The Musician and the Model

Elsa Hansen, the beautiful model, has no idea what she got herself into. First, her magnificent brother went and made himself a friend. Second, that friend just had to bring four of her friends. Third and foremost, Elsa just had to go and fall in love with the one and only Calum Hood. Look into, and enjoy, the dazzling life of the Musician and the Model.


5. Five

    “I still don't understand. You two had sex, but are still just friends?” Elias questioned. We were currently at the market, picking up groceries and more pacifiers for the babies since they destroyed the other ones.

    I picked up a head of lettuce and let it fall in the basket. “Yes, what’s the problem with that?” I asked.

    “You’re just friends? Is it not awkward?” my brother exaggerated, I pulled a face. “What?”

    “Truth is; we don't really talk about it, and most of our conversations are on the phone anyway,” it’s true, Calum and I haven't seen each other in person since they left the morning after the night. It’s now been two weeks.

    “Why not?” he said, putting strawberries in the basket. “Just talk to each other.”

    “He’s in Los Angeles,” I shrugged it off.

    “Go to L A,” Elias replied.

    “You know what happened last time I was in the US,” it was a nightmare. I had gone during summer, and I wasn't aware about the temperatures during that season. I was hot, tired, in an alien country where I could hardly understand the language. Well, I could understand it; just when I tried to read things, they just looked like jumbled up letters. It was a guessing game, and I looked stupid when I guessed them wrong (which was most of the time).

    “Go, Elsa. I can finish up here,” he said to me, an apologetic look stained his eyes.

    “What do I even do once I’m there?”

    “Call me when you land, I will lead you.”

    Then I was off to the house to pack.


    “Elsa, I don’t see why I have to come. The United States people don't necessarily like either of my countries,” my best friend—also a supermodel—Lina Ivanov said to me. Since I didn't want to be alone, I dragged her with me. We had already landed and we were walking to get our bags.

    Lina was gorgeous, and quite the opposite of me. I was Scandinavian, she was a mixture of German and Russian. My hair was almost white, her’s is black. My eyes are aquamarine, her’s are brown. I have fine features, she has prominent.

    We became friends when we were fifteen. I was living in Denmark, and she came with her parents to one of the beaches. We were friends automatically. We both signed up to model together—over FaceTime. We both became supermodels together. Now we both live in the Netherlands, she’s in Amsterdam while I’m in Rotterdam.

    “You’ll be fine, I don't want to be lonely,” I said to her.

    “You have friends over here,” she argued. “You wouldn't be lonely. Plus they could read things for you, or help you read the words, a lot better than I can.”

    “The flight is eleven hours. I’d be lonely then,” I rebutted. “If Eli’s planning—whatever it leads to—doesn’t work, I’ll need you.”

    She shoved my arm and we laughed for a while until I remembered to actually call my brother to get the plan. After five rings, he answered.

    “Elsa?” he frantically answered, trying to breath. I heard what I guessed was Henry in the background, groaning, and my brother struggled to stifle a moan.

    “Eli? You told me to call you for the next thing.”

    “Uh, call Calum or one of them and tell them you are in the city. Make up the rest,” then he abruptly hung up.

    “What?” Lina asked me after seeing my face stuck in a silent laugh.

    “I think I just called him during his and Henry’s…fun time.”

    “Holy shit,” we laughed while waiting for our bags. Then I called Luke, he picked up after a few rings. Or a girl did.

    “Who is this?” she angrily said.

    “Who is this?” I matched her tone.

    “I’m Luke’s girlfriend, so…you can fuck off.”

    Wow, what a bitch.

    “What? He has a girlfriend?” was the nicest thing I could have said.

    “Yes, he does. Like I said, fuck off.”

    Then she hung up.

    “Guessing that didn't go so well,” Lina observed.

    “Luke’s girlfriend picked up,” I told her as my phone began to buzz. “It’s him.”

    “Hello?” I answered.

    “Hey, Elsa,” it was Luke. “Sorry about that, I wasn't expecting a call.”

    “I wasn't expecting to be anywhere near the Americas, but I got exactly that,” I pointed out our bags on the contraption and Lina grabbed them. “I’m in Los Angeles right now.”


    “Yeah, and I’m with my friend. We kind of need a ride, and were hoping you’d help us out.”

    “Yeah, I’ll come…my girlfriend’s coming too.”

    “Yay,” I sarcastically said, earning a laugh from him.


    “Where are we going?” Luke said from the front seat. Next to him was a girl, pretty I guess. She had a tanned complexion with dark eyes and long eyelashes. Her hair was dyed a light shade of brown and wavy like it had just been taken out of a braid.

    That must have been the girl that had been so mean over the phone.

    In the back of the car was who I had the plan of avoiding.

    “Hi, Elsa,” he said.

    “Calum,” I nodded as a way of greeting.

    “What’s the nearest hotel?” Lina asked the people in the car. “We would have done more research if someone hadn't fallen asleep. Oh! And Elsa’s staying wherever this Calum guy is staying and I’m going to the hotel. It will be nice being in Los Angeles and catching up with my friends here.”

    “I’m Calum,” he said to Lina, who in turn nodded at him. The girl up front looked annoyed, and Luke looked just surprised. I just glared at Lina, she obviously had spoken to Elias who must have given her separate orders.

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