Secret - 'Everybody's Got To Die Sometime'

October 1962

The World hangs on the precipice of annihilation. Russian weapons on discovered on Cuban soil. The world holds it's breath as the United States squares up to Russia. It seems we are only seconds away from destruction.

Meanwhile in North Yorkshire, Tom and his Dad are facing life without Toms mother. Meanwhile the new early warning buildings are rising up from the moors above their home. Do they provide security or threat ? Threats seem to be both near and far and dark days roll across Tom's world. His world has been turned inside out leaving him a short step from disaster.

As Tom's Dad says "Everyones got to die sometime".


2. The Bus


8th October 1962 

The sky was a glorious pale blue, just a few wisps of white cloud high in the sky. Mares tails if my memory served me right.  It replaced the dark grey of the past week. The days when fog had clung to the moor, the cold dampness had got into every pore. I slung my satchel over my shoulder and set off down the garden to the gate. The garden had seen better days but my dad was busy most days working. It used to be my mothers pride and joy, each season a different display of riotous colour. Now it had gone to seed. Mums accident had knocked us both hard and no matter what we both said outwardly, it wasn't right. Looking now at the sorry state of the garden resolved me to do something about it tonight after school. For her sake I needed to do something. 

Pulling the sleeves of my blazer down, I walked down the street towards the village green. Ah well it only had to last this year. Hopefully in a years time I'd be heading to Hull University. The thought filled me with excitement and more than a little trepidation. From the small village of Goathland to a large city made the palms of my hands sweat. On the visits I'd glimpsed a different life, the bustling campus with an amazing library to the dark streets of the port, so different to the openness of Whitby. Leaving Dad would be bad though, I wondered how he'd cope on his own, but he was pushing me to go where I wanted. If I wanted to go to uni, I had to move. North Yorkshire was beautiful but there was no university nearby.  

I kicked a stone along the road passing the odd house as I made my way to the Green. It was still a little early for the bus to come but it was a beautiful morning and I wanted to get spend as much time as I could out in the open air. A horn sounded behind me and I stepped onto the grass verge to let it pass. It was a large black Rover which gleamed in the sunlight, obviously a new car. It wasn't anyone I knew. In the front were a man and woman, neither of which I knew. We didn't get many strangers here, the odd walkers passing through but most people gravitated towards the town f Whitby or Scarborough further down the coast. The new buildings springing up on Fylingdales Moors brought some contractors and workers but for the most time people didn't come to Goathland, especially this early in the morning. As the car passed I saw a movement in the back seat and a little girls head popped up, looking back at me. I saw a smile and a wave. I started to wave back but stopped halfway up, conscious in case anyone saw me.  

Rounding the corner I saw I was the first one to arrive for the bus. It took us every morning slowly and steadily to the Grammar School in Whitby about ten miles away. I'd done the journey for the past six years, with only heavy snowfall stopping us. The bus was the same one I'd stepped on all those years ago. Back then it was a tired out wreck that coughed and wheezed up the steep hill out of the village, you can image the state it was in now. 

Reaching the stop I took a book out of my satchel and leant my back against the concrete post. I leafed through the pages, finding the turned down page edge that marked where I'd got to last night before I fell asleep. The book Man In the High Castle was an exciting read. I'd got it the weekend before from Holman's book shop in Whitby. It was kind of a weird book, with sentences that seemed wrong, but it told an alternative history of the present and I was a big fan of alt-history.  

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