18 year old Maya faces the death of her Nanna, the most important person in her life. New love interest Nathan brings back a spark into Maya's life. She quickly falls in love with him; They both make promises but who will be the one to break theirs? Read on to find out how Maya deals with the challeneges thrown at her.


8. Pretty Hurts

Chapter 8

Have you ever heard something so incredibly absurd that it’s hard to believe that people would really even consider it true? I was sat up in the hospital bed, eyes open as wide as they could go, my mouth hanging open in both shock and horror, refusing to believe whatever I had just heard.

‘What do you m-mean, I can’t be p-pregnant?’ I murmured in disbelief. Everything became so blurry; This can’t be...

‘I’m so sorry, Maya. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you the news.’ Anaia’s face had sunken. She didn’t look at me but instead was playing with her silver keys.

‘Wait, does that mean that Jade and Nathan know?’ I asked. At that moment, I felt like everything I had came crashing down like an avalanche of failure. I’d lost my Nanna, my boyfriend, and now my baby. I didn’t even know this baby was alive until it was too late.

‘Well, Jade knows. But we’ve figured that perhaps it’d be better for you and Nathan to talk alone. Nathan!!!’ she shouted. She quickly left the room and not long after, Nathan swept in.

Our eyes met, both staring so deep into each other’s pupils we could have been tied together. Or at least, that’s what it seemed like. Nathan’s eyes were still the same kind of bloodshot as the last time I’d seen them. His entire face looked covered in dry tears. His hair was messy and pulled away from its sleek high-top. He awkwardly crept towards the bed, sitting beside my legs.

‘Are you okay?’ He plainly asked. He was the first person in a while who actually looked into my eyes, but all I could see was- hurt. So much pain in his eyes. So much torture. I hated the mere thought that I was the cause of all this.

‘No, I’m not. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I just got stabbed, Nathan,’ I said, rather abruptly. ‘I’m sorry, I-I’m just a bit all over the place.’ I sat back and let my head flop backwards, staring blankly at the grey ceiling. I really truly lost him now. How was I meant to tell him that I was pregnant with his baby and my crazy mother killed his child when she stabbed me?

‘Listen, Nathan,’ I said, and suddenly caught his attention. ‘I was pregnant. The baby died.’ Sweet and simple. But then, how could telling someone they would have been a father be sweet?

Could his eyes get any wider? At this point, his heart had broken right before me, and he handed me the pieces. This was on me.

‘You were pregnant?! Oh my God...’ He wept. He threw his arms over his head and stood up, dramatically prancing around the small room. It terrified me, seeing this usually relaxed and upbeat man now so angry and violent.

‘Maya, I am so sorry! Baby, I didn’t know... I believed her... I let her get to me, I’m so, so sorry. Maya, please forgive me!’ He was now crying uncontrollably. His face had gone a little red, his hands were shaking. I managed to sit upright again and put my arms out towards him, inviting him in for a hug.


‘Doctor Theodore has completed the check up on you, Miss Maya. He says you are still in fragile condition, but you’ll be up in just a matter of days. For now, please remember to take your medication every four hours and, oh, do not perform any tasks that require even remote physical strength.’ The nurse bravely smiled at me, holding onto her clipboard, hoping to rush out of the room.

‘Uhm, nurse, what happened to my baby?’ I asked. I thought I could simply avoid this question but I needed to know. Despite her dark complexion, all the colour appeared to be sucked right out of her skin.

‘Miss Maya- The foetus had been removed through your womb in a caesarean. Your condition was too poor to risk not operating, so we went forward with the removal. Of course, being only seven weeks pregnant, your baby hadn’t yet really developed ‘into’ a baby. In reality, it wasn’t truly a ‘baby’ yet- Nevertheless, I am incredibly sorry for your loss, I can only imagine what you must be going through right now.’

I feebly smiled and let her go. She left me alone in the cold room. Nathan, Jade and Anaiaa had all been forced to go home and get some proper rest, no matter how much they tried to oppose. I very carefully slumped away from my bed and walked over to the window. Ward 62 had a gorgeous view of the beach ahead of it; I hadn’t before realised how gorgeous the ocean could be even by moonlight.

The water wasn’t violently dancing but instead lightly swaying along with the wind; the birds had flown away and left the beach in perfectly utter silence. The large, silver, orb-like moon hung like a puppet amongst the scattered stars and shone a ghostly light over the sea. Everything came back into place a little more, like pieces of a broken puzzle.

I crouched down beside the window and hid my face in the shockingly cold walls. The moon or the pier or the picturesque town could no longer be seen. I started crying, more violently than ever, tears streaming down my face, hiccupping and shaking. The worst thing was that there was no one to pick me up, no one to be here. From the opposite wall, I could see myself in the mirror. Staggering, I hoisted myself up and lifted my gown to see a huge white bandage covering the majority of my torso. I slowly peeled it off, revealing two large scars; One was a stitched up stab wound, the other where they had removed my unborn baby.

At that very moment, I realised that I was alone. No one could help me. Yes, I had people in my life who loved me and I loved them back just as much, but... None of them could understand the pain I was going through. Not even the slightest bit.

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