Secret - 'Everybody's Got To Die Sometime'

October 1962

The World hangs on the precipice of annihilation. Russian weapons on discovered on Cuban soil. The world holds it's breath as the United States squares up to Russia. It seems we are only seconds away from destruction.

Meanwhile in North Yorkshire, Tom and his Dad are facing life without Toms mother. Meanwhile the new early warning buildings are rising up from the moors above their home. Do they provide security or threat ? Threats seem to be both near and far and dark days roll across Tom's world. His world has been turned inside out leaving him a short step from disaster.

As Tom's Dad says "Everyones got to die sometime".


4. The Garden


8th October 1962
Later That Day

"Ouch … "

"Stupid bloody nettles ..." I said rubbing my hand where the leaves had brushed my hand. Instantly red lumps appeared irritating me.

"You need a dock leaf" a girls voice said.

"Yeah, yeah I know," I said looking up

Leaning over the wall was a young girl licking an ice cream cornet. It was the same girl from the back of the car this morning. She was taller than I first thought. She had long blonde hair tied in plaits and a pinky red gingham dress. I guessed she was about ten or thereabouts.

"Here..." She said offering me a green leaf.

I wiped it over my fingers, the coolness of the leaf against the agitated skin bringing instant relief.

"Your gardens a mess" she said after another lick of her ice-cream.

"Thanks," I said sharply. I knew it was but was irritating to hear from a stranger.

"Sorry" she said catching the sharpness of my reply.

"It's OK," I said calmly. She was just making conversation, not her fault about the mess.

"Just let it get on top of me, takes time to get it back as it was." I said smiling.

She took another lick of the ice cream whilst watching me.

"Have you moved in here?" I asked

"Oh no, we're on holiday for a couple of weeks. We live in London. Mummy and Daddy are walking around. I've just been to get an ice cream from the shop"

'So I can see..." I said looking up again

"What's London like?" I asked

"A lot busier than here. We've been here days and nothing ever happens here. It must be really boring to live here all the time."

I looked at her quizzically as she finished the cornet. I'd never thought of life here as boring, there always something to do. I wondered for the hundredth time if I was ready to move and live in a city.

"There's a lot to do around here" I replied defensively, "have you been to Whitby and Scarborough?"

"Yeah, most times we spend time walking over the moors though, Dad likes to take photos and so we spend ages in one place taking them" she stated, "he likes those 'golf balls'. Got loads of photos of them. Yesterday we got chased off by some soldiers. That was fun hiding in the bracken."

"Yeah, they're new. Where are you staying?"

"We're staying at a farmhouse near Beck Hole"

I knew the one she meant. They took in visitors from time to time. It was a nice place, where our milk came from each morning.

"I'm Lily by the way. What's your name?"


"Lily" a voice rang out over the lane.

"Lily come here, we're going" it carried on

"Sorry Dad wants me, see you soon," she said as she scrambled off down the road.

"Ok" I shouted after her.

Sighing I got back to clearing out the weeds from the garden. Dad would be home soon from work and I wanted to surprise him.

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