Emotions are useless

In a world that crumbling only the chosen emotions can save the world...


8. Love


Before I knew it Hope ran up and hugged the stuffing out of me. Fear chuckled from a distance and Hate gently put down my old body and sniffled.

“Are you….crying?” I asked a little more than surprised.

NO.” he shot back quickly. “I just had a little something in my eye that’s all. Why would you care prat?” well he didn’t change too much.

“I- I just.” I approached him slowly. “I’m sorry.”

Before I knew it I was wrapped up in another hug. I breathed him in with a smile plastered on my face. “You really had me worried there.” He whispered and I felt my chest tighten. He really did care for me.

“Well now back to business eh?” Shyness said. “We have to go find Anger. He was last headed to the control room in Germany.”

“Germany?” Hope pouted. “Why can’t it be France? Or Puerto Rico? Or somewhere awesome?” 

With a shrug Shyness continued. “I don’t feel like walking all the way there so..” she pulled out 5 plane tickets. “We’re flying.” She passed the tickets around and of course they didn’t have our actual names on it. that would just be weird.

I looked down at my ticket Lovell… what kind of name is-

“Why does mine say Hatten on it?” Hate said only slightly angry this time.

Fear cringed. “Well mine says Fearn. Like what even?”

“Well you can’t be too picky guys.” Shyness whined.

Hope smiled a little. “Mine just says Hope…I like it.”  

“See? I’m not that bad.” Shyness shrugged.

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