Secret - 'Everybody's Got To Die Sometime'

October 1962

The World hangs on the precipice of annihilation. Russian weapons on discovered on Cuban soil. The world holds it's breath as the United States squares up to Russia. It seems we are only seconds away from destruction.

Meanwhile in North Yorkshire, Tom and his Dad are facing life without Toms mother. Meanwhile the new early warning buildings are rising up from the moors above their home. Do they provide security or threat ? Threats seem to be both near and far and dark days roll across Tom's world. His world has been turned inside out leaving him a short step from disaster.

As Tom's Dad says "Everyones got to die sometime".


3. The Bus (part 2)


I jumped as a hand pushed my shoulder and looked up from the book. By my side was Joyce, my best friend since infant school.  

"I've been calling you from down the street, cloth ears", she said, "the book must be good, but shouldn't you be reading The Tempest?" 

"Hi," I replied, "finished that on Sunday. Time to read for myself again" 

I was known as a swot, and this was from a grammar school where most people studied hard. To be honest I didn't mind. I loved learning and reading. If people didn't want to know me then that was their hard lines. Well all except Mark Barker. He'd been a thorn in my side from infant school. I never really knew why he'd taken against me but the feud had set in over the years. At least for the past few years he'd been going to the secondary school and had been out of my hair in the daytime. I still got a whipping from his viscous tongue on the bus though. Even now he still caught it to go to his job working in the parks department.  

"It's a lovely day" Joyce said looking up to the sky. 

"Yeah," I said still trying to read the book. 

"Don't you love Little Eva?" She carried on 

"Mmmm" I said concentrating on the last few words of the chapter. 

"Wait, what did you say, Little who?" 

"Tom Hukin, how can you not know Little Eva? Locomotion... in the charts … the dance last Saturday … Do you really not take anything in ?" 

"Ah that Little Eva, " I said winking. To be honest although I knew songs, I never knew the groups.  

A few others joined us talking about various things.  

"Bus is late," I said  

"You know you say that every morning …"  

"Hey how can I help not telling you" 

At that minute the bus turned the corner from Beck Holes and spluttered to a rest in front of us. 

"No Billy today" Joyce said 

"I told you it was a good day" 

We boarded the steps and paid our money to the driver.  

"Got to go the long way round today" he said pushing his cap back on his head 

"Why?" I asked, anxious not to be too late. 

"Some road works on the railway bridge, shouldn't take much longer" 

We sat down and the bus pulled away from the kerb, black smoke belching behind us. Looking back through the black cloud I saw Mark running towards the bus.  

"Don't let him catch us" I muttered under my breath. 

For once my prayers were answered and the bus rounded the corner and out of Mark's sight. 

We followed the valley and up to the moors. As we got nearer the Pickering to Whitby road the three huge structures reared into view. It was as if a giant had deposited three huge golf balls on the moors, the whiteness of the geometric structures in stark contrast to the wildness and beauty of their surroundings.  

This was the governments new nuclear early warning system. Part of a chain that would give us a four minute warning if they ever launched an attack against us. Although it was an RAF station, it seemed to be run the United States and American accents abounded.  

"That is so ugly" Joyce said. 

"Yeah, but it has a kind of beauty in itself" 

"I don't want a four minute warning, what am I going to do with four minutes?" Joyce said shaking her head, the brown locks swaying from side to side. 

"I could think of something" I said smiling 

"Sex" she replied, "all you lads think about" 

I looked through the back window as the balls disappeared over the hill and noticed the black Rover following us. I watched as it waited for a straight stretch and overtook us. 

looked back at my book and settle down to read another chapter, the moors passing by unnoticed.

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