Secret - 'Everybody's Got To Die Sometime'

October 1962

The World hangs on the precipice of annihilation. Russian weapons on discovered on Cuban soil. The world holds it's breath as the United States squares up to Russia. It seems we are only seconds away from destruction.

Meanwhile in North Yorkshire, Tom and his Dad are facing life without Toms mother. Meanwhile the new early warning buildings are rising up from the moors above their home. Do they provide security or threat ? Threats seem to be both near and far and dark days roll across Tom's world. His world has been turned inside out leaving him a short step from disaster.

As Tom's Dad says "Everyones got to die sometime".


1. Prologue

The shock of the dark cold briny water took my breath away and I gasped letting the inky blackness of salty fluid enter my mouth. Arms flailing I struggled to keep afloat as the warmth of my body was stolen from me by the cold clawing sea. The deep swell broke and rolled over my head swamping me once again. My hands searched for the boat to pull myself onto but I felt nothing but the cold vicarious water on my numb fingertips. It had to be here but thrashing about brought nothing solid.  

"Help" I called out getting another mouthful of salty water for my troubles, making me gag. 

I listened to the response... There was none.                                          

Despair started to consume my mind. Somewhere in the back of the brain was a fact about how long a body could survive in the cold sea during winter. For the life of me I couldn't remember how many minutes it was before your body just gave up and the cold shock stopped the heart. I moved around trying to gain some heat but it seemed to just make me colder.  

Here I was floating in the sea well out of sight of the beach, a moonless sky providing no light. Why had I let Joyce get me into this situation. Where was she now? I couldn't hear her yelling. That thought made me panic even more swimming around in a circle like a shark trying to find its prey. 

There was nothing except the movement of the sea. I felt my mind clouding as I swam, a little at first and then more as the cold coursed through my body.  

It's a horrible death when you drown. 

A random thought found its way into my consciousness chilling me even further.  

You see your life played back in full colour in those last moments. 

Another thought entered my skull as I felt consciousness drop even further, the mind ceasing to function less each second. I struggled to just keep swimming as centres of the brain started to shut down.  

Shaking my head I tried to figure out why I was here. Was it really only two weeks ago that this nightmare had started? 

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