Emotions are useless

In a world that crumbling only the chosen emotions can save the world...


2. Hate

Okay, I know what you're thinking. I DO NOT LOVE, LOVE! That sounds really weird when you say it out loud...

Anyway, emotions can't influence each other, or at least that's what we learnt. Yes of course we didn't go to an emotion school, duh. We just magically learnt how to do anything and everything we have to do.

she smiled. Oh boy do I love that smile. I took a moment to soak in its beauty. "Thank you."

I snapped out of my trance. "Come again?"

"I said thank you." she giggled.


"For not ruining everything."

"Ah well, don't mention it."

She looked back up at me. Her gorgeous blue eyes staring into mine. Was I actually falling for her? No it can't be.

"No really, thank you." she said.

I chuckled. This was my chance to make her laugh that sweet laugh of hers. "No really, don't mention it. The other emotions will think I went soft..." I realized how stupid that sounded. Me? Hate? The guy who started WWI gone soft? How absurd. But maybe it was right... 

She laughed and I didn't want it to stop. "You are something special eh Hate?"

I just stopped that moment. Wait rewind. She said I was special. Like good special or bad special? Ugh, what is this girl doing to me!

"and for the record. You actually look cute like that. No wonder all the girls are all swooning at your glance." Except for the one I truly love.

I really have gone soft. But what's more is that I'm feeling love. It's not meant to be like this. We're not meant to influence each other. There must be something up. Something big.

We both walked into the emotion headquarters together.


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