18 year old Maya faces the death of her Nanna, the most important person in her life. New love interest Nathan brings back a spark into Maya's life. She quickly falls in love with him; They both make promises but who will be the one to break theirs? Read on to find out how Maya deals with the challeneges thrown at her.


1. Nanna's Wishes

Just before my Nanna passed, she sat me down in the kitchen. She gave me those eyes, where I knew she was about to tell me a story, one that’d most likely drag on and on.

‘Maya, baby, listen to Nanna. I know that my time on this earth is soon to run out, but baby, before I go, I want you to tell me you are capable of love!’ I had tears in my eyes. Nanna was in her old old age but it didn’t change the fact that talking about her death made my heart break into pieces.

‘Baby your momma never fell in love. Your father was not a good man to her, she deserved much more than what she got. You know how he treated her. What they had was not love; It was cruel and unfaithful,’ She continued. ‘I want you to promise me that your opinion of love will not be influenced by your parents. Okay baby?’ She smiled. My Nanna was 84 years old and to this day I had not met anyone who smiled in the same honest, beautiful way. She had something about her; She carried around all the pain she’d been through like diamonds on her neck, and I think that’s what made her such a role model to me.

‘Nanna, you’re the last person I’ve got. Momma went, I don’t want to see my father and when you… go… I’ll be alone.’ I started crying.

‘No, no, no! Baby you will never be alone! You carry my spirit around like it’s your damn phone! I will hold onto you, baby. I’ll be with you everywhere you go, I swear. That’s why I want you to fall in love. Find somebody who you can love and who will love you back!’

We sat at the kitchen table for as long as we could. The sun had slowly set over the seafront you could sea out of Nanna’s window. You could hear the seagulls lightly squealing over the crashing waves. It all became still and silent, and I was taking every moment in.

‘Alright baby, off you go. You have school tomorrow, and I can’t have you failing right before I..’ she paused. ‘Goodnight, baby,’

I kissed her cheek and walked upstairs. I wandered into the bathroom and run myself a hot bath, full of bubbles- My favourite way to relax. I played some J Cole quietly and creeped into the bathtub, letting the scorching water swallow me whole.

I knew Nanna wanted me to do well in life; She’d really only been the only person in my whole life who cared for me. I’d lived at her house since I could remember and when my momma left, she was the one who raised me. She was the strongest, most reliable person.

Little did Nanna know that I was dating. His name is Nathan- He was so… different. He wasn’t into football or crazy about getting money, just having a good time. And he cared about me. I really liked him, but I didn’t know if it would really go anywhere.

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