren't predators Chief!" 
San shrieked at the thought of his children being shown no mercy by the ruthless attackers! 
"Is it another Sand Faction!?"
"No Chief, we have made peace with all the neighbouring tribes!"
 The Chief was struck in the eyes with grief! 
"What is this..." 
"San! I'll go get the children you find the other elders and fend the place off!I'll round everyone up!"

Together they stood united against the opposing menace. They held no weapons, only keeping their hands steady to absorb, manipulate the attackers with the forces of the elements. From afar a shooting sensation blasted its way towards them, the thunderous boom rolled through the sand mountains. The elders jumped away from the blast shielding themselves with hardened sand shields they raised with their arms. Before they could realise figures appeared from the floating dust. They held their weapons and launched nets capturing the defenceless elders. San prepared himself and sent a shock-wave slash of sand dicing the net. The enemy paused to alter their high tech arsenal. The figures were still too camouflaged to recognise. San's battle cry roared out to his forces
"Push them back! They don't have enough to take us!" 
The non-sand benders sent themselves out to the battlefield but were clearly outmatched when they met their fate. The attackers finished fiddling with their weapons as they glowed red... Instead of nets they now emitted fire spheres at their weak foe. To the Chiefs surprise Jaya returned prematurely. 
"Jaya where are the children!?" 
"I couldn't find them Chief, I searched both our huts!" 
The Chief looked around him to see the devastation. There was not enough for him to fight and search for his children.
 "I am making you leader of this battle, I must find them, I will return as soon as I can!" "San I am not ready to lead these people!"
"You can! I didn't appoint you Elder for nothing!" The Elder looked back at his forces and took to a confident attitude with him as he dashed to the aid of his men.Before he could realise what he was up against, the voices of his men silenced, the figures of the opposition had vanished. He looked toward the sky to see the monster machines of legends. Tanks with the highest artillery were in their domain, and quickly claiming territory. sand-benders and non sand-benders alike were fleeing in desperation, as they were clearly dismissed. Jaya retreated with his men unknowing of his fate, as he looked over his shoulder to see a fellow ally dropped to the ground by a net. The explosions were nearing Jaya, until finally they caught him close enough to send him soaring back to the forest.

San cried out in dread "Lyoto!? ILA?! WE NEED TO GO!" 
 Ila yelped!
San followed the screams until he found Lyoto and Ila back to back against the men they saw first in the battle. But they were not regular men. They were stiff,and animatronic. Once he gained his vision clearly he was able to see they were robot drones, as their core wires and circuitry were ripped out by the pulses of sand burning through them. But their forces were too great and they didn't feel pain...or fear. The twins retreated into the sand-hut behind them. San bolted towards his children but he suddenly froze to the sight of an airborne machine, raining fire upon the corpse of what once was a great beast. Structures of sand-huts and collaborating bones fell upon each other turning into rubble and dust. Lyoto looked outside as he fought the forces against them. He saw his Father had stopped. The Father then acted out of instinct and generated a sand vortex lifting him from the ground as he forced waves of sand upon the rallying enemy. But his streak was swiftly ended as a fire ball rocketed towards him and broke his flight. He met with gravity as his head slammed the floor. Dazed San bravely stood up again readying himself for the next blow. Before he could react he was sent into oblivion as an explosion met his feet. 
Lyoto shrieked! 
Ila lifted a sand wall, against the entrance of the hut they now took shelter in, and hardened it into solid earth. 
Ila looked at Lyoto "Ly what are we going to do!?" He looked at her unknowingly as to what would happen next, only to be distracted by a screaming sound coming closer. He looked out side the window to see what looked like a comet surging its way through the air toward the hut. A tremendous barrage of sound emitted throughout the collision. Lyoto blinked... it was allover.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHH" he wailed at the top of his voice.
He rubbed his eyes to see it was not at all what it seemed. He looked around to see his room. He was led on his fine silk bed, around him were the top of the range furniture in pure white.Another nightmare had come to steal his sleep...


Long ago the four nations were resembled and divided by these elements. The parted lands where the elemental resided were known as: The Fire Nation, The Air Temples,The Water Tribes, and The Earth Kingdom. Some say the elemental did tremendous things for the world; they wouldn't be wrong. However they did more to it; than for it. The power bestowed on the common people of each nation led them to become power hungry and ruthless. So much damage resulted in our history being lost. All we know is how badly their wars effected our world. 

After the 100 year war, the lands were united by one place; Republic City. The city was built by Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko. This was supposed to be the marker in our world of peace and balance. However, one city was not there solution to centuries of war and suffering. It was left to the next Avatar to keep the world in balance; Avatar Korra. But before too long the regular people sparked revolution, in protest of clearing the world of elemental in the name of equality, and peace.

However Avatar Korra ceased their rally by taking down the figure head of the Equalist organisation. After the Equalist's defeat they remained quiet in a secret organisation that watched over Avatar Korra's actions. It seemed that where ever she went she started war. After the reign of the Earth Empire, Korra became a war monger.

The Equalists made allies with an old group of rebels known as the Freedom Fighters. Together they built our great home; Freedom City.With the Avatar at large causing dis-balance and anarchy to the world,our saviour Avatar Kairos arrived just in time to put an end to the world as we knew it, in the name of justice. In that time he used his unbound powers to take away bending from the world and start anew.When his work was done he left our world.... But once he had gone, he had made sure that the Avatar cycle was broken, so that we could remain free from oppression, and live our lives in peace. His work ensured that not all of us had to pay the price for freedom.


Commanded the teacher, Mrs Ju. A plump, stern looking and dressed in what looked like her most formal attire with hair knotted into buns of complexity. 
"Show this poor old man some respect, he's probably lived long enough to see the events of that presentation in real life". 
Lyoto looked around him to recognise the students around him, after all where else would a fourteen year old boy be at this time of the day? Although today differed from the regular mundane school procedure, instead the class adventured into Freedom City's most celebrated building of relics: The Vena Museum. The class were assembled together in what looked like a cinematic opening for a new movie, or 'a mover' as the museum would call it. 

"Please proceed, I apologise for my student's low attention span, and lack of respect for history". She requested.
"Very well" the old man answered, looking tired and unwell.He proceeded after fiddling with the button's broached on his work uniform.
"As I was saying because of Avatar Kairos, he started anew generation of life without bending, and continuing his work today we have former Freedom State Vanguard 'Lochan' - The Chairman of Equalcorp. The science faction dedicated to bringing balance to our world and restraining us from the temptation of bending. You may know him for his work on the world wide drug known as the 'suppression'. A toxin inhaled everyday to cure people of their bending, a true masterpiece of modern day science". The students were uninterested,of course they already knew about suppression. If they weren't on it themselves, chances were they knew someone else who was. Living in Freedom oblivious to the suppression was impossible. 

The elderly man spotted Lyoto in the crowd and plucked an idea to catch the students attention. 
"I see here we have the son of the famous 'Noriko', judge and leader of our city". 
The students chattered and questioned the statement. 
"Who is Noriko you may ask? Noriko is the judge o fKairos Court, and Founder of Freedom, and she is the lead on the council of this great city". 
The bewilderment the old man was looking for was instead replaced with silence, he had never had a crowd this unattached from his historic rambling. The old man broke the silence. 
"So any questions?"

Two hands shot up,the elder took the first question, 
"Yes?" to the rebel boy known as Kai but no one called him by his first name they knew him as Shin short for his surname Shinobu. His hair was long enough to reach his chest and curly with a light ash blonde tint. 
"How long does your hair have to be to have a top knot like yours?" 
He sniggered as he asked.
The elder man sighed and answered
"About as long as yours". 
Shin grinned, content with the mild mockery. His friend Ken a boy with a broad build, and short medium brown hair with a long fashionable fringe to the side of his face, held his hand high waiting for his turn. 
"You have a question?"
"Yeah how long does it take to grow a beard that long?" 
Ken looked over at Shin sharing a humorous glance as they smirked. The bullied elder rubbed his beard self consciously. 
Mrs Ju interrupted. 
"Please excuse my rude students, does anyone have any worth while questions?'The class fell quiet... 
"Yeah I have a question" 
A girl stood up abruptly, from the corner; it was Bonnie. With shoulder length jet black hair and a fringe reaching her eye brows, her skin creamy and pale. Her typical teenage moody vibe bounced off of the walls. 
"You say the elemental were aggressive and did nothing but use their power for war and violence, but I've done my research and I've looked around this place, nothing here suggests that the Air Nomads were violent, or even had an army to begin with, explain that". 
The elderly man looked at the floor trying to shelter his face before he finally answered. 
"Actually there was once an army held in Ba Sing Se, but they were held against their will. But a prime example of a violent air-bender was a prodigy known as Zaheer. He brought fear and madness to the world and even killed The Earth Queen at the time. There was once a time during rise of the Earth Empire where air-benders got involved with trying to stop the 'Great Uniter'. There may not be as much evidence to support the air nation being as ruthless as the others, but its not about how many people of that origin are violent, its knowing that anyone baring that power can bring that kind of evil".
Bonnie pouted and sat back down, having been so sure she would have had this lecturer stumped, she was hastily defused. The Elder did not take delight however in his small victory.  
"If there aren't any more questions then we have reached the end of this virtual tour, and you may proceed with your day".
The student gave a half enthusiastic applause for the old lecturer, and began to stand up and chatter to one another before Mrs Ju could call out.
"Yes Mrs Ju" 
The class answered in unison. 

Lyoto wondered off to see the historic relics and artifacts the museum had to offer. He found a large glass case with old Fire Nation armour displayed on a rack. Lu-Ten joined Lyoto glaring at the case. These two had been lifelong friends and known each other for what since they could barely stand. Lu-Ten was a boy everyone knew, he wore his too cool for school glasses and a soft beanie hat hiding his bushy brown curls of hair, and seemed to never take them off even if it disrespected his peers, and all the girls were crazy for him; Except for Aimi. 
"Hey guys! Whatcha looking at?" 
Aimi was Lyoto's girlfriend she was just as inseparable from Lyoto as Lu-Ten and it seemed like together they were the ultimate trio that were never apart. Ken and Shin attached themselves to the group, as they were most of the time. Ken pressed his chunky hand against the clear glass leaving a grubby hand print as he stared deeply at the piece of armour before questioning, 
"Can you believe the Fire Nation used to actually fight in this stuff?" 
Ken chuckled to himself before Lu-Ten answered.
"I know, its looks so clunky and unpractical, I have no idea how they almost dominated the world".
The group laughed in amusement together. 
Shin pointed out another display. 
"Hey get a load of air-bender pyjamas!"
"No way!" 
Ken looked over and laughed. Aimi read the description next to the display
"Actually it says here that these weren't pyjamas, but the everyday clothing of air-bending apprentices". 
Lu-Ten laughed to himself and then answered to Aimi. 
"Well if air-bending meant that I'd have to wear that old collection of rags then I'm glad air-bending is gone, not to mention samurai fire over here". 

Shin pointed out, referring to the Fire Nation Armour. Together the group entered the next room on their tour, and one by one their faces turned to awe, apart from a mildly impressed Shin. The room was wide and deep, to their surprise, they were actually on the second level of the room and were at the best position to gawk from the balcony, at the enormous relic in front of them that was an old Fire Nation war ship.

Ken's eyes widened.
"Woah so the Fire Nation used to use these to sail the seas in these bad boys? This must of been one of their main ships!".  
Once again Aimi referred to the text beheld on a pedestal next to the balcony. 
"Actually it says here that his was one of the minor ships the Fire Nation used, in an invasion they would use at least two dozen or so to ensure the success of the attack". 
Lyoto shared a look with Aimi that simply spoke the words he was about to speak.
"Well I'm just glad I didn't live back in those times, wouldn't want to look out to the sea to see that coming..." 
Ken checked his watch and rapidly called to everyone's attention.
"Guys! We need to get outside to the meeting point now! Mrs Ju will kill us if we're late!" 
Shin looked at Ken disappointingly.
"Since when do you care?" 
Ken realised how he must look in front of his rebel best friend. 
"I care since, I don't want to be staying behind class with that smelly fat lady for a month!" 
"Who's a smelly fat lady?" 
Lurking behind Ken appeared Mrs Ju most interested in what more Ken had to say. 

"Umm, my mother...she's getting kinda chunky if I say so myself...you know...she just doesn't like exercise enough to compensate for the masses of chocolate sprinkled rolls she devours...and now shes so lazy she doesn't shower too that explains the smelly part..." 
"Very good Ken'ichi, once again you are as slippery as an eelmouse, well then class it won't be long before we reach the deadline for heading back to school so follow me and we shall be on our way".

Once the class had assembled outside Lyoto held Aimi in a warm embrace. They were surrounded by the everyday hustle of Freedom City's unresting business hours, like Lyoto this city never slept. The buildings were tall and intimidating, the streets were long enough to lose yourself if you stared into the void long enough. Each road within the central vicinity of the city was loaded with the latest builds of 'Sato-Mobiles', bulky, loud, efficient, no other collection of words sold cars quicker in this era. The air itself didn't necessarily taste clean either, with all the nasty gases released from the exhausts it was hard to catch a decent breath. But that could have just been Lyoto being pedantic about the difference between this place and his home. The pedestrian walking areas weren't particularly clean as litter was generally rolling in the gust and dust 
"So any chance I can walk you home today?".
"Ly you know my Father doesn't want me dating boys yet". 
She said with a bright smile.
Lyoto looked unimpressed. 
"You're Dad is..." 
"My Dad is what?"  
"Umm your Dad..is unwilling for change". 
"No my Dad is a jerk is what you meant, it's okay you can say it; it's true". 
Lyoto's guilt ridden excuses came spilling out of his mouth. 
"No, no I don't think your Dad is a jerk, its just hard because... I miss you". 
Aimi's smile evolved to a grin.
"You're always a smooth talker aren't you?" . 
"I have my moments".
As the two continued to flirt a great gust of air rushed passed them and up the city street they stood by. The great gales granted newspapers,unstuck posters and other weightless pieces of litter the power off light. The strength of this wind knocked pedestrians from each side of the road off of their feet, and sounded the alarms of each parked car as if babies who had been left in their crib for too long. Lyoto and Aimi supported each other and remained on their feet. They watched the sensation of air, as it travelled vertically before returning in their direction. Once again the unforeseen forces of nature rolled into them and swept Lyoto clean of his feet yet left Aimi completely untouched. The boy laid on the floor, uncertain of what exactly had just happened to him, as well as everyone else who regained their standing. 
"Lyoto are you quiet alright...Lyoto?"
Mrs Ju concerned as she was helped with Aimi to stand the poor student up. 
Ken got in on the commotion. 
"Woah Ly! You went flying! You should have seen it!" 
Before too long, Lu-Ten realised what had happened. 
"Lyoto you okay bro?"
 Lyoto looked at everyone be it if they were worried or laughing at the strange happening. He laughed at himself in complete disbelief. 
"Wow what happened? Haha wow that just came out of nowhere, don't worry guys I'm alright just a little shocked". 
Mrs Ju quickly took him to one side. 
"Lyoto please don't tell your Mother about what just happened, I have completed all the risk assessments but that definitely was not in there and if she finds out I-" 
Lyoto felt bad enough for the anxious Mrs Ju who wouldn't stop blurting and pleading. 
"Don't worry about, I won't tell my Mother, she won'task about my day anyway". 
He added miserably. The teacher now was stuck awkwardly, without knowing what to say.
"Well if you feel any dizziness or nausea please let me know, alright class lets stop making a scene out of nothing, lets move out of here before anything else happens". 
Lyoto returned to Aimi reassuringly.

"You really okay doofus?" she mocked. 
"Yeah I'm fine just a little winded" 
Aimi laughed. 
Lyoto looked at her, he adored everything about her, her laugh, her smile, her eyes,especially her eyes: light brown with a slight tint of green towards her pupils, he could stare into them until his hair turned grey. As his lips met hers, he noticed something in the reflection of a window they passed on their stroll back. He paused rashly almost tripping his loving partner in the process. Within the reflection of the shop window a glowing white shape floated behind Lyoto, it's shape was similar to a kite it seemed with strange blue details. Further in the background, behind the glowing white being was a forest like scenery,with greatly contrasting colours. Unlike the regular greens, and browns, this strange forest was filled with pinks, yellows, tangerines, and other exotic colours. The creatures climbing trees,the creatures in the air, the creatures burrowing from the ground,were all incredibly odd to Lyoto, as he had never seen them before.He rubbed his worn out eyes to truly justify his sight. After he glanced at the window again, only to find that his stolen hours worth of sleep had truly taken its toll on him. Aimi brought herself to her boyfriend flustered about the face-plant she almost suffered. 
"What was that all about?!" 
To her surprise she found Lyoto stunned and stuck staring at the reflection. 
"Ly, are you okay? Ly?!" 
He snapped out of it and came back to reality.
"Yeah sorry I'm okay, I was just having a moment". 
She held his arm reassuringly before coughing over Ly's response. 
"Maybe I should be asking you the same question". 
"I'm fine, I was actually feeling great since the start of this week...but I guess it had to end sooner or later". 
"You've been ill a lot lately, is everything okay?"
Aimi retrieved a tissue from her pocket and blew her nose gently before answering. 
"Yeah, my Father is trying out new forms of medication on me, turns out I had an aggressive response to my suppression, and so he's looking to other forms of keeping my bending away. He said there could be some side effects so it's no surprise". 
Lyoto was lost for words, was it his place to say? 
"Maybe if it isn't making you feel good, you shouldn't be on it, have you thought about telling your Dad that?" 
"No, my Dad's leading the the head faculty of science within medicine, I think he knows what's best for me, lets go before we get left behind".
Together they caught up with the rest of the group and ended the day, and headed home.


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