The Haunted

"Oh Lucinda, if you think this has a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention." She smirked amused by Lucinda's sense of optimism.

Something has come back to Bishops Green. Something that wants to kill. Something unworldly.
Sixteen year old Lucinda Marcs is cute, fun and looking forward to the start of her Junior year of High School. But little does she know that something evil has made it's way into Bishop's Green, her quaint, seemingly normal town where nothing ever happened.
And when Lucinda finds herself caught up in the mess it's up to her to figure out how to get rid of this evil for good.
But what happens when her best friend becomes a target? Will she be able to save her? Or will she fall with her?


8. Chapter Eight:

Lucinda shuffled down the stairs wrapped in her fluffy pink dressing gown that her mother had bought her for Christmas last year. Since arriving home she hadn't been able to keep herself warm which was strange as it was only September and the weather outside still had a hint of summer. But Lucinda didn't feel cold on the outside it was her insides that felt they needed warming. 

Her mother had returned to work after leaving her at home which Lucinda had already suspected. Her parents were important people, her mother a Lawyer and her father a financial director, neither of them had time to sit at home and nurse a sick teenager. Though Georgia, their housemaid, was pottering about the house Lucinda didn't want to bother her so she took care of herself.

Luckily Lucinda only had to wait five more minutes and then Poppy would be here. Her friend had promised to come over straight after school to keep her company and divulge any gossip that she may have missed. She knew Noah would be home soon too and he had been texting her all afternoon asking why she had gone home sick. 

She walked into the kitchen and opened the door to the pantry where her parents kept all the snacks they bought. She perused the containers filled with sugary treats and the packets upon packets of chips trying to decide what to eat. It wasn't that she was hungry she just wanted the comfort that came with eating junk food. She picked up the bag of Chloe's chocolate chip cookies and closed the door. Lucinda loved Chloe's cookies, to her Chloe was a genius and made the best damn cookies she'd ever tasted. 

A sharp knock on the door echoed through the house making Lucinda jump even though she knew it couldn't be anyone other than Poppy. She glanced at the clock in the kitchen that read 3:45pm. It was definitely Poppy. Lucinda scuffled to the front door and slowly opened it to see Poppy excitedly smiling at her. Lucinda moved out the way to let Poppy inside and shut the door behind them both. 

The girls walked into the kitchen and took a seat on two of the island stools. Lucinda pulled out a cookie for herself and handed the bag to Poppy. The girls munched on their cookies simultaneously before Poppy excitedly said, "So guess who finally got a glance at the new boy today..." Poppy beamed from ear to ear and Lucinda merely rolled her eyes. She still hadn't seen this amazing new guy and now her best friend had sneaked a peak without her. "So..." Lucinda coaxed waiting for Poppy to divulge the juicy details.

"He is so cute. Like hot cute." Poppy said grinning. "He has floppy dark brown hair that stops just above his eyebrows that perfectly frame his gorgeous dark brown almost black eyes. Ugh I could get lost in those eyes for days. He's very fashionable but not like he's trying too hard. And he has the most gorgeous smile I think I've ever seen on a guy before. Ugh Luce I think I'm in love." Poppy giggled throwing her arm dramatically over her face. Lucinda smirked knowing her friend was exaggerating, Poppy loved every guy she came into contact with this wasn't unusual. Although everyone that had seen this new guy in the flesh seemed bowled over by him.

"Does he have a name yet?" Lucinda asked trying to push back the image of a cute guy with brown floppy hair. She did not need to distract herself with guys right now that was so not important in the grand scheme of things. "Brad." Poppy told Lucinda. Lucinda nodded her head as if accepting the name. She still wanted to see the guy in person if he really was as amazing as everyone made out a description would never be enough.

"So what do you think?" Lucinda asked but from the huge grin on Poppy's face it was obvious. "So gorgeous. But way out of my league." Poppy sulked. "What? No way! You're gorgeous you could have any guy! You're blonde, blue eyed and have a great body, especially your butt." Lucinda winked giggling. "Oh I know, I'm super cute and I'm athletic but he's really intelligent. I could never keep up." Poppy shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm sure you could." Lucinda nudged her friends shoulder comfortingly. "No, but you could." Poppy said. She sat herself up straighter the way she did when she had something important to say. "Actually that's not a bad idea. He'd totally go for a girl like you. You're sweet and cute but not at all clingy. You're beautiful and intelligent so you could have interesting conversations. God I definitely need to get you guys to meet." Poppy decided as if Lucinda had no say in it. Lucinda tried to convince herself she needed to focus on more important things like her inability to sleep but the idea of a cute guy and dating didn't stop her from smiling.

"Surely you guys would have some classes together. I mean he's practically Einstein. I'm not even sure why he was in my class." Poppy commented. "That's when I saw him in my Math class." She explained.

"Well I haven't seen him and he's been here a week now. I'm sure I would've seen him by now if we had a class together." Lucinda said. She hadn't even caught sight of the guy all week and yet everyone knew who he was it seemed like it was only her who was missing out. "I don't get how it's been five days and I haven't seen him and you've only just seen him. It's just weird." Lucinda commented realising how strange it really was. Bishop's Green High wasn't a big school it was hard to avoid anyone. 

"I know I was beginning to think I was never going to see him. He kind of disappears when he's not in class. As soon as Math ended he was already running out the door," Poppy told her. It wasn't strange for students to run out of class as most people did it all the time afraid of being late for their next lesson but it was strange no one saw this Brad out of classes.

"Rose has four lessons with him maybe you could talk to her." Poppy suggested and Lucinda merely shrugged. She didn't want to become obsessed with seeing this guy she knew it would happen when it happened.

"I think I can wait." Lucinda said firmly trying to convince herself more than her friend.

"He doesn't have Facebook I checked." Poppy told her making Lucinda giggle. "Mrs Laines had the register projected up on the board as she always does so I saw his full name and did a quick check." Lucinda loved her best friend. If anyone was going to do something like that it would have to be Poppy.

"Ok, enough about him." Lucinda began and decided to ask the question she wasn't sure she wanted an answer to. "Has anyone heard anymore about Alanna?" 

It had been four days since they'd found out their classmate Alanna Craig had been found dead in her home by her parents. At first the police were treating it as a murder or at least a suspicious death but now it seemed they were filing it under natural causes. Which for a sixteen year old girl was strange.

"Not really. There was a rumour going round that it was drugs but that didn't last long. And Bobby Prince said their house is still cordoned off. So I guess they're still investigating it." Poppy said.

Bobby Prince had lived next door to the Craig's for almost ten years now and he had been looking awfully solemn around school the past few days. Everyone was afraid to ask him any questions in fear of being insensitive. 

"He was more talkative today not that it was anything nice to talk about." Poppy shrugged. She had been sitting next to Bobby in Math class when he'd started talking to her about Alanna. Bobby and Poppy weren't friends exactly but they'd been in the same classes since they were in kindergarten together. 

In Bishop's Green it was unlikely that there was someone at school you didn't know as everyone had all been to the same school since they were three. That's what made Brad's appearance so strange. Nobody ever moved to Bishops Green it was boring and quiet, if anything people were desperate to get out. 

"I guess he's gotten over the initial shock of it and now wants to talk about it to ease the grief." Lucinda said. Everyone had found out that Bobby had been one of the witnesses when Alanna's body had been removed from her house. It must've been horrible to see the gurney knowing your classmate was on it.

"Yeah but there was something else he mentioned that was weird." Poppy began unsure if telling Lucinda was the right thing. She didn't want to freak her out more than she already was.

"What?" Lucinda exclaimed disliking the awkward silence. Whatever Poppy had to tell her clearly wasn't good.

"He only briefly mentioned it but it just didn't sit right with me." Poppy stalled.

"Pop what is it?" Lucinda asked calmly begging her friend to tell her.

"He said he'd been having nightmares.

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