The Musician and the Model

Elsa Hansen, the beautiful model, has no idea what she got herself into. First, her magnificent brother went and made himself a friend. Second, that friend just had to bring four of her friends. Third and foremost, Elsa just had to go and fall in love with the one and only Calum Hood. Look into, and enjoy, the dazzling life of the Musician and the Model.


4. Four


    “Eli!” Crystal ran into my brother’s outstretched arms. Looking at Eli, he was very roughed up, as was Henry as I could see him fixing himself up for the crowd.

    But that was none of my business.

    “The blonde-haired faggot is my brother, Elias right now. The brown-haired asshat is his husband,” I felt the need to introduce them, as to only get Calum to stop looking at me to stop the awkwardness from spreading with his friends—who were watching him check me out.

    I pranced to the babies on the floor, Luke and Calum followed me while smiley-Ashton and Michael went to Crystal and my brothers (Henry is my brother-in-law, that is close enough that I tend to call him also my brother).

    “Who are these little guys?” Luke said as he crouched down to both be level with me and be closer to my nephews. I could feel Calum’s eyes on me, but since I wanted to avoid any other awkward moments on my part, I ignored him.

    “My nephews—adopted of course. They’re fraternal, believe it or not. As you can clearly see; brown-eyes is Daan—spelt D-A-A-N—, blue-eyes is Lars.” I told them. The only reason I spelt out Daan’s name is because I could hear Australian accents on them—watered down Australian accent, but they are still from an English-speaking country. People from English-speaking countries can’t seem to get his name right. They spell it like the English version (also how it is pronounced), D-A-N. Since my brothers didn't have the hearts to disagree, the boys’ mother named them. Daan Lukas and Lars Jack.

    “How old are they?” Calum sat next to Luke—who was playing with Lars as Daan was being picked up by Calum.

    “Four months. They were born on the 2nd of September,” I leaned forward to run my fingers through the twin’s soft hair. “Two good things out of 2016.”

    “We released a song that year—Girls Talk Boys,” Luke argued. Wait, wasn’t that a song in that godawful remake?

    “Ghostbusters? I know you boys looked familiar,” I laughed. “Australia’s own, 5 Seconds of Summer.”

    “The one and only,” Calum said, standing up straighter with a very, very attractive smile on his amazing face.

    “I like that one song you guys sang,” I told them.

    “She Looks So Perfect? Our biggest hit,” Luke turned to Lars, played him on his lap, and began tickling him. Making him scream with delight. Calum spent his time squeezing Daan’s cheeks and making him smile up at him.

    “No, that’s overplayed and boring,” I looked Calum in the eyes when he shot his head to me. “I like that Greenlight song.”

    “You do?” he strained, placing my nephew closer to his blocks, which he accepted happily.

    “I heard it on YouTube awhile back.” I shrugged, pleased that I had affect on him. “How does it go again?”

    Seeing Calum and I somewhat flirting, Luke grabbed both of the babies and their toys and moved them further away from us to play with them some more.

    “Uh…I-It’s definitely what I’m feeling now,” Calum shook, staring at me with those nice brown eyes


    It’s been a while since I left that scene. I enjoyed flirting with Calum, making him all choked up. Just because I don’t want awkwardness with him, doesn't mean I cant test the waters. Or, you know, have sex with him. I’m probably never going to see him again, sex is meaningless at that point. I mean, Calum’s hot. Who ever said no sex? I mean, I am very, very bored.

    Right now, I am putting the boys to sleep. Daan was already asleep and I’m working on Lars, rocking him around his jungle themed room. 

    I loved this room, well I mean, I painted it myself. I loved the tree extending it’s arms over the two grazing giraffes. Animals laying in the tree’s branches. A monkey enjoying his time on the opposite wall. A mahogany crib under the branch and the giraffe’s necks.

    Eli and I designed this room. Not to pat myself on the back, but it’s amazing. What we’ve never seen since we've only ever lived in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and now the Netherlands. It doesn't get very jungle-y up here in the north. 

    I sang my lullaby to the baby, as my grandmother sang to Eli and me.

    “Gumman ville vagga

    Och inga barn hade hon;

    Då tog hon in

    Fölungen sin,

    Och lade den i vaggan sin.

    Vyssa, vyssa, långskånken min,

    Långa ben har du;

    Lefver du till sommaren,

    Blir du lik far din.

    When I finished, I did as I usually do, lay a sleeping Lars in his cradle and walk out of the room. While coming out of his room, I ran into Calum.

    “We’re going to start some music up. Since you actually live here and Eli and Henry left. It’s a really nice house, really pretty. Gorgeous really. What’s that song?” Calum rambled, which made me smile up at him. Standing next to him really made me realize how tall he really was. My eyes only reached to his shoulders.

    “I would love to, and the song was just something my grandma would sing to me when I was younger. It’s in Swedish,” I told him. “The Old Woman Wanted to Cradle a Baby, or Gumman ville vagga in Swedish.”

    “What’s the entire song?” he asked, so I started singing.

    “Roughly, it’s:

    The old lady wanted to cradle a baby

    and she had no children

    then she took in


    and put it down in it’s cradle

    hush, hush, my long-shanks

    long legs bore you

    do you live for the summer?

    do you become like your father?”

    “That’s nice. Come on, let’s go,” he grabbed my hand—which just the touch of him made my heart skip a beat—and we ran down the stairs. Or, pulled me down the stairs.

    A quick scan of the room told be where everyone was. Luke was at the stereo, searching for a song. Ashton was dancing alone, or if you can count swaying while making stupid faces dancing. Crystal was in Michael’s arms and they were swaying and smiling at how idiotic Ashton was.

    “Hey! You guys are back! Luke picked a song that he said you two will enjoy.” Ashton called out to us. Calum and I both looked to each other, then to Luke, who was smiling devilishly.

    “What song?” I asked sweetly.

    Before either one of us knew, the intro of Greenlight was playing.

    “Wow…” Calum said as I gaped at Luke.

    Then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and felt strong arms turning me around by my waist so I was facing him. Then we were “dancing” all while smiling and laughing. Before I was turned, I saw Luke run over to Ashton and joining his stupid motions.

    I had then turned around so I can watch everyone’s dancing, but as the chorus neared, Calum reached his arms around my waist and sang in my ear with his chin in the crick of my neck.

    “It's taking me over,

    I don't wanna play this game no more,

    All you gotta do is tell me right now,

    You want me right now, come on,

    Give me the green light,

    We could have all night,

    If you just say the word,

    Tell me it's alright,

    Give me the green light

    He sang the song to me all the while running his hands over my body. At that moment I didn't care who was watching, I just wanted Calum right then and there.

    It was his turn to play, and by god was I loving this game. I don't care if he doesn't want to play this game no more, he's playing because I don't want to lose such a fantastic player. So I let him run through his turn, as I was his willing companion.

    As the music went on, I felt myself getting more and more lost in his arms. I felt he was muscular and the need to see him naked drove over me again. So I turned in his arms and whispered in his ear, “I don't think you've had the pleasure of seeing my fantastic room.”

    He replied with a smile and broad, “Oh, I've been wanting that all night.”

    I ran my hands along his brawny arms until I got to his hands. Then dragged him up the stairs and to my room.


    My room was quite large with white walls. Along the walls were alice blue designs that resembled ice and snow—painted by yours truly. I had pictures on my walls of my homes so I will never forget them. Swedish midsummer festivals, Danish beaches, Finnish mountains, everywhere I have ever lived. I even have the flags draped along the front walls.

    I had a large rug resembling a sunset on my floor, and two brown nightstands that matched the wood on my bed. On the nightstands were table lamps and picture frames—one of my mother, Eli and me and another one with my father and me and lastly one with the twins, me, and my brothers. My bed was black and white and blue all over and definitely large enough for four people to sleep comfortably—if they’re comfortable with sleeping while touching other people. Right now though it’s just Calum and me, glimmering with sweat and breathing heavily.

    Not that I would tell him this, but that was some of the best sex i have ever had in all of my five years of sexual experience—I lost my virginity at fourteen, technically thirteen. I’m eighteen now, turning nineteen on Saint Valentine’s Day.

    Anyway, Calum and I were completely nude and just a few inches apart. If I wanted to I could just move over and hold onto him. It was strange because I did want to. I wanted to hold his hand under the warm covers, I wanted to spend my days alone with him, maybe marry him.

    Wait, wait, wait…marry? Okay, I have officially lost my mind. So, in effort to stop strange thoughts (like marriage) and feeling of him, I moved away from him. That plan was foiled when he noticed and turned to face me.

    “So what about friendship?” he speculated.

    Friendship, he wants to talk about friendship after that amazing sex? Did he enjoy himself at all? I gathered up up every ounce of frustration that bubbled inside of me, and pushed it down to be used later.

    “What about our friendship?” I said through clenched teeth, obviously not all of the frustration gone.

    He turned back around to face the ceiling, sensing my emotions.

    “Do you want to stay friends, or do you want to be more?” 

    “What do you want to do?”

    “I don’t know, thats why I asked you.”

    I got up, and walked to my closet to put on my robe.

    “Elsa?” he got up as well and searched the floor for his clothes.

    “Did you even care? Even enjoy it? You're sitting there talking about friendship—ugh!” I blew up.

    “What?” he stared blankly, wearing only undergarments and jeans.

    “You know what, never mind. That was stupid, you don't have to answer any of those.” I started to walk out of the door and into the bathroom. I shouldn't have blown up on him, he's my guest and that wasn't cool.

    “God damnit,” he followed me. I felt him hand grab my arm, then he pulled me to face him.

    “I did care, do care actually. I did enjoy it very much. I’m talking about friendship because all I want to do—all I've felt since I saw you is the need to be with you in any way, shape, or form. It doesn't seem like you want either friendship or more,” he went off.

    All I could say was, “Oh”, as he sharply turned to walk past me and leave.



    “I do want to be friends, if that’s okay with you.”

    He smiled, “Of course, and my friends tend to call me ‘Cal’ a lot. I guess it’s easier than saying my full name.”

    I returned the smile, “Well, Cal, my friends tend to call me ‘Els’. I guess that’s easier than my name.”

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