Emotions are useless

In a world that crumbling only the chosen emotions can save the world...


3. Hope

Hiya, I'm Hope. A 12 year old girl with blond hair, brown eyes, very kind. But pretty ordinary. The reason why I'm is my best kept secret but I thought I should share it with someone. It's because when I was 8 my mother and father got really ill. I had to help them out and go to school. I hoped with all my heart that they would get well but I set myself up for heartbreak. They died about 2 weeks later. I then contracted the illness and also died about a month after them.


I don't know why I called for this meeting I mainly wanted to see fear...oh wait that's right, I remember now.
I shyly stepped to the stage. My gut was turning and knotting up. Is this what fear feels like? Oh no. This is getting way out of hand. "I'm sure you’re all wondering why I brought you here and it's because I have found the possible death of emotions." gasps came from the audience which gave me a boost of confidence. "But there is hope. We can all deal with it as long as Hate and Anger stay away from each other. We don't want WWIII." hang on. I scanned the crowd of emotions.
Right in the middle of it all was Selfishness and her posse of bad emotions. God how I hate them. Ugh now I’m feeling hate.
The bad emotions are a terrible group to be around…If I recall correctly hate used to be in that gang.
For starters there’s the twins, Envy and Despair. They’re bad news. Envy and Despair are 25 years of age and their goals are different and far too similar. Some even say that the two go hand and hand, Despair with a guilt of Envy. All the things they want to wish away...
Envy is a disgusting old woman with baggy eyes and pale skin which always looks like its sweating. She has bleach blonde hair that looks neglected, and jet black eyes atop a mountain of bags. Her figure is somewhat normal, however she lacks any outstanding features when it comes to sexual appeal. Some say (I don’t know who) that even her tongue is slimy and corpse like.
However Despair is far better looking with pretty much the same appearance aside from the baggy eyes and neglected black hair. This terrible man is unresponsive to most things, and thinks life is hopeless and leading him to his demise.
Then there is the queen bee herself. Selfishness. I don’t even want to bother describing her but I must. She’s a 16 year old b**th (excuse my language) she has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and she always wears tons of makeup along with short skirts or dresses. And to my demise she's mean to everyone and only cares about herself. It seems she influences herself huh.
I almost instantly spotted Hate and Love walk in. But there is no clue to Anger’s whereabouts.
"You all need to keep a close watch on Hate and Anger as one slip up will cause us all to die." I smile, slightly feeling bad and stressed. "You may continue with whatever you were doing." no one moved a muscle, all but fear that is.
He walked straight up to me. TO ME!! I have to admit I do have a crush on him. I mean he may be a little but chubby but that's not what matters. He a nice looking guy. Brown hair, dark brown eyes that just make my heart flutter. This is far worse than I thought.
 "F-f-fear," I stammered out. "How are you do-" he hushed me by forcing his lips onto mine.
They were gentle and warm. A couple of whistle let out and I could feel a blush coming on so I pulled away.
He looked disappointed. I wanted nothing more than to put my lips back onto his. But I'M ONLY 12 FOR GODS SAKE.
Then out of the blue his calm voice startled my thoughts. “Hey.” OH MY GOD WHY IS HIS VOICE SO SEXY? AND THERE IS NO STUTTERING. "We must all have hope." WAS THAT A DOUBLE MEANING?

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