Emotions are useless

In a world that crumbling only the chosen emotions can save the world...


1. Love

I’m Love and you may think Valentine’s Day is my thing, but it’s not. It was named after my brother, my mortal brother. A 14 year old nutcase. Well maybe that was a bit harsh…but still. It’s my day!
My job and all the other emotions is to keep the world spinning, metaphorically. Taking over people when needed. But keep in mind when one emotion step out of line, catastrophe, madness, destruction. You get the idea.
I’m sitting on a swing, a 16 year of brown-haired blue eyed girl. Very beautiful in fact, makes the job easier. Anyway, I’m watching my master piece, a girl and a boy the age of 18 sitting on a park bench watching the sun set. This the first time Hate hasn’t interrupted.
“I love you Cassy.” The boy says placing a hand on the girls.
“I love you too Jaymes.” The girl replies.
Something moves behind me. “Enjoying the show?”
I turn around punch whatever it was and it went falling to the ground.
“Hey, it’s only me!” Hate says getting up.
I just ruined the couple’s chances. “Oh, Hate!” I help him up. “I’m so sorry—”
“It’s fine really, you prat.” He smirks.
“I think you need to find some new words.”
He looks me up and down. “I think you need to find some different looks.”
“This is the closest thing to my original mortal look. So go die in a hole.” I turn away.
“We can’t die, stupid.”
“But we did once, that’s why we’re here. For a second chance.”
“If you died once then how did you die?”
My eyes were swimming in tears. “Does it even matter?!”
“Well you said we could die—”
“I was murdered by my boyfriend, okay! When you say Love is stupid you’re right!”
He put a hand on my shoulder. His emerald green eyes staring into mine. “It’s okay, now. That life is not important. I only asked how you died.”
“If it’s not important then how did you die?”
“Suicide. I hated myself. Just like you loved that guy. It turns on you.”
I nod. He’s right, it’s not important.
My phone buzzed. “It’s Hope, she’s called for an emergency meeting. We’d better—”
“Go.” He finished for me.

I smiled and we walked off together.

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