The Haunted

"Oh Lucinda, if you think this has a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention." She smirked amused by Lucinda's sense of optimism.

Something has come back to Bishops Green. Something that wants to kill. Something unworldly.
Sixteen year old Lucinda Marcs is cute, fun and looking forward to the start of her Junior year of High School. But little does she know that something evil has made it's way into Bishop's Green, her quaint, seemingly normal town where nothing ever happened.
And when Lucinda finds herself caught up in the mess it's up to her to figure out how to get rid of this evil for good.
But what happens when her best friend becomes a target? Will she be able to save her? Or will she fall with her?


29. Chapter Twenty-Nine:

Lucinda untied Poppy's hands and removed the gag from her mouth then began working on Brad. She could see Poppy was in a state of shock as her friend stood there mouth open eyes glazed over. "What... But what..." Poppy whimpered unable to really ask what had just happened. Lucinda figured it would be a while before her friend would really be ready to talk about what she'd just witnessed. What they'd all just witnessed.

"Thanks." Brad said shaking his hands trying to return the blood flow to them. The restraints the witch had put on him had been pretty tight and he was sure he wouldn't be able to feel his hands once they were removed. 

"We should go." Lucinda said staring into the empty clearing. Lucinda went to put an arm around Poppy but her friend moved away quickly. "It's ok. I'm ok." Poppy said but her gesture hurt Lucinda. Her best friend was scared of her. 

Lucinda turned around and walked off in the direction of the entrance to the woods. She heard Brad and Poppy following behind but made no attempts to walk alongside them. She knew Brad would understand what had happened after all he's the one who helped her become who she really was. But it was clear Poppy was having a hard time adjusting. Her best friend couldn't even look at her.

They walked through the woods in silence the only noises were the crickets in the bushes, the birds in the trees and the scuffling of their feet against the leaves. Has she really gone, Lucinda thought suddenly. She'd crushed her heart and she'd disappeared, surely she had gone. Lucinda had watched as the life left her body and as she slowly drifted away and she was sure she had really gone. She just hoped it was true. 

She couldn't describe the amount of power that had surged through her as she had come face to face with the evil plaguing Bishop's Green. Though she hadn't believed any of it at first it was now all too real. She felt that wave of energy that had blasted into the witch and the fire that she was sure had seeped into her body as she fought her off. It was unlike any other feeling she'd ever felt. It was amazing. 

Lucinda reached the entrance to the woods first and looked back to see Poppy and Brad approaching her quickly. Brad had been talking to Poppy but as soon as they reached Lucinda he stopped. Lucinda tried to push it out of her mind and not tell herself he'd been talking about her but it was clear from his expression he had been.

"I'm going to go this way." Poppy said pointing to the opposite direction Lucinda had planned to walk in. Lucinda knew that way would take Poppy longer to get home but also was in the wrong direction to her house so would be silly for her to go with her. Poppy wanted to be alone she realised.

"Are you sure? It'll take you longer." Lucinda asked and Poppy merely nodded. Lucinda wasn't about to fight with her best friend and decided to let her do what she wanted. "Ok well I'll talk to you later." She said and watched as Poppy turned around and walked off down the road. Lucinda turned to Brad who was weakly smiling at her and said, "she hates me doesn't she?" 

"Of course not. She's just confused. Give her some time." Brad comforted. "Thanks." Lucinda replied. "You did it though." Brad reminded her. Lucinda chuckled reminding herself of what she had just accomplished. She had defeated The Ivy Witch and managed to save her friends at the same time. Seeing Poppy and Brad tied up and helpless had helped ignite Lucinda's power and she knew that it had helped her defeat the witch. The power she could still feel surging inside of her and she wondered if this feeling would ever go away. 

"Somehow." Lucinda replied still in disbelief. "I should get back home." Lucinda said and began to turn around. "Wait," Brad said pulling on her arm. He smiled innocently at her and said, "You know this is only the beginning for you right?" 

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I saw what you did in there and none of the books I've read ever mentioned that kind of power." He told her. "You're different than the others." he finished. Lucinda had heard the way Marissa had pretty much told her the same about how she wasn't like the other Marcs witches in her family. Witch, she thought. She was a witch now.

"But she's gone. Everything will go back to normal now." Lucinda lied.

"I know you don't believe that." Brad said, "You have this amazing gift. You shouldn't shut it out." 

Brad couldn't explain the feelings rushing through him at that point in time. He was grateful she'd saved him and the whole town but he still felt an overwhelming need to keep her safe even if she was so much better than him at that. He owed her and their families were connected and he intended to keep it that way.

"I'll see you around Brad..." Lucinda said before turning around and walking off.

She knew he was right. She had something special, something that couldn't be ignored even if the threat was gone. What if something else showed up, something that wasn't as easy to get rid of. She needed to be ready and she knew the only way to do that was to learn more about her power.

Lucinda glanced back to see Brad was still stood at the entry way to the woods staring back at her. She smiled at him brightly before turning around again and picking up her pace as she walked off. 

She had a gift. And one amazing friend who could help her with it. Brad was right, she told herself.

This isn't the end.

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