18 year old Maya faces the death of her Nanna, the most important person in her life. New love interest Nathan brings back a spark into Maya's life. She quickly falls in love with him; They both make promises but who will be the one to break theirs? Read on to find out how Maya deals with the challeneges thrown at her.


3. Nathan

Maya’s POV

As soon as I stepped foot in Nathan’s house, I felt a warm wave of air and something so different come over me. Something I hadn’t felt for weeks, months even. It was this amazing consciousness that I was almost home; for a while I hadn’t felt like I belonged anywhere. Nanna’s house was passed down to me in the will and along with some of her savings I was able go support myself; but everywhere in the house I could feel her presence. It wasn’t comforting at all.

I’d be standing at the sink, taking care of my dishes, and I could feel her eyes following my hands. She was always behind my shoulder. I couldn’t run from it. Luckily, a month after she died, I felt it less and less until it was finally gone. It was slightly unsettling, knowing that Nanna was ‘haunting’ me.

Back to reality, I could feel Nathan nudging me down the hallway, removing his suit jacket and shoes along the way. He took my coat and bag and hung them up carefully. Despite me being upset, he sternly lead me into his front room instead of his bedroom and sat me down with a very serious stare.

‘I think it’s unfair how you treated your mum,’ He declared.

‘Wh-what? Nathan she’d been missing for ye-,’ I stuttered.

‘That’s beside the point. Her mum just died. You’re not the only one who’s upset about Nanna’s death,’

I was confused. He’d been so sweet and understanding all of today and suddenly he was telling me off? I thought out of all people he would support me in this messy situation. And yet, here we where at the start of an argument.

‘Nathan, I don’t understand…’

‘I’m not saying this to make you miserable, or seem like I’m nagging. I just don’t want you to treat your mother like that, it’s disrespectful. Especially in front of everyone! How you treat your mum says a lot about you!’ He said. I was still staring blankly at him, disbelieving his insensitivity.

‘Oh really? So what does that say about me?’

‘It says that you don’t know the first thing about respect! Your mum has been through a lot, baby!’ He shouted.

‘So have I! Don’t know if you’ve realised, I just lost my nan who was more of a mother to me than she ever was!’ I screamed. My emotions and fury got the better of me and I could barely remember storming out of his house.

I was alone, with no coat and only my phone in my hand. I wanted to call for a cab when I realised my phone had died. I started angrily walking down Nathan’s road, convinced I was done with him. How could he treat me like this? On the day of my Nanna’s funeral?! I was taken aback by his startling response.

I looked around for anywhere I could go. I couldn’t yet return home, I wasn’t ready to face it. I glanced in the direction of the setting sun and automatically started running towards the beach. Nathan’s house wasn’t far from the East side of it, and I could easily walk home from there.


The beach had been my favourite place in the whole world. Maybe not necessarily the one in my city; I dreamed of beaches in Cancun, Lisbon and Tenerife. But I loved what I had here too. I sat calmly with the golden sand playfully swirling beneath my feat, the cold, shimmering water just about reaching the tips of my toes. The huge sun was almost halfway down, resembling the sea eating it whole. It cast this ethereal-like glow over the city. A small flock of birds pecked at a bag of rubbish not far from where I was. A silvery-white crab clicked its way beside me, leaving a trail behind. The waves had calmed down at this time of day, and they slowly crashed onto the shore creating thick, white sea foam.

All I wanted to do right now was not be alone. I’d been alone for so long and the first chance I had to be with people I loved, I blew it. How typical of me.

‘Nanna. I need you right now…’ I whispered. I gently rested my eyes, imagining that Nanna was sitting on my left. We used to come down here every weekend and watch the sun set and the beach calm down. She’d bring juice and homemade cookies for us to nibble on. Mmm, I could remember it so clearly I could almost taste the chocolate chips melting in my mouth.

‘Excuse me,’ I was snapped out of my cookie-trance. ‘Can you open my bottle of rum? I just creamed my hands and they’re all slippery.’

I looked up to see a girl bending over me. She had a huge ‘Metallica’ top on and black shorts, paired with some combat boots. Her skin was pale and she had black hair tied up into a messy bun.

‘Uh, sure,’ I said. I took the bottle from her and easily and unscrewed the lid. I handed it back to her expecting her to turn around and leave. Instead, she sat down next to me and took a huge swig from the bottle.

‘Not to sound creepy but I watched you storm out of some guy’s house and I followed you here.’ She said, relaxed as ever.

‘That’s a little creepy.’ I agreed.

‘You looked upset, I guess that’s what drew me to you. I’m Jade, by the way,’

She nudged my shoulder a little.

‘I’m Maya. So, Jade, do you live here? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before..’

‘I’ve lived here since I was born. You don’t see me because I avoid the outside world. Mostly the people in it,’ She said. ‘Explains the pale skin.’

We both started laughing. It felt so good to meet somebody new. Finally something fresh in my life.


It’d been 5 weeks since me and Nathan had last spoken.

I couldn’t bare it. It never occurred to me before, and I had to lose him to see it.

I was in love with Nathan.

It was so painful to lose him too. All the pictures I had of him I had to hide in my camera roll. It hurt to look at his perfect smile; it was so cute and it gave me hope that happiness still existed. Oh, I loved his smile. I can’t even find the right words to describe it. And then his eyes… You could get lost in those. He was just the dreamiest guy for me. I liked to believe I was the only girl who could see him this way; it then seemed so much more special.

That’s what I loved about Nathan; he made me feel special. Around him, nobody else mattered. He pointed out how smart I was but wasn’t ever scared to sass me with some knowledge. He called me beautiful the odd few times. But most importantly, he made me want to better myself. He made me want to have faith, have a family, do well in school.

Why the hell did I waste that?

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