18 year old Maya faces the death of her Nanna, the most important person in her life. New love interest Nathan brings back a spark into Maya's life. She quickly falls in love with him; They both make promises but who will be the one to break theirs? Read on to find out how Maya deals with the challeneges thrown at her.


2. Loser's Day

I watched the moon climb up the sky; the city had fallen asleep. It was absolutely beautiful to see something usually so busy finally at peace. A pair of warm hands crept up my back and embraced me, pulling me closer.

‘Hey, Nathan,’

‘What are you thinking about princess?’

‘Isn’t the city so much more beautiful at night? Like all the lights…’

‘Yeah baby,’ He started kissing my neck while playing with my hair. I lifted my little leg over his much taller physique and attempted to wrap it around his legs. He laughed a little and continued to kiss me. I loved everything about his intimacy; he never pressured me to do something, and yet he knew just how to make me feel like royalty.

‘Okay, I need to get going… Where’s my bag?’ I got up and started getting my things together.

‘I put it in the kitchen… I’ll call you an Uber home, I don’t want you going home by yourself at this time,’. I smiled at him.


‘Good Evening Nanna,’ I shouted, happily entering the hallway. I figured she might’ve been asleep by now, but greeted her either way. I walked into the living room and my jaw dropped. I was blinded by tears. Everything became such a blur. I was drowned by the sound of my own screaming; I wanted to drop to my knees but my body didn’t allow me to move, I was stuck in place, frozen, cold and terrified. I don’t know how my arm reached towards the house phone and dialled for the Ambulance. A woman on the other side sounded so calm. I wasn’t taking it in. I was pushed and shoved as Doctors, Police and all sorts of people came into my home. My Nanna’s home.


‘Maya… Are you okay, princess?’ Nathan came into the room. He stood inside the wooden archway and rested his fingers on the mahogany chest beside it, his other hand in his trouser pocket.

‘Baby, you look so smart…’ I said. I think I intended to say ‘sexy’ but my words got all messed up. I turned to face the mirror again and looked back at myself. My eyes followed the trimming on my jet black dress. Nathan came up behind me and spun me around. Being much taller than me, he easily hung his arms over me, pulling me in for a hug. I wanted to cry so badly. I knew I had to stay strong, I had to do it for Nanna. She was looking over me.

‘How have you been dealing?’ Nathan asked. I hadn’t seen him much for the last two months other than on FaceTime or Skype. I wanted to spend some time alone after Nanna passed away, and I was glad that he respected that. He still managed to check up on me, but it never got annoying or made it look desperate.

‘I’m trying. It’s not easy. But I just need someone to hold me right now,’

‘Which is why I’m here, princess!’

Our first moment back together after two months was interrupted by a tall woman with dark brown locks and bright red lipstick, wearing a lace-covered dress.

‘I certainly hope I’m not interrupting anything,’ She muttered sarcastically. ‘But the ceremony is bound to begin any moment and it’d be a pity for you… And your friend… To miss it. Off you go,’

She turned and left. I slowly slipped out of Nathan’s arms and let myself fall into place as a free-standing human again. It was so comforting to have someone support all my weight, everything I was dragging along with me, even if he could only do so physically.

We left the back room to go and join everyone else in the Main Church. As we walked down the isle an awkward silence spread over the other guests; they were all family or close friends of Nanna’s and yet they seemed so distant. Nathan gave my hand a tight squeeze and smiled bravely. We took our seats at the front of the hall and waited for the pastor to arrive.

‘ We are here today to show our love and support for Marjorie Simone Alicia Trevino’s precious family. Not only have we sensed our own personal feelings of loss over Marjorie’s passing, but our hearts have been drawn toward them, and will continue to be with them and her own beautiful soul.’

The Pastor continued with his rehearsed speech while I drifted off. None of this seemed good enough for Nanna. She was a woman of high standards and it just didn’t feel like her funeral.

‘Would Miss Maya Cheyenne Trevino like to step up and say a few words?’

I suddenly snapped out of a trance. I took a moment to take in that everyone’s eyes were focused towards me.

‘You can do it, baby,’ Nathan whispered. I rose from the bench and took a few steps leading to the podium. I stood to face the audience; family, family I hadn’t seen for years, Nanna’s old friends.

‘Everyone in this room had their own special connection to Nanna. She was the kind of person you could go to with everything; I think that’s why everyone loved her so much. She was a woman who put everybody before her. She didn’t have to care for me, and yet she raised me with all the love she had. For most of my life she was the only person who I could trust. I remember the first time I fell over and badly scraped my knee. . I must’ve been six or seven. At the time I thought I had a terminal illness and I was in so much agony. Nanna sat me down and sh-she said, ‘Everybody has their ups and downs. We have set backs all the time! Bad things happen and of course you can cry; you can cry or stand up and say ‘No!’ Don’t be a fool and mourn and pity yourself! Ever little thing that is thrown at us is a test from God! If you ask God to be strong and not get hurt, do you think he’ll make you strong and resistant to pain?! No baby! He’ll give you an oppurtunity to be strong and not let pain live your life for you!’ This was said to me twelve years ago, and to this day I remember it word for word. Nanna was the most important and inspiring person I ever knew. It hurts me beyond measure that she’s gone. I will always love you Nanna, whether it’s here or in heaven. Thank you,’

I glanced around the benches; Everyone sat in them was teary-eyed, holding onto their handkerchiefs for dear life. Some elderly women in the corner wearing extravagant hats were all hysterically sobbing. Even the priest had tears clouding his vision.

I stepped off and quickly and joined Nathan, who put his arm around me and whispered, ‘I am so proud of you, Maya.’

I gave him a weak smile and we continued to sit through the rest of the ceremony.


Nathan’s Point of View

As the ceremony ended and everyone began making their way out of the church, I kept glancing at Maya. It killed me to see her like this. Despite her perfectly curled hair, soft complexion and gorgeous dress, I could see the sadness in her eyes. She wasn’t happy, any fool would see it. But it was so much more than that. I can’t imagining growing up to be around Maya’s Nanna and have to face losing her. I am beyond grateful for Maya’s Nanna; because she raised the most beautiful, intelligent, funny and imteresting soul on this planet. I look at Maya so weak and fragile and I feel like I have to protect her; I can’t manage seeing her hurt anymore.

We walked down the marble steps towards an old-fashioned black car. I reached to open the door for Maya when a ghostly hand appeared over mine. I looked up, baffled, to see an older version of Maya.

‘Mom?!’ Maya shouted, a look of fury slapped over her tired face.

The woman had scruffy grey and black hair. Her skin wasn’t anything like Maya’s; it was dryer and looked less cared for. Her eyes were popping out of their sockets. Here face looked sunken and drained of life, her lips were thin and pale. She had a loose tan dress on, which barely covered her chest and went past her knees. She honestly looked like a woman who’d been living on the streets for years.

‘Maya…’ Said the woman. It looked like she used every last piece of energy her frail body allowed her to. Maya stood clutching her coat with one hand, holding onto mine with the other.

‘Why are you here?’ She asked. She wasn’t happy to see her mother after so many years. ‘Why?! Did you think you could roll back in here like some lost animal? Did you think you could claim Nanna’s leftover fortune? Live in her house?’

I’ve never seen Maya this way; her fists were now clenched, her jaw tightly locked. She was breathing heavily and the fiery anger in her tone could be heard from a mile away.

‘Maya… No, honey, I-I only wanted to see you,’

‘After all these years? You’ve been too busy with crack and heroin to actually care about me! Don’t act like you’ve missed this, this isn’t yours anymore! You don’t belong here!’ Maya shouted. She was now violently crying. I nudged her towards the car and she shoved her broken mother aside to get in. I followed and slammed the door behind us. I watched as her mother’s fading face fell into nothing but a memory.

‘Maya, are you okay?’ I whispered. She’d been staring straight ahead since the car ride had began. Her lip began to tremble and I understood that she didn’t want to speak to anyone; So I hugged her and kissed her head and told her that I had her back and everything was going to be okay.

She looked up at me still with tears in her eyes but I saw instead the most beautiful thing; I could see a whole galaxy in her iris alone and it drove me insane.

‘Could you take us home?’ I asked the cab driver. He nodded and swiftly changed directions. Anything for my baby.

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