The Musician and the Model

Elsa Hansen, the beautiful model, has no idea what she got herself into. First, her magnificent brother went and made himself a friend. Second, that friend just had to bring four of her friends. Third and foremost, Elsa just had to go and fall in love with the one and only Calum Hood. Look into, and enjoy, the dazzling life of the Musician and the Model.


3. Three

    "Daany, Daany, Daany, Daan. Daany, Daany, Daany, Daan." Henry sang out of boredom as he changed his son's diaper. Daan himself was staring up at one of his fathers as he kicked and giggled and blew out spit-bubbles.

    "Look at Lars," I pointed out, admiring one of my nephews.

    Lars was laying on the floor with foam blocks all around him, he'd pick them up, chew on them, then throw the blocks. The matching brown hair on both Daan and Lars was more like a mop-top hat on the twins. Both the boys had large doe-eyes. Both had the sweetest, most adorable little baby faces; their cheeks were round, their noses were button. The only difference between them were their eyes—Daan's were chocolate brown and Lars' were sky-blue. Both of the babies' cute chubby baby bodies were covered in white footies with black and gray bear paw prints all over it. Over their hearts was a cute white bear with a big red nose and saying 'I'm beary cute'. Red cotton lined the neck, armholes, and buttons.

    "Henry! Could you help me?" I heard my brother call from on top of the stairs.

    "Coming!" Henry shot up and began to run towards the stairs. "Oh! Els, could you?"

    "I'll watch them." I smiled and away he went. As he was jumping three steps at a time, I chuckled and sat next to the twins. Daan had pulled himself over on top of his brother.

    I just had to laugh at the humorous ways the babies would entertain themselves when there were a few knocks on the door.

    "I'll be right back. rör dig inte, boys." I said to the boys in Swedish. Do not move, it meant. Not like they'd listen though.

    I stumbled off of the floor and headed to the door. When I had opened the door, I was greeted by four faces.

    One was a girl, she was standing in the middle. She had long red hair, it was hard the tell the exact length because it was up in a ponytails. I thought I had recognized her before, and now it finally came to me. What was her name? Candy, Cristy, Crystal...Crystal it's Crystal.

    I didn't recognize the three faces behind her. All male, all tall. One of them, the weird-looking one, was holding hands with Crystal. His eyes were a mixture of gray and green, his face was round with brown stubble on his jaw and chin.

    Another one was taller than the rest. His hair was wavy and blonde, not like my blonde though—his was a darker shade. His eyes were a pretty blue—kind of like mine but less aqua. He also had a bit of stubble on his face, it looked more as if he had shaved before, but it had just grown back. The one on the other side of Crystal also had a type of blonde hair it seemed. He was a bit shorter than the other boys. He was smiling at me. His smile was nice, I guess, but it made me feel uncomfortable. It crinkled up his hazel eyes, and shown deep crevices in his cheeks.

    "Hi! You must be Elsa, right?" Crystal said to me, taking a step towards me, all-the-while pulling her hand out of the weird one's. She extended her other hand to me. "I'm Crystal."

    I shook her hand to be nice, "I know who you are. Eli told us about you."


    "Henry and me," then I had to elaborate. "Henry is Eli's husband. Yes, I am Elsa."

    "He told me you were better at English. Well, I guess his exact words were, 'her English is best'," she laughed, I shrugged.

    "It's only a little better. He can still read it, I can't." I told her.

    She moved, exposing the men.

    "This is Michael, he's my boyfriend," she referred to the weird-looking one.

    I shook his hand. Then Crystal moved her hand to the blue-eyed man, "This is Luke."

    I shook his hand. Crystal then turned to the smiley man, "Ashton."

    I shook his hand just as someone else ran up and a female voice called out, "There he is! Elsa, this is Calum. Where were you?"

    "I was looking for my phone. Woah," he finally looked to me.

    He was very much my type—meaning hot as hell. Calum's hair was brown, but I got caught up in his eyes. They were boring brown, but I loved them. Reminded me of chocolate, and I love chocolate. He was tall as well, perhaps Michael's height.

    We looked each other up-and-down. Eyes trailing along my body would usually make me uncomfortable and self-conscious—I know, weird for a super-model, but it's different when it's just a picture—but I was too busy looking at him.

    Though he was wearing jeans, I could tell his legs were strong. Though he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, I could just imagine how toned his top-half was.

    I only wanted to know how his bottom-half was.

    I slowly moved my eyes back up and extended out my hand, cheeks growing red out of embarrassment of his friends totally seeing me checking him out.

    He did the same, I could see his tanned face burning, which made me feel better, as we shook hands.

    "I-I'm Elsa." I choked out somehow, my brain was having trouble working.

    "You're so pretty." he mused which made me giggle, and the blush on both of our faces grew hotter. I looked away from him and invited all five of them inside.

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