Too Many Stars

In 2017, scientists on Earth discovered a star not too far from us, TRAPPIST-1, with seven planets orbiting it. Three of those seven were considered to be in the Goldilocks Zone, an area around a star where life could possibly exist. Such a discovery was celebrated, with the possibility of extraterrestrial life ever closer.

However, TRAPPIST -1 was very far away; 40 light years, to be exact. So, humanity set their sights on a closer star, Proxima Centauri.

In 2025, the IASA (International Aeronautics and Space Administration) sent their fastest spaceship into space, in the hopes that one day, its crew would set foot on Proxima Centauri b, the star's only Earth-sized planetoid.

Join the ragtag crew of the Nomad, the first interstellar spaceship, and it's historian, Lt. Thomas Aemon, as they recount the events of the Nomad's ten-year journey, and follow their story as it progresses.


1. Prologue

(In this story, there are many viewpoints that tell the story of the Nomad in different ways. Text that is italicized refers to specific areas of the tale that are in written or video form, such as status reports, video logs, or personal letters. Text that is underlined are the words of Nomad's project leader, Dr. Helen Miyakozuka, during her afterwords, supplementary to Tom Aemon's last mission report. Enjoy the story!)


                Random thumping and flickering can be heard. Then, as sudden as a light switch, a man’s face appears. He looks young, and he’s got a hopeful look in his eyes. His narrow brown eyes focus on the lens of the camera he’s holding. Under his neatly shaved head, his light brow furrows.

                “Hey Tom, is it working?” He says. His voice sounds like he looks, high-pitched and jaunty. Another face appears; quite different from the first. This face consists of light blue eyes, a strong nose, and a chin with just enough stubble on it to be noticed. The hair, above a greatly defined brow, is soft and light, almost like a pillow. The man, supposedly Tom, gives a chuckle.

                “If you broke it, it’s your ass, Kori.”

                “Yeah, but you’re the historian. It’s your responsibility.” Kori replies. Tom tilts his head in agreement, and takes gentle hold of the camera.

                “You see that blinking red light, Kori?” He asks, “That means it’s recording.”

                Kori, with a growing grin, retorts “Whoopsies! I had no idea!”

                “You’re the pilot. That worries me.” Tom utters with mock fear. Kori throws his head back and laughs, a good-natured laugh that soon causes Tom to join in. A different voice adds to the mix, a woman, with glistening black hair, and a chiseled face, complete with chiseled, muscular body.

                “Quit yer giggling, boys. We blast off in an hour.” Kori sighs, and Tom smiles a kind smile at her.

                “Aw, c’mon, Mami. A little bit o’ levity does wonders when you’re nervous.” Kori’s contagious joy begins to infect the woman, and a hint of a smile creeps up.

                She speaks again. “Well, try and keep it down once we’re onboard. You don’t want Mama Lola to beat your grown asses, do ya?”

                A laughing “No, ma’am” in unison, and with a few bumps and clicks, the screen fades to black.

                And all you hear is silence.


                This is the first documented video log of the Nomad’s journey to Proxima Centauri-b, an Earth-sized planetoid in the coveted Goldilocks Zone around its parent star; an area around stars where life could possibly exist. The crew of the Nomad, albeit a rowdy bunch, were the best decision of a starship crew that IASA has ever made. The fact that they remained resolute in the face of endless space is a testimony to their undying skill and courage. Their mission: to fly to Proxima Centauri-b, a journey that would take at least ten years with modern technology, and assess the condition of the planetoid, and whether or not life exists there.

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