The Haunted

"Oh Lucinda, if you think this has a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention." She smirked amused by Lucinda's sense of optimism.

Something has come back to Bishops Green. Something that wants to kill. Something unworldly.
Sixteen year old Lucinda Marcs is cute, fun and looking forward to the start of her Junior year of High School. But little does she know that something evil has made it's way into Bishop's Green, her quaint, seemingly normal town where nothing ever happened.
And when Lucinda finds herself caught up in the mess it's up to her to figure out how to get rid of this evil for good.
But what happens when her best friend becomes a target? Will she be able to save her? Or will she fall with her?


3. Chapter Three:

"Do you want the orange or the lime soda?" Poppy asked as her and Lucinda walked into her kitchen. "Orange, always" Lucinda said as if it was obvious. Poppy handed her a can of orange soda and retrieved one for herself placing it on the stone counter top in the middle of the kitchen. Lucinda loved Poppy's house, though her own was equally as extravagant Poppy's had a more modern touch which Lucinda pined for in her own home. Lucinda's parents loved antique furniture which meant her house was filled with worn furniture, unnecessarily big chandeliers and vintage paintings. Lucinda had gone a bit OTT when decorating her bedroom wanting to be as opposite to the rest of the house as she could possible be.

"My brother's text me back, he's going to James Ruth's house." Lucinda told Poppy. It wasn't that Poppy really needed to know it just felt right to keep a conversation going. Any silence made it easy for bad thoughts and bad images to enter Lucinda's mind and she hated it.

"Good no one should be alone right now." Poppy told her friend as she cracked open her soda. She took a large gulp of the fizzy drink before putting it back down on the counter. Her mind wandered to images of Alanna and her parents and her house filled with cops as they started their investigation. 

I watch way too much CSI, Poppy told herself.

"You're thinking bad thoughts aren't you?" Lucinda asked seeing her friend clearly distressed. 

"I can't help it. All I can think about is Alanna and I didn't even really know her." Poppy cried.

"Me too. I keep seeing these horrible images. Her poor family." Lucinda realised there was no way they were escaping the bad thoughts. Something major had happened in their town to one of their classmates, this wasn't going away so easily.

"I feel so useless being here. Not that there is anything I could do to help." Poppy sighed. She hadn't been friends with Alanna, in fact she couldn't remember the last time she'd actually spoken to the girl. Alanna was a private, solitary person. She didn't have many friends and she was always alone.

"I know. I feel like sending flowers seems hypocritical when we weren't even her friends." Lucinda offered.

"I don't think so. I think we should out of courtesy. Her parents must be going through hell and at times like this it's nice to know people care." Poppy told her friend smiling. Poppy was always the more caring and considerate of the two friends. Though Lucinda had a heart of gold she wasn't always good with feelings and emotions.

"Mays?" Lucinda suggested knowing that May's flowers were the best in town. She could do things with flowers you didn't even know were possible and everyone loved her. "Great idea." Poppy answered knowing they couldn't go to anybody else.

Poppy picked up her home phone and dialled the number for May's flower shop.

"May's flowers how can I help?" The happy tone came through the phone but Poppy was shocked when it wasn't May's voice she heard. No one else worked with her, it was such a small shop there was no need.

"Urm hi is May not there?" Poppy questioned receiving a surprised look from Lucinda. 

"She's here we're just very busy so she needed a hand. How can I help?" The woman on the other end of the phone repeated her question. 

"We'd like to order some flowers to send to the Craig residence please." Poppy asked. She heard a heavy sigh come through the phone and guessed this wasn't the first time this woman had been asked this. Everyone knew everyone in a town this small and it wasn't surprising to think everyone would be using flowers as a gesture of kindness.

"Ok, any preference?" The polite tone came through. "Urm shall we say thirty dollars and all baby pink please." Poppy suggested remembering the baby pink trainers Alanna always wore at school. Though they weren't friends it was hard for Poppy to miss fashion. She moved to the counter and opened her bag retrieving her wallet from one of the inside pockets. She pulled out her - well her parents - credit card and read the number to the woman. 

"That's great thank you. What message would you like on it?" She asked Poppy.

Poppy thought about it for a minute knowing there was nothing she could say to take away the pain Alanna's parents would be feeling right now. But she had to put something. She couldn't send anonymous flowers.

"Something simple like we're thinking of you in this tragic time. From Poppy and Lucinda." Poppy told the woman. The woman repeated the message and confirmed their order. "We'll send you an email to confirm. Thank you for calling May's." The woman said before hanging up on Poppy.

"Do you think they'll know who Poppy and Lucinda are?" Lucinda asked as she slowly sipped her orange soda. Usually the flavours would burst in her mouth reminding her of sunshine and happiness but today it tasted bland. "Probably not but I didn't know what else to put. It's not like we were friends with Alanna." Poppy replied solemnly.

Lucinda nodded not sure of what else there was to say. Her and Poppy simply sipped their drinks quietly both of them conjuring up images of Alanna's dead body. Lucinda was sure she was going to have bad thoughts constantly at least for a few days until she could compartmentalise her emotions.

The silence between the girls was overpowering, they couldn't remember the last time they'd gone this long without talking. But neither of them could seem to think of the right thing to say.

"So neither of us got to see the new guy..." Poppy began. "I know it seems unnatural to talk about anything other than Alanna but I need to think of something else before my brain explodes." Lucinda gave a knowing smile. She felt the same, her brain was racing with images of their unfortunate classmate and she needed a distraction.

"It's ok. I think we both need a distraction right now." Lucinda told her.

"So new guy?" Poppy offered.

"Hmm still a mystery. You should've seen Rose's face when she asked me if I'd seen him. It was strange. I don't think I've ever seen Rose smile like that." Lucinda said.

"I know. Isobel Clarke, you know the one who started the rumour about Chloe Gregg's and Marcus Winch sleeping together?" Poppy began and after receiving a nod from Lucinda she continued, "She was talking about the new guy in home room and her face was practically glowing. We really need to meet this guy." Lucinda chuckled before saying, "I know everyone's enjoying his presence and we're missing out." She winked at her best friend.

"What do you think the odds are on someone having a pic of him already?" Poppy asked mischievously.

"In our school? Definitely! Someones got to have at least snapped an image secretively to send round to those of us who haven't been gifted by his appearance." Lucinda confirmed.

"I'm going to ask Sophie. If anyone has it it'll be her." Poppy said picking  up her Iphone and texting Sophie.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Lucinda began causing confusion to cross over Poppy's face. "She might be in mourning." Lucinda told her. Poppy put her phone down forgetting for a moment about Alanna. "I completely forgot. That's so bad." She gasped not believing her own insensitivity. 

"It's understandable. We were trying to distract ourselves." Lucinda comforted her friend. 

"Do you think her parents will have a closed funeral? Considering the way she died?" Poppy asked curiously. Normally in a town the size of Bishops Green everyone got invited to a funeral in town even if they weren't exactly related to or friends with the deceased.

"I don't know. Maybe. Alanna's parents were friendly with everyone it would be hard to keep it closed." Lucinda offered. In truth Lucinda secretly hoped she wouldn't receive an invite, it would feel rude attending a funeral for a girl she hardly knew and one she hadn't bothered to get to know. She had always seen Alanna at lunch in school or in the four classes they shared but they'd never talked. 

"Yeah I guess. It must be hard to plan your daughters funeral. She was so young." Poppy said. "She was the same age as us." Lucinda said. Poppy nodded, "exactly." She replied. The need to not talk rushed over Lucinda again and she found herself speechless. Was this ever going to feel better? Was life in Bishop's Green going to feel normal again?

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