The Haunted

"Oh Lucinda, if you think this has a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention." She smirked amused by Lucinda's sense of optimism.

Something has come back to Bishops Green. Something that wants to kill. Something unworldly.
Sixteen year old Lucinda Marcs is cute, fun and looking forward to the start of her Junior year of High School. But little does she know that something evil has made it's way into Bishop's Green, her quaint, seemingly normal town where nothing ever happened.
And when Lucinda finds herself caught up in the mess it's up to her to figure out how to get rid of this evil for good.
But what happens when her best friend becomes a target? Will she be able to save her? Or will she fall with her?


2. Chapter Two:

"I'm definitely thinking about taking AP French but I haven't fully decided on it yet." Lucinda Marcs told her BFSB (Best friend since birth) Poppy James as she retrieved her biology book from her locker that morning. Poppy scowled, "Well I'm definitely not taking any AP classes this semester. Do you know how bad my grades got before summer. I don't think they'd let me take any even if I wanted to." Poppy whined in response. 

Lucinda chuckled at her best friend before closing her locker and linking her arm with hers. "You studied loads over the summer though right? You'll be picking your grades up in no time." Lucinda told her confidently. Poppy nodded silently as the pair walked down the familiar hallways towards their home rooms. 

Lucinda and Poppy had been best friends since before they were even born. Both their mothers were high school friends and had planned to have babies at exactly the same time so they could continue the friendship. No one had actually believed it would work though but somehow sixteen years down the line it had. 

Now in their Junior year of high school with the world at their feet it was often topic of conversation if they were going to follow in their parents footsteps career wise as well. For Lucinda this was an option being that she was top of all her classes and one of the smartest girls in the school but for Poppy it didn't look as promising. She was more athletic and creative than academic.

The pair were just walking passed the Seniors hang out when a friend in their clique ran up to them beaming with excitement. "OMG please tell me you guys have seen the new guy?" Sophie Jacobs cried out as she stood in front of the pair. Lucinda and Poppy exchanged a confused look before they both shook their heads. "What? You're telling me two of the most popular girls in school haven't met this guy yet?" Sophie commented. 

As Lucinda looked over Sophie it looked like she'd been consuming sun beams, she was all lit up. Way more excitement than was necessary for a new kid at school. Although she did have a point, normally Lucinda and Poppy knew everything that went down at Bishop's Green High School. It wasn't a big school which meant everyone knew everyone's business.

"We've literally only just got here." Poppy explained as if that was a valuable excuse. Sophie rolled her eyes and said, "Puh-Lease, you guys are slacking." She winked. "Well just a heads up enjoy the moment when you do, I've gotta run or I'll be late. See ya." Sophie rushed out before she quickly walked off in the opposite direction to the girls. Lucinda released a breath she didn't know she'd been holding and nudged Poppy's arm to continue walking.

"So new guy at school? I can understand being excited but not that excited." Lucinda said eyes wide. "Yeah, I mean of course nothing ever happens here so it's big news but anyone would've thought the world was ending the way Sophie was acting." Poppy giggled. 

As the girls reached the flight of stairs that lead up to the science block they hugged each other and went their separate ways. The bell rang loudly through the halls as Lucinda walked towards the room marked B16. She quickly shuffled inside before the teacher, Miss Johnson, could mark her as late and took her usual seat on the far right of the room.

Miss Johnson stood firmly in front of the class hands on hips as she stared the students down. She wasn't the friendly type of teacher and had Lucinda been a few minutes later she was sure she'd have been given a detention. No excuses, no reasoning, you were late you made up the time after school.

The scowl on the teachers face softened as everyone took their seats and listened as the second bell pierced through the room. The teacher took attendance and gave her usual first day back at school speech to everyone. A speech they'd been hearing since the first day they ever went to school. No running in the halls, what to do in case of a fire, make sure you hand in homework on time, all generic school rules that you'd think by this age they'd all have learnt. 

"Psst, have you seen the new guy?" Rose Mercury whispered to Lucinda from her seat next to her. Lucinda shook her head at Rose keeping her gaze on Miss Johnson. "He's cute. Very cute." Rose told her and Lucinda turned to look at her. There was a beaming grin on her face similar to that on Sophie's and Lucinda wondered who this guy could be. It was pretty easy for any guy to make Sophie smile, a simple hello and she was practically drooling but Rose was harder to impress and she looked radiant. 

"Miss Marcs are you listening back there or shall I move you up to the front?" Miss Johnson shouted to the back of the class. Lucinda felt an eye roll coming on but managed to suppress it in favour of obedience. "Sorry." She merely shouted back at the angry looking teacher. 

Lucinda zoned out as Miss Johnson returned to her lecture to the class. She focused her gaze on the small clock behind the teachers head and watched as the red hand ticked it's way round the numbers. One Minute. Two minutes. Three minutes.

The bell rang signalling the end of their first home room session of the school year and everyone began to pick up their things. Miss Johnson moved behind her desk and sat down waiting for her first class. 

Lucinda followed Rose out of the room determined to ask her some more questions about this new boy but as she made her way out into the hallway and into the sea of students it appeared that wasn't going to happen. She decided she'd wait till lunch to ask more questions unless she got a look at the new kid by then which she kind of hoped she would. Lunch was a whole three and a half hours away.

Lucinda dodged the arms threatening to elbow her and the legs threatening to trip her up as she made her way down the stairs and towards her English class. She felt an arm link with hers and looked to see Hannah McGowen smiling at her. "Please do not ask me if I've seen the new kid." Lucinda sighed as she saw the beaming smile on her friends face. "New kid? There's a new kid?" Hannah asked. Lucinda's shoulders relaxed and she let out a sigh, "Oh thank god I'm not the only one! Everyone seems to be going on about him and I haven't even had a look yet." Lucinda exaggerated. In truth it was only two people who'd mentioned it but that was enough for her to have had enough.

"Nope, not the only one I hadn't even heard of him so you're one step ahead of me. I'm sure we'll get a look in at some point today though." Hannah winked. Lucinda smiled knowing what was going through Hannah's mind. Hannah was a flirt and now she had someone new to play with, after all she'd practically made her way through most of the Junior's in their school and even some of the Seniors. Hannah needed fresh meat. 

The girls reached their class and walked in together taking seats next to each other, their teacher Mr Haige wasn't bothered about where his students sat as long as they paid attention in his classes. 

The chair next to Lucinda moved slightly and she turned to see who had taken the seat next to her. It was Poppy. "Hey." She grinned at her best friend causing Lucinda to wonder if she'd seen the new boy. "Everyone was talking about the new guy in home room." Poppy told her friend. "I'm kind of jealous I haven't seen him now." She pouted making Lucinda giggle. "I'm sure we'll get our chance. Hannah hasn't seen him either." Lucinda said gesturing to the red head sat down next to her. "Really?" Poppy asked receiving a short shake of the head from Hannah. Poppy felt better knowing it wasn't just her who hadn't seen the new kid in the flesh yet.

Lucinda pulled out her copy of To Kill A Mockingbird, her notebook and her favourite fluffy pink pen from her bag. Lucinda had only finished reading the book last night even though she'd been given all summer to do so. It wasn't like her to be playing catch up on homework but she'd spent most of the summer having too much fun, fun, fun. 

"What did you think?" Poppy asked Lucinda as she got her own copy of the book out. "I liked it. I felt it really put important issues into perspective and the author clearly isn't scared to address these issues." Lucinda explained. Poppy merely nodded not having anything more to add. In truth she hadn't enjoyed the book at all whilst she understood it's message and meaning she didn't like reading about those issues.

"You should've seen my dads face when I brought the book home. It's like one of his favourites and he insisted on telling me why." Hannah sighed making Lucinda chuckle. Lucinda loved reading and though she hadn't read this particular book before she'd made a promise to herself that she was definitely going to read it again.

Just as Mr Haige was ready to start his lesson several phones in the class including Mr Haige's beeped notifying a text message. Lucinda kept her phone in her locker during classes afraid the teachers would take it away if it went off. Poppy secretively took her phone out of her bag and held it under the desk.

"Oh my god it says Alanna Craig is dead." Kyle Moore shouted to the class as he looked at his own phone. Poppy read the text on her phone and showed the picture of a news article with Alanna's picture plastered on it to Lucinda. Lucinda suddenly felt as if she was going to vomit. How could Alanna be dead? They had four classes together, Lucinda thought as if that was reason enough for Alanna not to be dead.

"It says her parents came home from a night out and found her lying dead in the foyer. The cops are treating it as a suspicious death." Kyle informed them.

"Suspicious? Like murder?" Bethany Jones cried out in fear.

"What? No way. Who would murder Alanna? She's too boring to murder?" Chloe Gregg's a well known bitch in Bishops Green High asked. She received a few cold stares and many eye rolls as everyone ignored her heartless question.

Lucinda looked between Poppy and Hannah fear lacing her expression. Who would murder Alanna? 

"Right settle down class!" Mr Haige shouted trying to get some order but everyone was freaked out and no one was listening to him. "Be quiet!" He shouted louder gaining everyone's attention suddenly. "Right I will be back in a minute." He told the class before he walked out. As soon as he'd left everyone erupted into chatter talking about Alanna and how horrible it must've been for her parents to find her. 

"I saw Alanna the other day at the supermarket." Hannah said quietly. Lucinda imagined Alanna in the supermarket with her parents and then images of her dead body flooded her brain. The overwhelming urge to vomit returned and Lucinda wasn't sure if she could keep it down for much longer.

A loud pinging noise rang through the room alerting the class to more text messages. Lucinda looked over Poppy's shoulder and read the text from Sophie.

Alanna dead - schl 2 close aprntly? 

"They're closing the school!" a few of the students shouted simultaneously. Lucinda hoped so. Though she was never one to miss school right now she felt suffocated being here. 

Mr Haige walked back into the room and stood in front of everyone. The room was silent as they waited for him to speak. "Everyone remain calm there is going to be a formal announcement in a few minutes and everyone will be sent home." He told the class.

On any other day getting out of school would've been received with whoops and cheers but not today. Today everyone was solemn, scared and quiet. 

"Good Morning students this is your head mistress speaking. As by now I am sure you are all aware there has been a tragic teen death in Bishops Green. Late last night Alanna Craig was found dead in her house therefore we are closing the school for the rest of the day in mourning. Lessons will resume tomorrow as usual. Thank you." Mrs Peterson's, the headmistresses, voice echoed through the classroom over the speaker.

The room erupted with movement and noise as everyone hurried out of the classroom ready to leave the school. As Lucinda followed her friends out an unnecessary thought came to her mind. I didn't get to meet the new guy, she pondered. Now is so not the time to be thinking about that, she scolded herself. This was Bishops Green population just under 2,000 people where nothing ever happened and now someone had been murdered.

Lucinda felt her stomach flip as she kept thinking about Alanna's body, she had to get that image out of her mind or she definitely was going to be sick.

"Do you want to come to mine?" Poppy asked Lucinda eyes filled with fear. "My parents won't be home and I don't want to be alone." Lucinda nodded putting an arm around her friend and squeezing tightly. "Of course, let me call my brother and tell him I won't be home. Not that he'll care." She told her friend. It was then Lucinda felt lucky for the first time that she had a sibling. She had always detested her brother but now seeing her friend so scared of being home alone she felt grateful. 

The girls walked to Lucinda's locker and Poppy watched intently as her friend plucked her phone from the small metal container and put her biology book in it's place. "I'll just text him it'll be easier." She said as her fingers ran across the keyboard of her Iphone.

Lucinda typed her message and fought with herself whether she should add a kiss to her message or not. She never sent her brother kisses before but now it seemed necessary.

Leaving school. Going to Poppy's call if you need me! x 

"Let's go." She faced Poppy. Poppy linked her arm with Lucinda's and they walked out of school together. There were a few teary eyed faces of people that maybe knew Alanna better than Lucinda did but most were filled with fear. 

"I don't like this." Poppy said her body shivering slightly. Poppy was scared and Lucinda hated seeing her best friend like this.

"It's ok. We'll be ok." Lucinda comforted her friend. 

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