The Musician and the Model

Elsa Hansen, the beautiful model, has no idea what she got herself into. First, her magnificent brother went and made himself a friend. Second, that friend just had to bring four of her friends. Third and foremost, Elsa just had to go and fall in love with the one and only Calum Hood. Look into, and enjoy, the dazzling life of the Musician and the Model.


1. One

The music made us dance.

The flashing lights disorientated our vision.

The blackness made the neon marks on our skin glow brighter.

The large group of people in the middle of the room felt rather than heard the electro sounds as the mushrooms pumped through their veins.

New Years, heading straight into 2017. Amsterdam was lively this time around. Pretty safe to say everyone was happy 2016 was over; even some of the police that came to bust the parties found themselves lost in the music.

I was over in the corner enjoying myself with new people. My name is Elias Hansen, but now I'm Ellie Hansdóttir. Drag queen from Sweden. Usually my hair is light blonde, but now I had covered it with a shoulder-length ebony-colored wig. I always kept my eye color natural, aquamarine—a perfect mixture of blue and green. Maybe a little more on the blue side. My features were nice and fine. My skin was fair, showing my nordic heritage.

Next to me, laughing sweetly and having the time of her life, was one of the new people. She was pretty, even a completely homosexual man like me can see that. The girl was American, I could tell that even from afar. She still looked nice, I guess. She was skinny, but not too skinny. Short, maybe 5 foot 5 inches to 8 inches—it was hard to tell exactly as she was wearing pretty tall heels. With both of us wearing heels, she reached up only to my nose. She seems a little close to my 5 feet 10 inches. Her hair had a nice wave and was a dark auburn color that reached down to her chest. Her eyes were a beautiful blue-gray that glowed as she reached up, smiling at the sable ceiling.

I decided to actually talk to her, instead of just dancing, laughing, and drinking.

"How is your name?" I tried. English was not my first language, Swedish is. Then Finnish, Danish, German, and Dutch. English comes right at the end.

She laughed at my obviously terrible English grammar, and answered, "I'm Crystal."

"Excuse English. It is not a better. My sister is best." She was, but at least I can read the language; she has to have it translated for her. Crystal smiled at me in understanding.

"What!" she yelled.

I felt myself laughing a hearty laugh, then pulled the girl through the crowd and out of the door, not letting go of her arm.

"I am Ellie now."

"Well hello, Ellie! What are you usually?"

"Usually I am Elias. When I am Ellie just call me Ellie." I exaggerated on every word, just trying to get it right.

"Sounds good. What is going on here?" she pointed back at the closed door. "Is it normal?"

"It is party. This one is more . . ." I looked back at the party behind us. "Big. More big."

Crystal let out a giggle and told me, "You're so cute."

"Yay! I like you, we friends?" said I, pointed between us.

"What is your number?" I pulled out my green and blue covered phone.

"Here, I'll put it in." I gave her my phone, and we were both quiet. Then everything turned silent.

Crystal looked back at the party after she gave my phone back.

"What's going on?" she asked. I smiled and pulled her back into the doorframe to watch the crowd.

"Tien! Negen! Acht! Zeven! Zes!" the crowd yelled in Dutch, Crystal looked confusingly towards me, who was counting down with the crowd. "Vijf! Vier! Drie! Twee! Eén! Nul!"

At the 'drie', I took Crystal back outside to finish the countdown, then together we watched the chaos of fireworks explode into the sky.

"Holy shit." Crystal exclaimed as the lights from all around were let off. She didn't even take notice at the fact that most everyone was outside enjoying the explosion.


"You should come over to my place." I said to my new friend. It'd be interesting seeing her with my husband, sister, and sons. "It is in Rotterdam, about one hour away."

"I'd love to, it sounds like fun." she replied, just then her phone rang. "Excuse me, I should get this."

I nodded and, giving her space, walked with her to the side of a building. A minute or two of silence later, she finally finished and turned to me.

"That was my friend, I have to go back to our hotel." she said apologetically. "Next time I'm here, I'm definitely coming over."

"Okay, I walk to to your hotel." I smiled and we started walking.



tien - 10; negen - 9; acht - 8; zeven - 7; zes - 6; vijf - 5; vier - 4; drie - 3; twee - 2; eén - 1; nul - 0 (according to dutch learning site)

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