18 year old Maya faces the death of her Nanna, the most important person in her life. New love interest Nathan brings back a spark into Maya's life. She quickly falls in love with him; They both make promises but who will be the one to break theirs? Read on to find out how Maya deals with the challeneges thrown at her.


5. Sophie

Chapter 5

I thought I’d waken up from a bad dream; I saw flashbacks of writing a diary entry. I remember having a feeling of guilt about something I’d done. It wasn’t something positive; I shot bolt right up from my sleep covered in sweat and breathing heavily. I looked beside me to find Nathan fast asleep. He looked so adorable when he slept. I turned back around and slowly layed my head on my pillow, waiting impatiently to fall back asleep.


The following morning, I’d forgotten about my nightmare when I was awoken to breakfast in bed; A cold glass of orange juice, waffles with Nutella and strawberry slices topped with whipped cream and a small bowl of blueberries.

‘Rise and shine! I wish you woke me up like this every morning, Nathan.’ I said. I lazily sat up and quickly tucked into my royal breakfast.

‘It’s a bit of an apology, I’ve got to run out today to see my Aunt Sierra for her baby shower, okay? I’ll be home in the evening, baby.’ He said, picking up his things. Before I could even finish my waffle, Nathan was out the door.

I wondered about how I could kill some time. In reality, I only wanted to be with Nathan today after being without him for so long, but I didn’t question the importance of his family either.

I sighed much louder than normal and slugged into the bathroom. Running myself a hot bath, I hummed along to the song stuck in my head from last night. I think it was Ed Sheeran? Regardless, I climbed inside an let the scorching heat eat me up. This is how I loved to start my July mornings; breakfast in bed, a hot bath...


I sat on the bench in Nathan’s garden in nothing but a towel wrapped around my body. I was scrolling through my contact list, hoping to find anyone I could hang out with. It became a little weird; I hadn’t really stayed in contact with any of my college friends after Nanna’s death.

My friends were not always something I could entirely trust; there’d be better days when I believed they were the most important people in my life. Other days, I felt like they didn’t care about me. Sometimes they would isolate me from their perfect little lives. One thing you should know about them, is that they all live in spotless homes in central with a perfect family. They never understood growing up with just your nan, or not always having enough money to make dinner that night, no mother or father to take care of you, and always feeling like you’re so alone. Nanna could only be my parents so much- I needed other foundations for relationships in my life, and never really having them meant that my friends were never really a source of support.

Maybe that’s why I liked Jade and Nathan so much- They didn’t need extravagant luxuries in life to be happy. Me and Nathan were good just chilling at home, watching shows on Netflix. There was never that kind of pressure where he felt like we had to go on expensive dates just to prove that he cares about me.

Isn’t it funny how you can know someone your whole life and you don’t share half the connection you could have with somebody you barely know? That’s the kind of feeling I have towards Jade; She doesn’t care about things like money or how expensive your house was. As long as you’re here in this world to get what you want, Jade’s down for that. She isn’t afraid of being blunt either; she’ll tell it how it is. It’s amazing to have two important people in your life, especially when they are both so much fun.


‘Jade? Come over to the beach, we’re going to a party!’ I typed. After sending a quick message, I got up and started getting ready. The party was an annual summer festival marking the last week of July. I used to go every year with my other friends, and seeing as they couldn’t deal with a friend who had real issues in their lives, I assumed their little posse wouldn’t be inviting me along. I lazily curled my hair into these pretty beach waves, put a little mascara on and then had to face the evident lack of my clothes at Nathan’s house.

Despite staying over a lot, I had very minimal clothing at my boyfriend’s house. I had an oversized ink sweater, but I guessed that wouldn’t be ideal for 30 degrees’ weather. I threw on the same clothes I had on yesterday and ran out the door, headed for my own house.

I was halfway down the road, deeply consumed in my phone when something heavy hit my head. Next thing I knew, I was laying sprawled out on the hot pavement, a pulsing pain located in my forehead. Massaging my temples, I sat up and gasped.

‘Oh, sorry! I must’ve walked into you!’ The girl sitting in front of me cried. For a moment, I was transfixed by her beauty: long, curly hair, bright blue eyes, a flawless mix of black and white skin, the prettiest face I’d ever laid my eyes on.

‘No worries…’ I blurted out. She giggled a little. We helped each other up and shook off the dirt to then awkwardly stare into each other’s eyes again.

‘Uhm… I’m Maya. Nice to meet you – or your head, rather.’ I grinned as she smiled back at me.

‘Nice to meet you to, Maya. My name is Sophie. I live just around the corner. I was heading to the festival, actually. Don’t take this in a weird way but I saw you and I thought you were soooo cute. I just couldn’t risk not seeing you again. So, I walked back this way and accidentally-on-purpose bumped into you.’ She smiled nervously.

I was taken aback by her reaction, at first. Fair enough, I knew she was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen by wasn’t expecting her to be remotely interested in me.

‘Ah, yeah. I wasn’t expecting you to be interested in girls. Sorry for bothering you.’

She turned and was about to walk away. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards me. Our faces were mere centimetres away from each other. My breath was syncing with hers, her arms travelling around my waist. Our eyes locked, and soon we were passionately making out in the middle of the street.

It was the most amazing kiss- But it was wrong. I had a boyfriend. What was I thinking?! I quickly pulled way and apologetically avoided her gaze. I rushed off to me Jade. How stupid could I be? Nathan could never find out about this. No one could.


‘I kissed a girl.’ I said, running towards Jade.

‘You did what? Why?!’ she asked, confused.

I gave her a weak smile and looked at her with so much regret. Why would I let myself go like that for a moment? I know Nathan would never do something like that.

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