The Musician and the Model

Elsa Hansen, the beautiful model, has no idea what she got herself into. First, her magnificent brother went and made himself a friend. Second, that friend just had to bring four of her friends. Third and foremost, Elsa just had to go and fall in love with the one and only Calum Hood. Look into, and enjoy, the dazzling life of the Musician and the Model.


2. Two

    "Gumman ville vagga

Och inga barn hade hon;

Då tog hon in

Fölungen sin,

Och lade den i vaggan sin.

Vyssa, vyssa, långskånken min,

Långa ben har du;

Lefver du till sommaren,

Blir du lik far din"

    I sang to my little nephew. Rocking the sleeping baby, I slowly stepped around the blue and white room. Almost identical to the first baby put to sleep by my brother-in-law in the jungle-themed room.

    That man was leaning against the door frame, silently watching an unknowing me, his black curls flopped over to his eyebrows. His eyes, the color of summer leaves, focused solely on me and his adoptive son. His arms were crossed across his muscular chest, covered ever-so-slightly by a muscle t-shirt. He was a tall man, just around 6 feet tall, 6 feet 2 inches to be exact. He had prominent features and his jaw itself was salient. The man beheld the young girl, practically ogling at the fact that she looked so much like his husband, my elder brother of five years.

    My hair was light blonde, almost the color of snow. My eyes a vibrant color of aquamarine. My features all around were small and fine, and mixed with my fair skin, it made me appear more like flower. I am a petite girl with a perfectly proportioned body. Breathtakingly exquisite, I've been told. I guess that was what was expected from a Swedish super-model. My name is Elsa Hansen, my brother is Elias Hansen--also known as Ellie Hansdóttir--, his husband is Henry Van de Berg-Hansen.

    When I finished with the song, I gently set my four-month-old nephew in his white cradle. Then I made to check on his twin brother the room over. When I saw Henry watching me, I jumped into the air and squeaked.

    "For helvede, Henry." I breathed. Then checked on the baby I just put to sleep. When I walked out of his nursery, glaring, I took Henry out and closed the door softly.

    "You always sing that song to Daan and Lars. What is it, Danish?"

    "Swedish. It's a nursery rhyme my grandma would sing to Eli and me. Gumman ville vague." I smiled, the anger from before gone.

    "That's sweet." he smiled back as both of us walked down the stairs. Then we would go straight to the kitchen. "What does that mean? The woman and a baby?"

    "The Old Woman Wanted to Cradle a Baby," I jumped onto the island. "Is there any olliebollen left?"

    "Let me check." he opened the fridge. "No."

    "Fantastic." I said, my tone frozen with sarcasm. Sarcasm which turned into accusation towards Henry. "Wonder who ate them all."

    "Would you like me to make you something, princess?" Henry copied my earlier sarcastic tone.

    "I hate you." I groaned.

    "Love you too, Els." he ruffled my neatly braided hair and walked away, leaving me scowling in his wake.


    An hour later Henry, Elias--out of drag--, and I were watching a movie . . . or Henry was watching a movie. I had fallen asleep about forty minutes into the movie--I was now laying down on the couch, my head had fallen in my brother's lap--, Eli was only half-awake.

    "I have a friend. We meet at party." Eli lazily said to his husband.

    "Oh really. Boy or girl?" Henry asked, slightly envious. He turned to run his fingers through the platinum locks of hair on his partner's head.

    "Her name is Crystal. She says when she comes back here she will come to house." Elias said with his eyes closed. Either enjoying Henry's fingers in his hair or falling asleep.

    "Where's she from then?" Henry asked, staring at his love as the people on screen ran from the shark. Eli mumbled his response as his head slumped onto Henry's shoulder, fast asleep.

    Henry chuckled and watched as the man was eaten by the large shark.



the song will be translated later in the story

For helvede - fucking hell; for fuck's sake (according to Pewdiepie, native Swedish speaker)

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