Emotions are useless

In a world that crumbling only the chosen emotions can save the world...


6. Love

Only you four can save him and our world... The chosen emotions…

All these mysteries spun around in my head.

How will we do it? Why us? Why me?

The questions kept coming until darkness.

I started to fall backwards before strong arms caught me. Hate.

“Love? Are you alright?” he said.

My eyes shot open. “I’m fine thanks.”

“You look positively terrible. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” At this moment I realized I was sweating and my hands were shaking. Although I had goose bumps I was still hot.

My vision got blurry. “Hate?” my voice let out shaky and barely heard.

He leaned in. “Yes…Love?”

My eyes got heavy and started to close. “I-I-I-” my tired eyes kept falling.

“You what?!” Hate started to panic. “Love spit it out!”

“I love you.” My eyes shut completely and I remember nothing.

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